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    Debug console - forward & backward buttons gone?

    Hmm, yes you're right, I had no idea it was a CBA feature :) Thanks for the answer :)
  2. dmarkwick

    Fog observation

    It's possible that may be the skewing factor, but they sure like to hit me enough considering they might be aiming by ear :D Any fog-based alterations would require the fog math unfortunately, as ArmA's fog clears with altitude, to lesser and greater degrees (I'm a fan of low-lying fog scenarios).
  3. dmarkwick

    Fog observation

    Well the formula would be interesting and might have other uses, but ultimately wouldn't solve my problem, which happens when the action is occurring :( the fog seems to affect initial recognition from zero OK, but once there is some gunfire the recognition leaps to superhuman levels.
  4. dmarkwick

    Ponds DLC confirmed? Xirolimni Dam at dawn

    I wish it would get fixed :( this is an image of my favourite ever bit of randomly-generated clutter:
  5. dmarkwick

    CTI + DAC hybrid MP mission

    To celebrate BIS's generous 10 year gift to us I re-released my best ever OFP effort, a CTI-DAC hybrid mission set on the best OFP map ever (IMO). I've taken the liberty of including everything that the mission needs into one single download rather than link to their non-existent original locations, other than that it's basically as I released it all those years ago. Unfortunately I cannot findf the original readmes that came with either of these projects, so please excuse their ommission and take it for granted that all possible violations regarding unwanted distribution, should they exist, are mine. While waiting for the release of ArmA1 me and a few friends got a HELL of a lot of mileage out of this mission, it's busy, entertaining and never the same game twice. It can be used in conjunction with any of the popular total mods that OFP had, I seem to remember getting good results from ECP. Installation: Follow the extracted folder's lead. Place the mission into your mpmissions folder, and the addon PBOs into your preferred addons location. The original readme is as below: ***Original readme*** I've made a very nice CTI mission that uses the very excellent Novajev island, into which I've converted across an MFCTI mission, and also added some DAC scripting also. I must stress right off the bat here that I am not taking any credit AT ALL for any of the excellent scripting done by much more talented people than me, I am very much riding on the shoulders of giants here. The Novajev island, although using a modified landmass from Nogova, has a totally redone town, road and vegetation layout and is in my opinion the best ever map for OFP. I use it almost exclusively now, it's that good. (I really hope to see it ported over to Armed Assault, that would be perfect.) I've had to somewhat fiddle around with the conversion, there's more towns for example (from 28 in Nogova to 34 in Novajev) and the spawning positions, flags, triggers etc can only be tweaked as I see problems ingame. I think I've ironed out the vast majority of problems, and now I see a game that is at least as consistent as an official CTI mission. I've also added some extra touches, at random farmsteads & buildings I've added ammo crates that only have a very small chance of existing (only western ammo though so far), I view them as found resistance caches, luck and observation will find them, they are by no means numerous. Also there's some cars to be found in towns, again randomised and not numerous. The above gave us (I play in a small group) a very nice game indeed, speaking for myself it's now my favourite CTI mission (I would say that though wouldn't I?) but I added more. One thing I found is that CTI missions tend to become races to the next town, lone wolves can run rampant, because apart from the towns there is no danger at all in moving about. To combat this I added a DAC script which adds into the mix some random resistance patrols. At first it had several ground troop groups, several unarmoured groups and some armoured groups, but this proved slightly too laggy for the host's machine to cope with, so I rebalanced it to have less troops, more armour, and the performance seems to be OK. Ingame experience ranges from not seeing hardly any resistance patrols, to being inundated with armour backed up with reserves of more armour and ground troops. A very nice change, it's no longer safe to go blasting from town to town. A nice touch of course is that the eastern side has the same problems, and distant running battles can often be heard. The mission takes about 30 seconds to a minute to initialise, during which you'll get slowdown, slideshows and an error message about not naming units, just click continue it's of no consequence at this stage. Pretty soon the mission will have fully initialised and things should smooth out. Hotfile: http://hotfile.com/dl/121812048/673cd9d/JTD_OFP_CTI_DAC_MPmission_v1.rar.html
  6. I actually achieved it several months ago, but I scrapped all my mods & started all again from scratch, and I can't remember :( I have a feeling it probably involved removing a pbo rather than changing any optional setting. This is how I removed the ACE3 fatigue so I could get back ArmA's fatigue (which I prefer).
  7. dmarkwick

    ASR AI 3

    Generally speaking, I like to have a high skill but a low accuracy. I don't want to be immediately punished for not noticing some threat straight away & get headshotted, that's not much fun :) but I do enjoy the threat of many enemy closing in on me because I made some strategic boo-boo :) Generally, skill as high as it can go, and accuracy somewhere around 0.2 for me.
  8. Here is a new RPT with only CBA + ACE loaded: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=53776250848203641925
  9. .rpt file can be downloaded here: http://www.filehosting.org/file/details/648464/Arma3_ace_main__a3data.zip In this case the loaded mods are: CBA_A3, ACE3, BaBe_midTex, ALiVE, ASR_AI, all latest versions. But the problem also manifests with only the CBA and the ACE addons. I'm just adding addons back in slowly one at a time, they were getting a little out of hand :)
  10. Hi jonpas. My Arma version is 1.66.139586 Yes the a3data addon sounds like vanilla pbo, however I don't seem to have one by that name looking in the Arma3\addons folder. *edit Also, looking at the ace_main config.cpp, it doesn't seem to mention a3data in the requiredAddons.
  11. A new ArmA3 specific version of JTD Flies. The main difference being that units who are killed underwater will bleed for a few minutes instead of attract flies after a few minutes. See what you think. JTD Flies [ALPHA] v0.4 *Thanks to Foxhound and ArmAholic for hosting :) greatly appreciated. Requirements: CBA_A3 Readme:
  12. Hi everyone. I have this problem I've seen for a long time now but never got to the bottom of it. However, today I downloaded latest CBA and latest ACE, and have ONLY these two mods currently loaded. My problem is that I get this error message: Steam, release branch, most current versions of CBA_A3 & ACE3. TrackIR. Nothing else.
  13. dmarkwick

    JTD Flies ArmA3 version

    I did actually make a standalone version :/ but it's not releasable (I didn't put too much time into it), better in some ways and a little flaky in others. and I want to improve the sprites. So maybe sometime...
  14. dmarkwick

    JTD Flies ArmA3 version

    Hi domukun, and also thanks for the continued interest :) and thanks for the ideas. The time for the flies' arrival was made short to make gameplay a little more.... well gamey I suppose. I wanted a way to find dead bodies in long grass so I could take their ammo etc, and I wasn't really interested at the time in having a "realistic" fly arrival time :) I figured this was a good candidate for making it a little gamey. (pun intended ;)) I also made myself a simple heat-haze addon last year, it includes time-of-year and lattitude code so it doesn't happen inappropriately. I guess the same code could be used to control fly appearance too. I just never considered it outside of rain :)
  15. dmarkwick

    JTD Flies ArmA3 version

    Hi lordprimate, thanks for the continued interest :) Of course you are more than welcome to change or fix this as much as you like. I actually have made some of those changes already to my own version (sound volume for example) but I never released it, I thought no-one really used it. I wasn't aware the key didn't work anymore :(
  16. I had quite forgotten the joy of pinging some guy's helmet off :D
  17. I won't double-up on the above description :) but another unique feature of H&D2 is the pseudo "multiplayer-with-a-single-player" gameplay. There are 4 units to your team, and you can switch between them. More than this though, you can set up instructions to all of them using a timeline, so one unit will go to position X and will cover in direction Y, another will set up a machinegun overwatch in position Z, another will throw a grenade to position XX to provide the distraction/bait etc. All of the actions can be slid along the timeline, and actions can be based on the completion of other actions, so soldier A won't move until soldier B has reached his position etc.
  18. So I've been working on a blood addon, based on an early build of Zooloo75's own blood addon (with permission ofc ;)). I've branched off completely and it will be following a different outlook. For example, I will not be adding in dismemberment, vapourisation, gibs etc. It will be blood only. It has directional blood spray based on direction of incoming fire, bleeding for some time after being hit, and a blood flow that occurs when you die (bleedout). I made a short video on the latter: (Compression has lost a lot of blood texture detail, and the dripping pfx are unclear. It looks much better with the detail :() I need to change some textures (example the bleedout flow texture), add some smearing textures for when units go prone while bleeding, and some proper blood dripping texture. Possibly do some geometry checking so blood doesn't flow under brick walls etc. Let me know what you think :) although I tend not to do requests, I am open to suggestion ;) Some pics, with some pics with blood flow displayed with different textures. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v15/DMarkwick/arma3%202016-05-15%2014-11-19-72_zpspcun2lpm.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v15/DMarkwick/arma3%202016-05-08%2021-35-23-10_zpsqixtr2fa.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v15/DMarkwick/arma3%202016-05-15%2021-47-42-36_zpshmqiirgn.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v15/DMarkwick/arma3%202016-05-17%2001-04-57-29_zpsk8a3vc4e.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v15/DMarkwick/arma3%202016-05-15%2021-18-23-32_zpsbliwluhv.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v15/DMarkwick/arma3%202016-05-13%2000-47-08-05_zpsi8g6h1kh.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v15/DMarkwick/arma3%202016-05-15%2018-15-34-38_zpsh1aacbup.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v15/DMarkwick/arma3%202016-05-08%2021-41-46-48_zpsyh8xpaj8.jpg
  19. dmarkwick

    Half my group walk/limited

    I actually wish I could reliably achieve that. Highest rank does not belong on point :)
  20. dmarkwick

    USA election 2016

    I think what Trump is doing is making good on his election promises as fast as possible, get the nonsense out of the way first, then, with typical media short-term-memory effect, he can get onto the other stuff I'm sure he wants to do. "Muslim ban" will get stopped, and the wall will be started but with reduced expectations, but they will be high-profile news for a while then onto other things. When he rallies for his next term, he can point at it all and say he makes GOOD on his promises :) Unless his general buffoonery gets him removed first, natch.
  21. dmarkwick

    Sniper Elite 4

    I know what you mean by the minimap thing, I couldn't enjoy The Witcher 3 until I disabled the minimap & pointers (Same for Skyrim). Until I did that, the game was basically: Follow the arrow When you get there, do The Thing When you've done The Thing, follow the arrow again As you describe this as open, I will take a looky at it.
  22. dmarkwick

    USA General

    Orange is the new black.
  23. dmarkwick

    Lost the ArmA 3 hype

    I make my own "special" missions ;) and I go the other way. I try to make a mission as randomised as possible while still producing very interesting results. So all groups' members have a randomised chance of not existing, you'd be surprised how much this single simple changes things. Sometimes you spawn with no AT capability. Sometimes with no machinegunner. It forces you to approach the same situation in different ways. Also, you're never quite sure about the capabilities or numbers of enemy groups. Then of course you can add DAC or some similar random patrol generator to mix things up, so that your mission is each time different because of random enemy density. I'd be embarrassed to admit how much time I spend doing one single mission over & over & over again, getting enjoyment out of how it plays differently each time.
  24. When Trump won, America would come to it's senses? LOL :D In any case, although Singh is described as Sikh, he's not described anywhere as Indian. I might guess he is in fact American.
  25. Arguable :) if you have a faith of some kind, then it could easily be the case that it is really the most important thing in your life. Think about it - your faith is your investment into the eternal, while your life is.... your current job :) I remember seeing turbans in the RAF many years ago, they looked kind of cool actually :) I didn't mind them, and they made no difference to anything much.