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    Mod issues with 1.60

    There's no real reason the game couldn't be shoehorned to cope with both :) I can see why CBS would use an array: they might have been trying to cater for mods that might have two or more authors who might each have their own iconography etc. Personally I think an array is a better type to use, but I guess now it's always going to be a string, but maybe with the possibility of also an array if they decide to cater to it.... :)
  2. dmarkwick

    Muhammad Ali - The Greatest

    Another icon from my youth. He was a lot younger than I thought he would be. Either that or I'm catching up.
  3. dmarkwick

    Ghost trees

    Is it an ATOC thing maybe?
  4. Also, I don't think BIS can be held responsible for 3rd party content dependencies :) I suspect many more people than we might imagine will buy Tanoa, especially when the MP gameplay videos start to happen :) Last night I saw some guys testing AI behaviors in Tanoa and if I hadn't already, I would certainly have bought it right then :)
  5. Ok thanks :) startled boids will be my next small project :) (was in the works anyway ;)) As for the sunrise thing - thanks for the info but I'm using angle of sun to get a better value for the hottest part of the day for the relevant map lattitude. Warmer maps get warmer earlier in the day and for more of the year. Colder maps have a narrower window.
  6. Hey TPW - there's a nice little function in your scripts that returns the angle of sun, apparently written by CarlGustaffa. Is this available for use by me or do I need to go to him explicitly?
  7. dmarkwick

    Disappointed with lack of Interactability on Tanoa

    Sweet delicious tears? Yummy :D My all-time favourite map is Chenarus even to this day. It had mostly non-enterable buildings. If it had fully enterable buildings it would be a perfect map IMO. But hey-ho I also like trees and Chenarus certainly delivered on that :) I've had my best gaming moments in Chenarus so I'm not about to say enterable buildings is a must-have. Then along comes Altis with almost every building enterable,and subsequentally along come the complaints that: performance is low in towns and no furniture :/ My only complaint was not enough trees ;) I see the lack of furniture as almost completely irrelevant. Why do players wish to have more reasons to get stuck in buildings trying to wrangle their avatars around? I already find it annoying to get stuck just trying to walk though doors. To then moan about furniture would be just silly and not relevant to a combat game IMO. And please don't mention "immersion" (the most abused excuse ever IMO) for me my immersion is broke when I can't simply move across a space. Tanoa looks to me to have huge potential. It probably won't replace Chenarus for me as best-ever map, but it has other things going for it certainly. All IMHO natch.
  8. dmarkwick

    ArmA3 particle rendering problem

    No FoV mods (unless hidden inside ACE or something) the fisheye is probably caused by me leaning back to get more view (I wear TrackIR so leaning back is like zooming out). FoV doesn't affect it, at least FoV reasonable for first-person perspective usage. Yeah large smoke effects are problematic for this reason. I'd like to use fewer, larger particles to get some far and middle distance effects looking good but it's hugely distracting closer than that. Also I wonder how such behaviour affects AI viewblock, since particles now can block AI view how does this behaviour make sense? :D
  9. There is a problem with ArmA3 (and all other ArmAs incidentally) in that large particles have an odd positional behaviour with changed view direction: As you can see the particle image wants to move away against the direction of view change, a very odd behavior. I know this can be fixed, and I wonder if it could please be fixed? :)
  10. Since 1.60, every now & then (like maybe 20%) when I boot up ArmA3 from the launcher there are no mods at all loaded, and the game is vanilla. I just retry & they're all there.
  11. dmarkwick

    remove the 2D editor after apex?

    I'm not a huge fan of the significant delay Eden introduces between mission iterations. For addon makers, there's often a lot of tweak, load mission, exit mission, repeat. 2D editor reduces that. But, I guess I'll evolve :)
  12. Not exactly a biggie I know, but the refract pfx used in heat haze from fires & exhausts is not visible through weapon optics or through vehicle windows. It is visible through building windows however :/ It became apparent to me when developing a heat haze addon for hot terrain :)
  13. Hi BB. My old ArmA2 addon Fire & Smoke had birds as a sort-of easter egg. Firing weapons would startle them, then some time (of silence) would pass before it could happen again. Also, just moving through forests would have a chance of scaring up birds, unless you were moving slowly, so that you could maybe get a clue to where unseen enemy might be. It helped make stealth pay off :) I should totally make a standalone for Tanoa with birds :) but the heat haze addon is being built for Tanoa in mind.
  14. dmarkwick


    Or this: https://youtu.be/GFrGF54B0r0?t=63
  15. dmarkwick

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Having said that, I think there is some funky logic that goes on regarding which light gets rendered at any given time (only x number of lights can be rendered at once). PC performance, view options, light intensity, distance to light etc all are mixed into the equation.
  16. dmarkwick

    Sometimes all mods not loading

    My bad :) but, I think maybe a report is in order. After all, it's a problem only since 1.60 as far as I've seen, which means something changed that can cause a (small) problem.
  17. dmarkwick

    Error "'author/' is not a value"

    Seems to me the easiest fix would be for BIS to accept both types as acceptable. I guess it's possible they have some future plan that involves the necessity for a string, but they could code in some string convert error capture I guess.
  18. dmarkwick

    Sometimes all mods not loading

    Well, if the game loads with no mods and there's no other indication - that sounds like an issue. Maybe the launcher needs to artificially delay launch until checks are complete, or some message needs to be displayed or something. And, this forum constitutes speaking among ourselves :) this is the troubleshooting forum yes? Where we come to find out about these issues?
  19. dmarkwick

    Sometimes all mods not loading

    Thx BIS_Wizard, next time it happens I'll do that. Only since 1.60, so this sounds like something BIS might like to know. None of my addons come from Steam.
  20. dmarkwick

    What can we do with ArmA 2 Maps Now?

    I guess someone could make some tiny cfg addon that addresses only the sky problem for these maps without causing any kind of huge controversy over modding other people's content without permission. (Although Falluja seems to inherit from an already fixed map, I played it the other day & the sky was fine.)
  21. dmarkwick

    Playing Arma III alone?

    ...and how did he start a topic on his first ever post? :D
  22. dmarkwick

    Playing Arma III alone?

    Hi Casdin. I have a sucky iNet connection so I play alone too. However I also enjoy some low-level modding so that keeps me entertained. Other than that (and to test out my addons) I like to make ALiVE/DAC scenarios and put myself amongst it. Randomisation is key for me so the experience is always different.
  23. dmarkwick

    I can't edit/play my maps after new update 1.60

    It sounds like there is at least one item in your mission that has been deprecated or had it's class renamed maybe. Try looking in your .rpt file to find clues as to what this might be, and then manually edit the mission file to replace that class/those classes with legitimate class names.
  24. dmarkwick

    Mod issues with 1.60

    Yeah, but it will be different things ;)
  25. dmarkwick

    Mod issues with 1.60

    I agree those stupid people should keep their money. But, what are the chances of that happening. Things will get fixed. It hasn't happened yet inside the what, half a week since update, but maybe time to kick back & enjoy what does work instead of focusing on the (mostly minor) stuff that does not. Within a month all this will be old news & things will be mostly settled. All IMO natch.