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  1. Hello! i have idea! why Bis you dont sell some expansion pack, the idea is simple, i see in vbs2 many model, probably many peoples, like to see it in arma 2 for exemple: USA Truck expansion pack, weapons pack, Civilian pack, building, house pack....etc.. 25$ our 40$ each...expansion pack with couple model inside! will be very interesting! just a idea because i see, from ofp to arma 2 dont have much addons makers actualy, and why peoples will create something, is on vbs2 and not in arma 2? if you check posibilty made some xpansion pack, thats will be interesting am 90% sure about that, business thing to! Just exemple: http://virtualbattlespace.vbs2.com/images/stories/jan2009/1680x1050_VBS2_083.jpg http://virtualbattlespace.vbs2.com/images/stories/nov2007/thumbs/VBS2%202007-10-26%2017-23-48-53.jpg http://virtualbattlespace.vbs2.com/images/stories/nov2007/thumbs/VBS2_053.jpg http://virtualbattlespace.vbs2.com/images/stories/ukjan09/smalls/1680x1050_VBS2_059.jpg http://virtualbattlespace.vbs2.com/images/stories/ukjan09/1680x1050_VBS2_126.jpg http://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/3d-tank-transport/403520 http://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/max-british-army-mwmik-jackal/466100 http://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/3d-model-m1078-cargo-truck-transport/427524
  2. Hello again! simple question, it is posible to put something on the top of everything, building, house etc.. i need to put me object on top of 1 building but, i dont no how! i need a script, command line? thanks! Exemple i have camera, and i like to put the cam directly on top of the house, to be more realistic!
  3. How to put object top of building in the mision editor? Hello again! simple question, it is posible to put something on the top of everything, building, house etc.. i need to put me object on top of 1 building but, i dont no how! i need a script, command line? thanks! Exemple i have a security camera, like to put directly on top of 1 house, but i dont no how to do this! thanks to help me!
  4. Hello i need some objects model but, i see only arma 1 model everywhere, where all the model from arma 2? i try directly to unpbo the main folder but when i load p3d file into oxygen 2, he just talk about unbinarize thing...grrr Thats sick! if you dont release every unbinarize file, how! peoples will made addons? now a bit lost!help! the real battle is here and starting about that: why bis change is mind for arma 2. http://www.armedassault.info/index.php?cat=articles&class=articles&id=22
  5. Not at this time, this will be insteresting to script my cam, but at this time i just like to put my cam model into top of 1 building, but dont no how! anayway i will check what link you send me, thanks!
  6. DevilBass

    Where is all the model?

    Nono i dont take model from bis but creating new one... bis dont have anythings i like to change except vehicule, but to long to create new one, easy process, i preffer to take something directly from arma 2 but is not posible, because no exemple pack releasing!
  7. danm! so fast! yeah i convert .bin to .cpp, because am to noob to write mine lol , omg! i see, so if you convert bin to cpp, you lost much importants things, wow! unbelivable, well i dont have choice to restart learn scripting things, am good with other things but this, am so noob. thanks to help me, very appreciate, there some chocolate cookies for you :rolleyes:
  8. DevilBass

    Where is all the model?

    Hmm ok ! anayway i dont have choice, i dont whaiting until Bis decide to release all the exemple pack, i start last night my project! My project calling, security pack, i made small object and probably in future with script, electric fence and gate, camera with lcd monitor, digital pad to open gate, guardroom, Walk Through Detector, to detect any metal stuff, concrete barrier, warnings sign, and probably a small prison with door lock etc...so is a biggest project and am they only 1 to work lol
  9. DevilBass

    GLT Signs 2.0

    Ok thanks so much :bounce3:
  10. Oh yes! need C-130 vehicle transport, thats will be nice!
  11. DevilBass

    Where is all the model?

    i no but is arma 1 model! i need object from arma 2!:butbut: Honestly, i'm getting sick of this "gimme all for free and right now"-mentality. Man! you wrong! since ofp and arma 1 bis release all the pack, and now decide to dont give peoples model! why you give peoples 7 years something and after that you decide to remove all! lol How many addons you create? how many time you spend on thats? and i talk about arma 2 addons, not to take model from arma 1 and change something, but completly build a new model for arma 2, is not question for free our not, just question of time, much peoples have job, go to school and have life, dont have much time to made something and dont have the biggest team like bis to create something! thats my point! the only pack i see from arma 2 is soldier things, where the rest? vehicule, objects ...unrelease..and will be never release? i remember last 3 years i work with ERT emergency vehicule from ofp, textured many model and never release because peoples dont have time, to finnish what hes made! so yeah the way is more easy if bis release model from arma 2, because you dont need to build everything, depend what you like to made, but truth are, how peoples now like to start new addons things? comback 7 years later, and see how many peoples create something in OFP, what the difference? tell me, am listen up! lol
  12. DevilBass

    Where is all the model?

    Yeah probably some guys actualy try to find way to crack thats binarize file! dont worry am sure someone will release a special tool in the future if Bis dont change is mind! and what Bis you gonna do after thats? am very feel bad! about what i see here, thats the truth here: http://www.armedassault.info/index.php?cat=articles&class=articles&id=22
  13. DevilBass

    Where is all the model?

    Man! i see any post talk about that on the forum here, now on googles i find a post talk about bis will probably never release unbinarize model, thats Sick! from ofp to arma 1 bis give us all the file for addons maker made something new, and now completly gone? christ! you have realy chance ACE team is here again, because just to dont give us unprotected model, am sure arma 2 will not survive very long time, you kills all they addons makers! Many person work single to create something, dont have much time to do something new, how many guys work on Bis? is not even! for peoples like playing game, anyone have life! real work, so no binarize thing= not much addons= peoples juste tired and stop playing, man thats in off! completly ridiculous how Bis go...i have many much model into arma 2 is not the same from arma 1, they engine is more improved...i dont like to waste 1 years to made a new addons, and after 1 years you decide to give us another ARMA 3 OUR 4? lol thats unrealistic...way...Merry Christmas, too bad..
  14. Nice job with thats, peoples need this! Merry Christmas :)
  15. DevilBass

    GLT Signs 2.0

    Thanks mate! so you authorise peoples to use thats? and make modification, and release addons, take small part of your work into new one addons? thanks to answers, very important!
  16. Hi! mery cristmas for everyone :D for me, i start my new project today, small addons but probably some guys use it for make mision, security pack: army fence, concrete block, sécurity building, security camera and other stuff like thats.. dont have much time to work so, thats why i decide to do small object like this, take less time to do so..i will open a new threads soon! and show my work in progress:D
  17. DevilBass

    Expansion pack, vehicle and more?

    :( so the only choice, i need to buy vbs 2 and all they expansion :D i no am serrious gamers but, vbs 2 is more detailed and complete then arma 2, but costing too much, i no is for military use but...danm no one give me this for cristmas? lol how many time i will work to create thats: http://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/3d-tank-transport/403520 My favorite truck..i remember at ofp someone create a transport truck, turkish union group http://www.turkishunion.com/img/addon4.jpg
  18. Hi if somone need blueprints for many real model, here i post a link, thats great for addons makers. Blueprints: http://www.the-blueprints.com/
  19. first sorry for my english, i speak more french, Canada, Quebec, Montreal city here :) but i make effort to tell what i like to say :p Thats me first total conversion from Operation Flashpoint to Arma 1, me favorite truck, i discover when i play ofp, addons from the team calling COMBAT! is the Hemmt truck, i no actualy truck are not use anymore on actual army but, thats a pleasure for me and probably for you, to see thats truck on arma 1. Am not proffesional on all the skills need to convert ofp addons into Arma but after 1 week learn, i start project, because at ofp i textured some firefighter truck and am a perfectionist guys, after many pm send to the guys create they Hemmt truck from ofp, and never responding, i decide to start convert the model into Bulldozer, and see. When am on the 1st Infantry Division clan on arma, many peoples, make happy to see, some where in future, me project to be complete, and give me much good feelings to continue what i like to drive into arma 1, thanks I dont tell you every change i made here, because is too long to write, but the model himself is rebuild completly from what i see from many real picture from the Hemmt truck, every vertice things on the model are fix corectly and i change the model himself a lot, to reflect most posible the real one truck, i do much texture, including sign back to the fuel truck, each side warning and back, changed glass, wheels things, keep the original sound truck, and many many other things. I no you probably find some bug, i release me truck because i dont have much time left to finish what i start some month later, but you have chance to finnish me project if you like, all the file our unprotected, so if you like to finish what i start and fix something, i never touch it, just do, but remember to put the finished files our progress show here on me Thread. HEMMT TRUCK: 3 Desert model, Repair, Fuel and Ammo, 100% ready to drive and 100% ready to refills every vehicule on Arma. What i never start: Domage system are only able on the part from arma things add on the truck, so no weck model are done. Light system are ready but not fully functional in the dark, sound are a bit to low and need to be fix, i try to add the back sound system but, i never do, because am not a good scripter, just basic skills. So be ready to test it! and dont complaint, this is free of 2 month work, single work about 30 and much hours week! i add readme on the .rar how to install ect.. so enjoy! time to drive soldier and make fun on Iraki map and ace mod. Screenshot, yeah fast shot but, no time sorry for that! Download: if somone interesting to put my file on another host, to share with everyone here our put me file on another website, you have the right from me to do this i guanranty have no virus our something else inside, other then the Hemmt Truck Pack. <Links removed until permission is granted> ERT Emergency Vehicle will be released soon, just whaiting team send email: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=91955
  20. Oh man thats a waste of time... what you like i need to do? put all your name from your team inside my work? i send more then 5 mail and never responding! so i start working...ofp have now 7years old, and you need some credit again? work is not yours? only the model himself is from your original model, and the model himselft is modified, so c'mon dont waste addons maker time! unbelivable how many kids crying, never responding, but when peoples send addons, now crying like a kids...if you dont responding every mail i send thats your business, but if i start working with new things, ect... only from you 3d model and modify, please dont tell peoples remove link...because thats ridiculous. Cry Cry again, but stop playing kids game, because you be the first guys create they Hemmt truck into Ofp, in arma thats not your truck, so please dont cry! So prouve thats all your work kids, before crying... removing link!
  21. DevilBass

    Emergency vehicle from ERT

    Maybe somone will start convert it to arma 2 ? our 1? dont no but will be nice if somone can, actualy have 3 model of the firetruck is over, but am not sure inside first view, anayway i dont remember exactly, so i will tested all the model, and see what is over, i receive no mail again...:(...i will install ofp ..to take some more fresh picture.:eek:
  22. DevilBass


    Hello, i try this on arma 2 excellent job my friend, but it is posible to make this on Arma 1 to? thanks to reply.:bounce3:
  23. DevilBass

    Female Soldier [Feature request to BIS]

    Np my friend! so sorry! but anyway thread are, need female soldier in arma, i say yes...if have girls in real war why not ingame...:)
  24. I have the file into a disk somewhere, so i will try to contact the guys from the original file before i will release the firetruck, i will do this this weekeng, i will send news about that on a new thread i things, so if give me full right on that, peoples will be happy, all the model is not finish yet but, still work! 3 truck are textured by me, and other never complete, including texture inside first view, yeah i need to eat something, i dont like beer...am From Montreal city so, i speak more french :)