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  1. small bug The HK53, with the AGM mod, if you deploy it, it says "Bipod Deployed" instead of "Weapon Rested". Not a big deal really but figured id let you know.
  2. dragonfire43560

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Have you considered just changing the caliber to 5.56 and giving it the real name? (edit: referring to katiba)
  3. dragonfire43560

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    Hey, a couple of my opinions regarding the mod. Mainly 2 sounds that i noticed that sound REALLY bad IMO and are very prominent. The grenade sound. No matter how close you are, its SUPER muffled for some reason. Doesnt sound like an explosion at all. The bullet "cracks". Even with the optional addon, it sounds like those instruments that drummers hit (cymbals?). The "tish" sound". Just kinda out of place. To be specific, if you go into third person and move your camera to a head on view of your guy and fire, youl hear it. Its very prominent since there are always people firing from all sorts of directions when playing.
  4. dragonfire43560

    Leights OPFOR Pack

    Hey Leight I dont know if you noticed but your african rebels and militia faction does not use the HLC AKs. Instead it uses a much lower quality version. Is this something you were already aware of? Also yes I did use the compatibility patch. Every other faction is fine.
  5. dragonfire43560

    ASR AI 3

    Hi, is this mod compatible with AGM?
  6. Same problem :( it doesnt seem to matter what settings i use
  7. Hey guys, so I am trying to learn how to make a mission with alive. I followed the tutorial on the wiki exactly (the one where you just make 2 zones with the required modules and AI commander) but for some reason when I try to preview the mission, it loads to the end of the loading bar but it just stays there. And I tried waiting like 15 minutes so im assuming it froze. I made sure everything that needed to be linked was linked and not grouped.
  8. dragonfire43560

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    So with this mod (which is amazing btw), when i try to change stances (control plus w and s), it never registers it. For some reason, I have to HOLD the buttons for it to cycle through them. If i tap, i cant change incrementally. This is annoying and has gotten me killed on a few occasoins. Is there a way to fix this or is it a known bug? Thanks
  9. dragonfire43560

    Discover, Play, Promote missions and mods withSIX

    Specifically one with a ton of mods for single player only and one unmodded for playing online. Is there a way to do this? Actually better yet, If i install a bunch of mods using playwithsix; can I use playwithsix to play single play arma 3 and for multiplayer can I launch it normally from steam? Or will it all be tied together?
  10. what settings/fps do you guys think i can get with i5 3570k 4 gigs ram Geforce gtx 465 1 gig im worried about my video card...
  11. just ordered a new CPU. How will this game run on i5 3570k 4 gigs ram Geforce 465 GTX 1 gig Im worried about my graphics card, but now i got a beastly processor. (used to have phenom 2 945) Do you guys think my graphics card will cut it? Ideally id like to run on high smoothly
  12. My current pc is AMD phenom 2 945 @ 3.3 Ghz 4 gigs ram Geforce 465 GTX 1 gig Im thinking about either getting an AMD 7950 or a new mobo+i5 3570k. I can only afford one or the other now. Which would be better for this game and which would be more future proof in general?
  13. http://youtube.com/watch?v=yXOYJ7MiBBQ&mode=related&search= i know thats arma but im sure there is something like this for OPF. I cannot make a mission in the editor for the life of me..
  14. dragonfire43560

    Hezbollah faction?

    Is there anyone working on a hezbollah army? I think it would be really cool to play as them. Katyushas, Kornets, Konkurs, RPG22, TOWS, badass uniforms etc etc. Is there one in progress? Cause im surprised one hasnt come up yet
  15. dragonfire43560

    Hezbollah faction?

    "Hey, I saw this totally awesome picture on the UK Daily Mail's web site of this guy getting caned in Tehran, Iran. There's also a video clip I saw once of someone being stoned, you could see the blood running out from under their burqa as they crumpled. The screams would be great for reference material too. I think it would be totally awesome if you could put that in game, so it would pump up the gore factor because that's really cool and awesome. The guy was all purple from the 80 lashes, and he was bleeding too. That would be really awesome, and I bet you guys can do that too. Seriously, get a friggin life. " Hey dumbass, hezbollah is lebanese not iranian. HOw about you get a life racist tard. and to above poster, teh last one you posted is of a hamas soldier, not hezbollah.
  16. dragonfire43560

    Something i just dont get.

    Ok this is a combat simulator but guess what. You can destroy an ABRAMS with 8 GRENADES and even with a 50 cal machine gun. Ummmm...there is no way even a million grenades can blow up an abrams. And wtf a 50 cal machine gun blowing it up?? I even think that after a certian number of regular infantry bullets, it blows up. Now this doesnt just apply to the abrams, EVERY armored vehicle, from the BMP-2, to the T-72. This is incredibly unrealistic and it needs fixing ASAP.
  17. play online on all teh servers without them kicking me???
  18. dragonfire43560

    ArmA Addon request thread

    We have a national guard also. They fight the insurgents (most of the time) some pictures http://www.israellycool.com/moron%20police%20hostage.jpg http://www.amnesty.ie/amnesty....ces.jpg http://www.tribuneindia.com/2003/20030703/w4.jpg http://www.armyrecognition.com/News...._02.jpg and Force 17. Palestines Special Forces. http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/media...._ap.jpg http://www.haaretz.com/hasite/images/iht_daily/D160407/force17.jpg that should give you an ideo of what they look like. THey are usually armed with Ak47s, and AKMS (folding stock). They also have BRDM-2s.
  19. dragonfire43560

    ArmA Addon request thread

    Can someon eplease make a palestinian security force addon? I wanna create a scenario where it is PSF vs. Insurgents. I think it would be really cool. Plus im palestinian :P
  20. dragonfire43560

    If i d/l and install XAm 1.3 and FDF mod can i

    So what is the point of using sweet mods like XAM 1.3 if the servers just kick you when playing multiplayer?
  21. Force addon? I wanna create a scenario where it is PSF vs. Insurgents. I think it would be really cool. Plus im palestinian :P
  22. dragonfire43560

    Ok so i wanna upgrade

    Athon 64 3000+ Venice 1 Gig Ram Geforce 6800 128mb i wanna upgrad the video card to a Geforce 7950 GT 512mb and another gig of ram. Now first of all, will this run Arma at 1280x1024 at high settings with a steady playable fps? now my biggest concern is that people tell me that the 7950 GT will be bottlenecked by my Athlon 64 3000. Is this true? Will it be a big bottleneck if it is?
  23. dragonfire43560

    Ok so i wanna upgrade

    nice glad to know that the 7950 works good for arma And I actually used to have my 3000 overclocked to 3800 speeds, but for some reason now it wont boot to windows if i raise it 1 mhz! Its wierd...
  24. dragonfire43560

    Ok so i wanna upgrade

    Yes thank you very much, you really helped me a lot! THanks for using some of your time and getting this information for me! I think il o with the 7950 because i wasnt even planning on going all max but i guess now i will