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    Situational Awareness

    It can be frustrating, the only thing I can suggest is to treat it as "real" as possible and find cover & not expose yourself for too long. You can sometimes get a very rough bearing by learning how the sound works: for incoming fire at medium-to-far ranges there is an echo that can distract you and make you look in the wrong direction. You need to learn to ignore the first sound (which might have bounced off some object behind you) and listen for the second "snap" sound. If you cannot locate any muzzle flash or smoke, then you're going to need to force them to move, which you can do by hiding somewhere. The AI will eventually be compelled to move in and you might have a better chance to see this. Also try to look at where your AI team members are looking. They'll generally have a better idea. As for foliage - yes it blocks AI view. But be aware of a few things: Concealment is not the same as cover ;) The AI will not easily forget where it last saw you. It will fire at areas it thinks you might be in. The viewblock geometry of the bush/tree (which the AI uses to decide if it can see you or not) will not be *exactly* the same as the render geometry. Hide behind the main part of the foliage.
  2. I suggest random. From Short_But_Possible to Longer_But_You_Don't_Know_That. Whatever those values are ;)
  3. I don't have any mods from Steam - they're all manually added. But I still experience a 15-20 second delay while the launcher checks it all out. Launching ArmA before this check is complete results in a vanilla bootup of ArmA, no mods at all. I wonder if some option can be worked in that can disable the check?
  4. dmarkwick

    Oculus Rift & Arma 3?

    I think Tanoa is going to be the best Rift map experience :) Just a feeling. All that dense close jungle.
  5. dmarkwick

    Way to find "the real" missing addon?

    You could try editing the mission file directly with Notepad/Notepad++ and replacing the problematic class with a more generic class. That might at least allow you to open the mission in the editor again.
  6. dmarkwick

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    To be fair I'm the same :) If I spot an AI I can make some guess as to where he's most likely to be based on his previous movement. If he lies down in grass, I can still place rounds all around the area I saw him go prone into.
  7. It's perfectly normal for some games to model some gameplay/features better/different than others. One game cannot possibly be everyone's answer. I might answer with why don't other games do what ArmA does well. But that would compel me to making a list, but that would be huge and that I just don't have the time :) But in the first instance I might direct you to the video in my signature.
  8. dmarkwick

    UK leaves Europe

    Cameron pulled the pin & walked away. Whoever takes his place when that thing goes off is going to be mightily, hugely unpopular. And of course all the other UK opposition parties have it made for the next several years for the same reason.
  9. Something else to bear in mind is that you were always aware of the AI, but they were not aware of you. I think it's reasonable especially if you were stationary (no noise) and crouching in the dark. Maybe try the same scenario but have the AI's waypoint set to "Aware" and "Limited" (speed).
  10. The same way anything makes its way into VBS - someone paid some money for it :)
  11. Hey guys. So I like the behavior of hit AI when they fall down, but I feel they fall down too fast. Is there some way to adjust the animation speed? For justification: I like the idea that when an AI goes down, I don't really know if they're actually out of the game and might give me trouble later. However, they fall down so fast I realise that they are falling because of scripting not dying, even at a great distance. If they fell down at roughly the same speed they would if dead, this would give me more to think about :)
  12. dmarkwick

    AI mods still needed?

    I usually use some form of AI adjustment - at the very least I like to tweak the skills (I like high skills but a lower chance of an actual hit, to prolong gameplay). Aside from that I find DAC and ALiVE to be quite effective AI modifiers, as well as generally good for gameplay. I suspect ACE also has some tweaks & additions too. I like it when I see some enemy unit go down, but I'm never quite sure that he's actually dead.
  13. dmarkwick

    Disappointed with lack of Interactability on Tanoa

    DayZ is different to ArmA in one important detail - DayZ doesn't need to worry about AI performance, and its subsequent hit on your PC performance. BI are always conscious of the AI factor in subjects like this.
  14. Sure why not? :) if only for the Cold War Assault though most probably. It still has a charm, but maybe that is nostalgia. I have no idea what a newcomer might think coming to it new today. There's plenty of content available for ArmA 2 too, a lot of which is not available in ArmA 3.
  15. I think the best solution would be to make 1PP the default setting for servers. I've heard the opinion here that 3PP is often enabled out of laziness, so if it was 1PP by default then if you found yourself on a 3PP server you can be sure it is a deliberate decision, and you can make an informed decision from that.
  16. If you're getting 33-55 fps in regular gameplay on high settings then you're doing just fine. Do yourself a favour and disable your FPS counter, and just play :)
  17. dmarkwick

    Mod issues with 1.60

    I believe I read that a fix is in place, currently in the dev branch (where all fixes are first born :))
  18. dmarkwick

    ArmA3 Apex Giveaway

    I don't require an Apex giveaway but I'd like to acknowledge the generosity of the OP :)
  19. dmarkwick

    Tanoa Lite - a possibility or a total No-Go?

    Different terrain textures = units/vehicles show up differently against it at distance = either handicap or advantage for someone.
  20. I haven't seen the problem in a while, so maybe I'm auto-doing something different :) Maybe ensure you don't have anything selected when you alt-tab? I'm pretty sure one of the auto-habits I got into is to click on empty space after each action with an editor object.
  21. So when you alt-tab back in, you mean that some editor object is attached to the mouse as through you're dragging it about? I think I've seen that before. I got into the habit of alt-tabbing out, but selecting the task bar icon to get back in.
  22. dmarkwick


    Well known fact that 87% of online-relayed statistics are made up on the spot.
  23. dmarkwick

    Tanoa Lite - a possibility or a total No-Go?

    It seems the vote is clear :) I voted no. I simply don't believe in the whole "split community" thing at all - if you don't have a map, you don't play on that particular server. Same goes for all other maps be they expansion or mod. For me, my main blocker is my bandwidth. To download some map I need if I don't already have it can be several hours per gb.
  24. dmarkwick

    Oculus support

    90 seems to be the accepted standard minimum, and that means 90 game-rendered frames not display refresh rate. I guess there must also be a maximum reaction time from head movement to ingame refresh, but that doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere that I've seen yet. So basically as fast as it can render, with as little movement lag as possible. And I assume this to be the way to minimise the number of users who are susceptible to motion sickness. Myself I have a far wider tolerance but I do appreciate the higher FPS when I've experienced it. I've been "under" the Vive for 1.5hrs continuously and didn't experience nausea, dizziness or discomfort at all.
  25. You sure you're mapping the analogue control to the throttle and not the digital?