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  1. Insignia:

    The number of Insignia with colors are as follows:

    Imperium of Man:
    1 x 1st Tanith. White on Black.
    1 x Adeptus Astronmica. Black on White.
    1 x Adeptus Custodes. Black on White.
    4 x Adeptus Mechanicus. B/W and Color on White.
    1 x Adeptus Titanicus. Black on Red.
    1 x Cult Mechanicus. Black on White.
    2 x Imperial Aquila. Gold on Black and Black on White

    1 x Blood Pact. Black on White.
    1 x Chaos star. Black on White.
    4 x Dark Mechanicus. Colour and B/W.
    1 x Eye of Horus. White on Black.

    1 x Biel-Tan. Color on White.
    1 x Dire Avenger Aspect Rune. Black on White.
    1 x Iyanden. Color on White.
    2 x Ulthwe. Color on White.

    1 x Tau Empire Insignia. Black on White.
    1 x Tau coat of arms. Black on White.

  2. ARMA Community,
    This is my first Addon for ARMA 3 so any feedback you have would be really appreciated.

    Included in this addon is 25 Faction Insignia's included are for:
    Imperium of Man

    This is my first Addon for ARMA 3 so any feedback you have would be really appreciated.

    Would you like to have other warhammer 40k insignia's included? 
    If yes then please feel free to contact me. Please try include an image if you have one and I will see want I can do to include it in a next version.

    Lastly I do hope to create further Warhammer 40k addons such as posters, billboards, fonts etc. So add this to your favorites, give me a 5 star rating and subscribe.


    Dave :)

    My contact details:

    Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ShootinnScuttin
    Example Screen Shots:

  3. Squad name: [LOL]

    Timezone/location : EU and US

    Gamemode preference: veteran coop

    Contact email: can't remember

    Website address: http://www.nakedsquid.com

    Short description:description on our website. Welcome to the [LOL] Armed Assault / Operation Flashpoint Multiplayer Co-Operative Site.

    You are welcome to join the clowns on any of our servers.

    Our servers are run in Veteran mode with co-operative missions

    No Respawns, No Crosshairs, No muppets

    Language: English

  4. yep having the same probleme here.

    I can only join by typing the IP adress of the server...not really easy.

    I try to launch it with virtual xp sp2 but doesnt work also.

    Its unable to create the client and i cant host a game.

    Yeap this is the dsame for me i.e. with windows 7 i must join by IP address otherrwise I get a connecting failed message.

  5. one question I would have of such a tool also to be considered Mr G-C would be that you may have to consider the varied install paths that may/ can exsist for different versions per region or publisher of ARMA I.E. the diference between languages or atari versus 505 games (am not sure if there is a differences?). However there should be a workaround cause i see with inno setup you can allow the user to specify there own install path(s). One real power of learning this scripting would be the ability to script for these regional/publisher/language differences

  6. LOL Majors ARMA server is still up and running with vet mode set and playing CO-OP missions only.

    The TS server is

    No passwords are in place for either server.

    If you would like to submit missions to be placed on the server please go to the forums first and check out the mission requirements we need in place before any missions get on the server wink_o.gif.

    Most important ... have fun!!!

    Go to www.nakedsquid.com for more details

  7. Is the XML code for placing arma patches on your squad members remain the same as what was used for OFP?

    This is a sample of what I use currently in my suqad XML file :

    <squad nick="">






    <!-- End of squad properties  -->

    <member id="" nick="">





    So what else would I need to add to this code to enable arm patches? And does the picture.paa need to be resized? Anything else I need to add?



  8. automatically it puts the player id into the ban.txt.  this means it bans all demo users if you ban a demo user, since all of their ids are 999.  The act of banning creates a ban.txt automatically.

    Would anyone have a working example of how these "#exec" commands are used?