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    Contemplating the meaning of life, killing thousands of virtual enemies.

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    Another kid who grew up playing OFP in his teens, looked for bombs overseas, and got out in time for ArmA 3.

    Silver, Crimson, Black.
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  1. dystopian

    [WIP] Los Santos map

    Wow, looks awesome downloading now thanks.
  2. Disregard, I have a bad habit of asking for help right before I decypher this alien code language.
  3. dystopian

    [Release] GOM - Ambient AA V1.2.1

    Sweet script thanks. Can't get it to work with the Faces of War Flak 36 but the Flak 30's fire fine.
  4. dystopian

    Blackfish force Load Drop.

    Thanks pierremgi got it working now. :) It was definitely the trigger ownership and condition.
  5. Ok guys so I have a blackfish named blackfish and inside this blackfish It's got an ATV in the back and I got a trigger set. So when this blackfish flies through the trigger it will eject the ATV as long as I am literally ON it. If I leave the vehicle empty the blackfish will not eject it. Inside the trigger activation : blackfish setVehicleCargo objNull; Anybody messed with this and managed to get it to drop empty vehicle cargo?
  6. dystopian


    Lol yea I thought so.
  7. I keep having an error with the "call vip_lit_fnc_cl_diary; in the vip_lit\vip_lit_init.sqf, line 40. " *fixed it* had an out of place }; at the start of sounds.
  8. dystopian


    Dude this mod is the shit. How can I obtain the classnames of the raider/renegade factions? Cus they're outfitted perfectly.
  9. dystopian

    The Wake [SP]

    A thermonuclear warhead detonated and killed over two hundred thousand people. Then the Chinese launched an invasion after bombarding the area with chemical gases. The gas was scientifically designed to hijack the human psyche and cause extreme outbursts of aggression or rage. To divide the populace against one another. Little did we know zombies could be real after all... --------------------------------------------------------POST APOCALYPTIC SURVIVAL HORROR---------------------------------------------------------A lot of mods I know but I promise you this is one of the greatest missions you never played. Planning on making a campaign more to come! Workshop link with further information regarding mods and links: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1133588778
  10. dystopian

    Scripting for a Newb

    Welcome to a crash course in Alien languages. :D Best thing for noobs is to find already made scripts and see how they're made and implemented. I use armaholic and search through the scripts on there for cool stuff to add in. Also as above, you tube tutorials are the shit.
  11. dystopian

    Combat Realism Scripts

    Cool shit Phronk One thing for that flashbang script that would be even more legit is to decrease the blast timer from 4-5 seconds to 1-3.
  12. Hello just curious if it is at all possible to clear all prior objects and objectives once completed and load an entirely new instance in the editor?
  13. I am having an error with tells me line 11 in selectresponse.sqf has a generic error in expression with this line of code?
  14. Sound vip_lit_snd_rain1_lo_l not found How exactly do I put those #deals in the description? Great script btw love the rain drops, just trying to get it to work.