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    Smarter tanks script

    Does this mod conflict with real tank crew mod and asr AI? I would like to use it with both of them.
  2. This is a great idea. Generating objectives only with no units. Like an ammo cache, radio tower, HVT etc. That way you can really customize the enemies.
  3. Just came up with a potential idea. What about an insurgency mission type? You select insurgency then select number of caches and it randomly places them in an urban area/defined sector?
  4. dragonfire43560

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP

    So a lot of weapons like the FAL and m16 have iron sights that shake VIOLENTLY back and forth when you fire them in aim down site mode. im wondering, is this a "feature" or will this be reworked? Like it doesnt seem smooth at all, in fact its quite jarring how much it shakes.
  5. So ive been getting this error at random times now when I try to create a zone. It wont create one when I drag and it says "Request ID: Contacting Server" or something like that. Any idea why its doing this?
  6. dragonfire43560

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    oh ok. Its a shame because the explosion sounds and bullet whizzing in this mod are awesome.
  7. dragonfire43560

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    Yeah they are RHS. The thing is, if i disable your mod, those weapon sounds work fine. But when I enable it, they get messed up. Is it known to cause issues if you use this mod with RHS?
  8. dragonfire43560

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    So all of a sudden I lost some sounds for some weapons. The makarov, 92fs and javelin have no sounds. All you can hear are the impacts. Also the SMAW rifle spotting round makes an explosion when it impacts. I tried deleting the mod and reinstalling and nothing changed.
  9. Man, i wish i could think of something! Really anything that adds more options. Mission types, modifiers etc. I just think its a great system that should be the number 1 focus of the mod.
  10. dragonfire43560

    Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    The only thing keeping me from using this is the fact that it does not use RHS.
  11. Can we expect some more mission generator options in this update? This mod literally makes the game for me. I exclusively use the mission generator when i play single player.
  12. Is there a "move there" command in this? ALl i can find is "advance" which isnt what I want. I want a way to make them move to a specific point. Otherwise this mod is amazing. Edit: I guess there isnt. Anyway to modify it to include it?
  13. What exactly is the difference in the mission generator between "Number of Players" and "Mission Difficulty"? As far as I can tell, they both effect the number of enemy AI spawned and mission difficulty doesnt actually effect AI skill. So is there even a difference?
  14. dragonfire43560

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    The rpg7 sounds very very bad. I think it is using the default titan sounds. It sounds like a model rocket taking off. It should be one loud pop or bang.
  15. Now that we have apex units/weapons/vehicles/tanoa Will there be an update for MCC for it? Or should it work right now? Will it have trouble placing the new units int he new terrain? edit: I saw your post where it said it will work with tanoa. just tried it and its not letting me place new units like syndikat or viper. Says "not enough units to place in zone" or something. Referring to the quick mission generator btw. It works just fine with CSAT, NATO, FIA etc. but the new units wont work.
  16. So I notice that if you kill someone in the mission zone (IIRC even if its with a silenced weapon), a bunch of units in the zone instantly get a search and destroy or move marker exactly at your location. This kinda makes stealth impossibe and also makes the AI unrealistically aggressive. Ive had a ton of fun with this module but is this a compromise we just have to live with? It doesnt exaclty seem like lifelike behavior. I get it might simulate them calling in for reinforcements with a radio, but it happens even if i kill a lone person in one shot completely silent. Also side question, will this be working with tanoa?
  17. How do I disable the grenade selection hotkeys? (numbers 6 through 9 i think) I want to be able to access the vanilla AI squad commands that were normally mapped to those keys. Thanks
  18. Ok, so I want to make an alive mission where the island is occupied by a conventional force and the players (it would be a coop mission) are an insurgent force. I want the insurgents to have access to a small base with limited vehicles and equipment and the conventional force controlling most of the island with heavy duty equipment. I know how to do most of this, but the thing i need help with is setting up good objectives. Im not sure if I want to make it so that we have to simply wipe out the enemy, which may take too long and prove annoying finding every last one or making some kind of target to blow up. Does anyone have any suggestions for this sort of thing and how I would do it? So like a reverse insurgency I suppose. Thanks Also, a side question. If i want to populate the whole map with troops do I have to have a military placement AND civilian placement module? Or can I just make a military placement and the AI will move to garrison the cities by themselves? The reason I ask is because when I have both at once, it always gives me a message saying there are too many objectives for the opcom and for performance reasons I should lower them.
  19. another question, what maps work best with alive? I noticed altis and stratis work great but some maps like fallujah are kinda weird. Like it doesnt spawn civilians or roadblocks as often as it should or in the places where you think it should. For example I set roadblocks to "all" for testing purposes and i think i saw 1 roadblock in a really random and non strategic place on fallujah. Im assuming this is because the ALIVE engine is not picking up a lot of the custom assets on these maps. I had the same problem with the CQB module. I set the prevalance to 50 percent and literally no houses on fallujah had enemies in them. All this works fine on stratis on altis though and it seems to work ok on takistan as well. Are there any other good maps to use with alive?
  20. Does CQB work by itself (without civil or military placement modules)? I was under the impression that CQB needed to be linked to a placement module to work. Like it was supposed to spawn troops in houses IN ADDITION to the ones already out there.
  21. Question about ALIVE So if I make like a simple insurgency or AI occupied city, how random is it? like will the enemy spawns/patrols/AI be randomized everytime I try the mission?
  22. Fixed it, arma 3 wasnt updated
  23. Hi guys, im having a problem with this. Im trying to jump into the editor to play around with things in this mod but every time it loads, the game crashes with this error "Bad version 68 in p3d file 'z\ace\addons\medical\data\bandage.p3d" Sometimes it also says something about scopes instead of bandage. It works fine if i remove ace3. Also it was installed with playwith6 and yes I have CBA installed. Other mods i have are AiA Blastcore Bornholm CBA Drifters Fatigue Remover Falluja JSRS2 Leights Opfor MRAP Maxxpro NZwisogo RHS Complete RH Pistol pack Thanks!
  24. dragonfire43560

    Leights OPFOR Pack

    Dont think arma 2 had arabic in it