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    Water Downgrade

    :) As has been pointed out, reflections can be disabled to your taste. I think it's less about BIS "caving" and more about their new lighting procedure. Did you take your screenshots in a hot time of year? Maybe that'll have some effect, maybe not.
  2. dmarkwick

    Visit to Chernarus IRL

    You'll find that the towns themselves have different buildings & layouts, but the roads and vegetation should all be similar.
  3. dmarkwick

    How do I link screenshots from Steam to my post?

    That might be the most direct and helpful reply I've ever seen here :)
  4. dmarkwick

    Helicopter controls

    A heli will naturally try to level itself in flight, so constantly needing to push forward is normal (if that's what you're talking about). That said, I'm sure some helos have some trimming ability but I don't think ArmA natively supports it. Maybe some joysticks can be trimmed.
  5. dmarkwick

    Arma 3 dev team decreasing?

    Yeah but why would you do that as a serious game company? If you can't do it "properly", then do it your own way IMO. There will always be complaints regardless.
  6. dmarkwick

    Arma 3 dev team decreasing?

    "Relevent" vehicles & weapons will probably be the domain of mods from now on if only for one reason: licensing. BIS own all the IP for the designs of their vehicles, weapons & equipment. To develop for real-world equipments means an expense & PITA they need to deal with. I know of one guy who, when he became frustrated at not being able to get his mod to work, decided to email the Colt company (or some similar company) about ArmA's use of their design. Yep, asshole. So RL assets are now probably mod-only affairs unfortunately guys.
  7. Some talented guys I know have progressed their project to Kickstarter, video & description can be seen here: Virtual Slotcars It's a high-fidelity high-performance simulation of the tabletop sport of slot car racing. The lead programmer used to be a successful league player in his youth, and so this project is somewhat a project of passion. All the physics you could wish for are modeled, the controls can be set up per-racetrack and even per-lane For those of you who may have seen 8-lane tournaments where outcomes are based on playing races in each lane, the good players set up their controls to be appropriate for the difference in turns etc that each lane will have. Naturally there is a track layout editor so you can construct your own layouts for personal or MP use. See what you think :)
  8. dmarkwick

    Annoying with vanishing particles

    There is another problem with larger particles which has bugged me and limited me for years (since ArmA2 at least), there is some odd movement of the particle when the view is moved around, as demonstrated by this video:
  9. dmarkwick

    VR Support?

    Yes this is true actually: if you need/want to use keyboard/HOTAS then you need to see it (less so with HOTAS as it *should* be set up to use without eyes on). A possibility to swap out a small clear area under the VR goggles would be cool. But, I guess the developers see the total real-world black-out as essential to the VR experience.
  10. dmarkwick

    VR Support?

    I think you will be in a minority with that viewpoint (meant respectfully). The sense of being in a 3D space is very powerful, even in a seated position. It certainly is no less immersive than sitting looking at a monitor and moving :) and of course as soon as you sit in a cockpit or driving position it's made for it. I don't own any VR equipment yet I'd like to see at least 4k res screens per eye before I do, but I certainly am looking forward to playing ArmA in VR a lot. A few years ago I did try ArmA2 with red/cyan 3D enabled and that was very interesting too, and gave me the bug for looking forward to good VR.
  11. Seen many humans do that too :) I'm OK with accidental FF of this nature.
  12. Have the vehicles slow to a crawl when near to footsoldiers would probably help (which reflects RL I believe especially when NOT on roads). And maybe have the trigger that causes soldiers to move away on the vehicle too. Some area in front of the vehicle that monitors for units and triggers in them a move-out-the-way function. And soldier units could benefit by walking alongside roads rather than on roads maybe, although this would probably get confusing with trails etc. Having units themselves monitor for vehicles would probably get expensive.
  13. dmarkwick

    I love ArmA 3 but feel let down

    I guess another point to make is that all the stuff we love in ArmA2, is available to play in ArmA3, with very little effort. I don't know many other game franchises that allow that.
  14. dmarkwick

    Age and Arma 3

    Same age, and yes :) I like the new maps, but I don't like them to the exclusion of the older ones, the environments are the thing. Chenarus, Sahrani, Falluja all offer different environments and new landcapes to overcome. Honestly I don't really notice any serious quality difference between them, I'm usually too wrapped up in the situation. Plus, I believe ArmA3's rendering & lighting engine improves the look of the older maps in any case. I wonder if your friend's opinion is really based on usage or is an opinion based on assumption or maybe a single bad experience that maybe he was waiting for? :)
  15. dmarkwick

    I love ArmA 3 but feel let down

    I'm OK with it. I'm of the opinion that A2 probably over-delivered, as much as we all like All The Stuff. I find Altis to be a great map, a map where nearly all the buildings are enterable. Chenarus is my personal favourite with the woodland, and Tanoa is a crazy dense environment. Takistan is devoid of vegetation, very hilly, small intense villages that can be overlooked from afar. I feel they each have their strengths and no map can have everything (yet).
  16. So if I make a mission with - for example - the ASR AI mod, something gets written to the mission .sqm file that then requires that addon to be present, even when that addon has no objects in the mission? (Same for the ACE mod.) Why oh why oh why. So if I disable the ASR AI mod I cannot use or edit the mission. That's it. All I can do is make the exact same mission again, but without that mod active. Even though it has no objects in the mission. Manually editing the reference out seems to just screw up the mission in a different way. ".rap encountered instead of =". Tell me it isn't so.
  17. dmarkwick

    Locked out of an ArmA mission

    There are obviously some mods that can't just be deleted out because of assets that I've used, that makes sense. But, as I said: there are some mods that get written to the mission .sqm that don't really need to be there. Example being ASR AI mod. I deleted it from the .sqm, no issues at all. I'm wondering if there's some good reason why (some) addons that don't have any editor object presence become written to the .sqm.
  18. dmarkwick

    Do you prefer Vanilla AI?

    I can get a mod to affect formation spacing? Wow, great news :) can you give me the name of it please?
  19. dmarkwick

    Do you prefer Vanilla AI?

    As far as formations go, only thing I'd like to really see is a spacing increase/decrease control. Maybe the possibility to define new formations too.
  20. dmarkwick

    Locked out of an ArmA mission

    OK, so I "save as" and do not binarize :) (I hadn't realised it was even an option there). So I can manually prune it out. But still, why the dependency?
  21. dmarkwick

    Advanced Tumbleweed Simulator

    I'm sorry I don't understand the question :D
  22. dmarkwick

    Advanced Tumbleweed Simulator

    At last, the killer mod we've been waiting for :) I'll try this out, and I'm going to roll around the bottom of the sea for a while & see what that looks like :)
  23. dmarkwick

    How to view speed of sound?

    Probably not in the way you're imagining. Sound isn't rendered then travels away, it will be a simple time delay calculated on the distance between between player and sound event. I guess you might create a script that can eject particles that travel outward at the speed of sound, and apply it to an event that you're interested in. It won't be exactly what you're imagining (probably) but it might be a visual indicator similar to what you're imagining.
  24. dmarkwick

    Make Tanoa Publicly Available!

    No, the idea of DLCs splitting the community is not a real one IMO.
  25. dmarkwick

    Ranking system?

    The rank structure in ArmA is not meant to be real IIRC, it's there to give commander inheritance structure, so the correct subordinate takes command if the commander is killed. This is how you can set an Officer unit to a cpl, and have a rifleman with a rank of Colonel. The rifleman will assume command first over the group ahead of the officer.