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    Track ir

    It will, it's display independant. Think of it as a new mouse, and the effect as a very fancy mouse look
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    Track ir

    Thanks for the positive post Of course, I have had TIR for a couple of years now, and I rate it as one of the best PC related purchases I ever made. True, it takes a day or two to get used to it, and as such a 20 minute shop demo might not convince you, but I don't see me ever using FS2004 without it again. Or IL2, and when AA comes out with TIR enabled I believe I'll get a similar boost in that as well. The demo vids have assured me that it will be well implemented, the addition of analogue leaning will be invaluable. I would go as far as to say that I would have paid full game price for this improvement solely but of course there's all the other improvements too. For me, TIR is a must.
  3. dmarkwick

    Track ir

    I use TIR regularly for several sims and I can highly recommend it. I had some amount of small success using it in OFP but it wasn't very satisfactory. It definately needs to be natively supported as in AA. Looking at the video it seems to be mostly implemented as I hoped it would be (in fact I think my post got merged into this one but it must be many pages back) with the exception of lean, which I didn't see any evidence of. Nice to see that the head view is seperate from the weapon/body direction until the ironsight is raised. Hopefully when the ironsight is raised the TIR is disabled and the view comes under the control of the mouse, but I couldn't tell from the video. And of course TIR for vehicle driving/piloting is a no-brainer. 6DoF is especially nice for helo flying, enabling you to lean & reach around the cockpit when coming in to land in crowded areas, makes all the difference. But to be honest I'm most excited about the ground soldier implementation of TIR, OFP has always immersed me more than other games and the ability to casually look about without losing your weapon orientation cannot be overstated. I really really hope that full 6DoF has been programmed in, I'd love to be able to lean around a wall/bush/vehicle without having to expose all of me. And just imagine leaning to the left/right of your weapon when prone, looking for enemy soldiers, just waiting to raise your ironsight up as soon as you spot any.
  4. dmarkwick

    Track ir

    I know theres a poll thread on the topic of TrackIR, but I wonder if anyone in dev can describe how the TrackIR is actually being implemented? If I were to implement TIR into OFP/AA, here's how I would initially try it for testing: Body and weapon controlled my keyboard & mouse. Head controlled by TIR, body leaning controlled by TIR (6DoF) When using ironsights, the mouse controls all head and body movement, however TIR still controls body leaning. When crouched, TIR can also control height as well as leaning, allowing peeping over obstacles. This might take a little getting used to, particularly the switch from TIR to mouse control for ironsights, and particularly the retention of control for TIR over body leaning, but thinking on what I need to do in those situations, that setup makes the most sense to me. I am particularly interested in this