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  1. DevilBass

    DPICM Artillery Addon

    Danm! you are very good skill on scripting file :)
  2. DevilBass

    Charon Urban Pack

    Hello! good job on it, i remember at ofp, crime city life be very nice to play like a rpg, finaly i decide to start learning how to create island, i will try to create a modern small island soon, with new building and object, thats a big project. Anyway it is posible to send me unbinarize p3d file please to work on your model, i will put a credit from you in the readme, and when i share it on armacolic etc... P.s. if somone are interesting about my mod actualy try to made, just send me a mail, hight skill only, texturer, modder, and scripting guys...I will open a new threads soon, with screenshot, when i have done more job on the mod.
  3. Thanks anayway! great job on it! i will try to find a way to create a texture like this for my Hmmt M997 and M978 soon! but am not so good on texture so :( anyway keep good work good :)
  4. DevilBass

    Emergency Response Team Mod

    I dont bitch anyone, but why you dont release anything not finished yet? cmon no cense, you see all the time so much news about many addons suposed to be out soon, and guys just decide to put all hes stuff in garbage, and never asked, yes thats a choice, but way easy. anayway i will work on my new HMMT Truck M977 and M978 soon! but if i work on it so much time, trust me i will release something, same if not over finished, thats the real respect for me"
  5. God! you so good in skinners, look like realistic, 100 more then Bis, it is posible to use your texture, our maybe you be able to work with my model in the future i will release, I create my entire HMMT Truck Pack, actualy i just made 3d model, but in the future, if you like to work on my model to texture it! just seen me a pm, because i like what i see from you now :) have a good days.
  6. DevilBass

    Emergency Response Team Mod

    ERT is just dead forever, am a small part from the guys just helping to texture some model for the kids creating ERT, last week i decide to release all the unfinished 3d model from the old one OFP, but admin from Bis just decide to delete all my link and close the threads, because the guys creating ERT just put all hes job into garbage and he dont like to share unfinished stuff for somone our guys like to finish him. Pathetic how many guys in Bis forum promise to release something but never give anythings, why you dont give anythings? whe have so many guys have some experience to finish what you never done, just share what you not done for the community thats it! but dont put the fuc...in the garbage. thats a real lost! and poor guys doing thats! only!
  7. Hello, first no one of Bis team responding, about track things and foot prints, into arma 2, thats to hard to tell why, track and foot prints, is gone our what? Sorry if i have not so much patience, but, some peoples like to see track things back again into arma 2, because its a part of tactical things, and is more realistic. Somone tell about Bis, just removing this, due to performance, issue, but Bis never confirming thats, and that part is very not useful. How to enable track back again? have a way? i dont care about performance issue, for me this is very important, and probably many other guys to, so please Bis give us your point about thats!
  8. (Link removing until Tim Aka Delta Hawk, stop crying, because he have no time to give peoples what he promise last couple years, ERT Mod just in garbage for 200 years again, until somone like me, work on it, like to give all the unfinished work to peoples like to finish him ou use it for hes mod, i will comback soon anyway with fresh news, about what i will do :) arma 2 operation arrowhead is out so, maybe some emergency truck will be nice to? lol
  9. DevilBass

    ERT (Emergency Response Team)

    Just force start in mision editor, i told you have many scripting error, and many model not over textured, if i have many time on days, i will start to convert some model to arma 2 but i have no time to do this, textured and scripting take much time, so some model require another model, i dont remember, but just test 1 model each time! and see what is the error about, i will comback soon, my dream are to start convert it for arma 2...maybe somewhere in the future :)-
  10. Hi! All first sorry for bad english, i speak more french :butbut: So peoples you no, addons need to be released on OFP calling ERT, but never release? I present some screenshot actual addons, i have for long time on my computers, and never show to public, i skin more then 3 firetruck, and starting new one, but long time a go maybe 2 years, but all the model is not over complete, due have not much peoples have time to finish hes work on it, so the only thing i need to do, ask for the guys creating this addons never complete, but fonctional, when he send me authorisation about yes, do what you like, i send you the addons, if somone interesting to work again on it our just finnish the most job i done on truck is much finnishing. I say again Emergency vehicle will be releasing very soon, and that a promise! am a serious guys :D i just whaiting team send email to me and i release the full pack with all the texture inside ect...free of charge, and not protected file. More screenshot will folow soon, sorry very old link, and dont have much time to give you more new screen: http://img407.imageshack.us/img407/9435/flashpointresistance200zz2.png http://img410.imageshack.us/img410/4696/flashpointresistance200ty8.png http://img410.imageshack.us/img410/4854/flashpointresistance200du5.png http://img407.imageshack.us/img407/9743/flashpointresistance200vf3.png http://img686.imageshack.us/img686/1824/flashpointresistance200.png
  11. DevilBass

    Emergency vehicle from ERT

    Am very Sorry i never replying for long time. There here is, many model are not textured, i testing it at OFP only so dont ask how to be exported into arma 2, all conversion job is not easy, but this future addons, will be nice if somone working hard again and convert it for arma 2, remember am not responsive, for what you do what that files, but keep in minds if you work hard with him, after your hard work, just give us what you done. For tested with a lot of script error, just force start in mision editor, that it! have a good time! I scan my files before with avast pro, please keep it and upload it another website and give us more link: New Link: http://www.filedropper.com/ertaddons
  12. DevilBass

    JTD ClearHorizons

    Nice job! Dont no why Bis put this fake ass mountain, but look very unrealistic! well done soldier!
  13. Hello everyone, no quit suprising, about *********, i remember at Arma 1 many peoples use ********* Script to tk peoples, and make server unstable, and crash! On the time on Arma 1 i complaint and i post a mail to Bis, about this kind of stupid group from USA, like to destroying fun from peoples like to play in multiplayer, Bis never responding about that! actualy this is the same situation again on Arma 2, i dont no what Bis would do about that, but, many peoples complaint! Battle eyes, dont do hes job i thing, because, i see no one of guys using this script, be eject of server...what battleyes suposed doing about that? Actualy many peoples just frustrated about the situation, dont playing, our just create server with passworld, so to play you need to register on every forum over internet to play Arma 2? I suggest To You Bis, to check what i talk serriously, because, is quit long many peoples complaints! this quit frustrated for somone pay the game, and like to play in multiplayer with other peoples, i dont understand why this stupid ass like ********* Group, hes alive again, and is not on real prison. I thing, this kind of group destroy they entire game scene from peoples like to play fear and no stress. And remember peoples using ********* Script in Multiplayer, When i have a large list of ingame nick name with Number id and some thing to prouve your using ********* script to torture ingame peoples, and crashed server, i will send this thing to Bis! No warning! trust me! (am suprising Bis, replace the real name of what i talk with some Stars) thats because you no that situation! but you dont do nothing?
  14. DevilBass

    ********* back again, funny?

    Is not a hackers, is just a mod you put on your arma folder, same like ace ect... And fade is for illegal copy only, and if you join a server you will be kicked automatic, yeah i no this system work perfectly, and am very happy about that, if you dont have 60$ to buy this kind of the game, just return play Bf2.
  15. Excellent job soldier, well done, i use your sound mod, since Arma 1, and for me, this is the best sound mod ever...battlefield not the same with no Chammy, trying and you will be never dissapointed! Thanks again! :)
  16. DevilBass

    endless "wait for host"

    Same problem, here each time i try to connect server, i see whaiting for host...sometime, take more then 5min to connect, after that, i choice a slot, press start, and i need to whait again sometime more then 5min again...thats so quit frustrating...i have a good connection speed...arma 2 firewall disable, arma 2 is is not over yet fixed i thing...this probably a server isue, because sometime, i dont need to whait, and other server...stuck.
  17. Danm! your first video so amazing, Very creative, your sound mod to is very nice, but in the future i thing, made the complete mod, weapon sound ect...thats will be very interesting.
  18. Hello, first, good job on Ace Mod, first, me and some friend, play coop specialy, and every of my friend and me, have only one problem with Ace, is not posible to shoot manual fire without laser stuff, so not posible to lock target, like Apache and Cobra and Ka, until you need a gunner, but ai dont no how to get this work, so on the future, posible to make a .cpp file to turn off our on, this feature? Are, How to completly back manual fire from original ARMA 2 Settings? with flying stuff? trust me i like playing with Ace is very amazing, i no you probably make that, to be more realistic, but to play with 3 friend, our 1, this thing is very frustrated. thanks to reply... ;) Sorry my english not so good, but you probably understand what i try to say :)_
  19. DevilBass

    Enable track vehicle and foot print

    Hmm, and no one no how to enable this back again?
  20. DevilBass

    Why is this game not more popular?

    Not popular, probably, because the game is not yet stable, have too much bug, and they engine is not fixed, actualy much peoples play arma 1 again, because have not a huge group of peoples have the computer to play arma 2, probably need a couple of patch again to fix all the issue and stability problem. When all be fixed, peoples will come back again, for me, arma 2 is the real Arma 1 suposed to be! but very unstable.
  21. DevilBass

    Umm.. tracks from the vehicles?

    Thats sucks! thats the only one things, i like to see ingame, no track vehicle and foot print= not realistic, and peoples like to see thats, because people use this for tactical, i dont understand why Bis team doest answers about that, i feel very angry about that! never responding, nothing...performance thing!? C'mon on arma 1 i never see my performance droping, just because have some track on road everywhere, the big problem on arma 2, game is very instable, and thats track probably not the real problem, about performance but much other things never fixed! i like to see in the future, a box, in video settings, posible to enable ou dissable track and foot print, thats will be nice, if peoples have bad performance, our not, will be posible to enable, our disable. But please somone from Bis responding, about thats, the game suck a lot, when you remove track things.
  22. DevilBass

    Pistolfied's Tracers

    Good job ont thats, more realistic...:)
  23. Hello all! what is the limit into arma engine about model, face, points etc... How many face will be best into they engine, and what is they end limits? thanks!
  24. Hello! i need some help, am not good in scripting things, i got error like thats when i launch Arma 2: Config: some input after EndOfFile. I try to test my model into arma, i add to arma shortcut: "C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\arma2.exe" -mod=@Security_Cam I think is my config.cpp is not corect, there! :( class CfgPatches { class dv_Is_Objects { units = {}; weapons = {""}; requiredVersion = 0.100000; }; }; class CfgVehicleClasses { class dv_Is_Objects { displayName = "Security_Addons"; }; }; class CfgVehicles { displayName = "Security Cam"; vehicleClass = "dv_Is_Objects"; model = "\Security_Cam_obj\Sec_cam.p3d"; icon = "\ca\data\data\Unknown_object.paa"; attendant = 1; scope = 2; destrType = "DestructNo"; meSound = ""; accuracy = 0.200000; mapSize = 1; }; }; I dont no what is the problem but if somone help me a bit, will be appreciate! Thanks!
  25. DevilBass

    Arma model limits?

    [APS]Gnat Yeah sorry about that, i dont shearch before make new threads :( Ok then thanks a lot! so less then 25k vertice, will be more smooth!