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    Headshots disabled in 1.05?

    Heh, cheers for that completely obvious, yet totally unobvious if you don't know about it Back on-topic, I recently did shoot dead bodies in the head and saw what I would expect to see - bloodied head textures. I guess there's a problem with auto-aim in that case, sounds (and looks, according to the above screenie) like it. Headshots are a necessity in ArmA IMO, for any of the reasons given in previous posts, including mine Of course the other side of the coin is - no leg shots too. Not too much reason to have leg shots, but it all adds to the mix IMO, I had great times in OFP hunting down wounded enemy using one of the blood droplet addons.
  2. dmarkwick

    Headshots disabled in 1.05?

    Oh hey how did you get the game Windowed?
  3. dmarkwick

    Headshots disabled in 1.05?

    Bad news for zombie mods.
  4. Ingame VOIP is in principle a good idea, but in practice people prefer TeamSpeak or Ventrilo. I think an excellent opportunity was missed here to use ingame VOIP with a unique functionality. I think ingame ArmA VOIP could have, as well as it's current channels, the possibility to place the voice with the player's ingame character. So that if you're close by you can hear him fine, but the further away you are the fainter he is, and even be able to locate him via direction of sound etc. That way small separate groups could communicate between themselves without everyone hearing their plans, people could inspect suspicious sounds of conversation, stuff like that. I think that would be a game first if I'm not mistaken, and a biiiiiig plus for immersion.
  5. dmarkwick

    Custom Face Problems :-\

    Can somebody direct me to a tutorial how to make a custom face? I can't find the directory My documents\ArmA other profiles\ When I click on My documents there's only a folder called ArmA and inside it I find this.[/img] EDIT: Oh and please don't tell me to search...... I've searched this forum to death pluss Google, all I can find on Google is tutorials in German. Sounds to me like you haven't made a new profile perhaps, make a new profile to play under and a new folder should/might appear. BTW, is there a template to make a custom face from, or can I use the OFP template face?
  6. dmarkwick

    OPen Note to BIS

    The fact is that you do not own the software, when you buy a game (and in fact any software) you buy the license to run the software on your PC. And of course you own the CD/DVD. When you buy a book you don't own the story, just the book, is probably the best analogy I can think of. Anyway, that's the fact of it, and I guess the writers of the software that we all crave so much are entitled to dictate to us how we can use it. If we don't like it, we've got another choice *edit* oops, forgot the main point of my post Steam has never given me any grief, I didn't like the idea at first but it's proven to be an effective and reasonably unobtrusive form of distribution. As has been mentioned it's quite independent-developer friendly, which has to be a good thing.
  7. dmarkwick

    Ingame VOIP - a small missed opportunity?

    I'll be more than happy if it's directional & distance. If I'm really lucky it might even be totally ingame audio, meaning all the relevant effects (occlusion, Doppler etc) applied by default. OK so not much use for Doppler but you know what I mean, the sound treated as any other sound in ArmA. In any case, good news for me
  8. dmarkwick

    Ingame VOIP - a small missed opportunity?

    Well shut mah mouth directional and with lip-sync? Sounds unbelievably cool, I just thought (assumed) that it was a plain old channel with a distance cut-off. I take the point about admin control, but as I play exclusively with a select group of friends that's no great problem.
  9. dmarkwick

    Ingame VOIP - a small missed opportunity?

    Does it work as above, with the voice sample emanating from the player model?
  10. dmarkwick

    Buy game TWICE just to play LAN??

    Red Kite, how do you get around the DVD needing to be in the drive to play on each machine? It's been a while since any game I heard of allowed more than one instance of the game to play, in fact I can onlt remember X-Wing vs TIE Fighter, which supplied another CD for the purpose. As far as I can tell, LAN games "allowed" same-cd installs to play together because there was no way to verify correct keys, but now that all games appear on the iNet it seems to me that all games are being checked for duplications the same way. I don't think these two issues are unconnected
  11. dmarkwick

    Mouse Movement Too Gooey

    Game's worked like a charm for me since the day I bought it. Patches are being released to fix things that didn't come to light on their test rigs. As there's about 2 billion possible PC variants I reckon that's OK.
  12. dmarkwick

    Mouse Movement Too Gooey

    Game's worked like a charm for me since the day I bought it. Patches are being released to fix things that didn't come to light on their test rigs. As there's about 2 billion possible PC variants I reckon that's OK.
  13. dmarkwick

    Patch 1.05 impressions

    Well how about telling us where your downloading it from. And so instantly the thread is derailed I'm downloading it now too, but one of the things I'm looking forward to is the new ironsights functionality, especially the TrackIR improvement.
  14. dmarkwick

    Super AI, whassit do?

    A search didn't throw up anything useful, which is odd as I would have thought it would be a "hot" topic. Does anyone have any info, text, link or dev description on what exactly Super-AI is and what it does? The limited testing I've done with it haven't revealed any particular abilities, but of course I don't know what I'm looking for.
  15. dmarkwick

    Super AI, whassit do?

    Is that all it does? That's almost a disappointment I was hoping for tales about improved inter-group communications and tactical awareness etc
  16. dmarkwick

    Glad that BIS didn't give in to 'Ragdoll'

    Every multiplayer game I've played featuring ragdoll physics I've asked my buddy: "Haha, do you see that guy?! Looks like he's been shot in the nuts...! He's slumped on that wall holding his nuts..." His reply: "Uh, he's just lead on his back for me, Look i'll stand over him" And he stands about 2 meters away.... So I not sure if you can with ragdoll. This is of course one of the drawbacks, but for simplicity the position of the unit can be synchonised at the very least. Some sort of synching mechanism could then be employed stealthily to make all bodies identically laid out in each MP player's gameworld, so that one guy who thinks he's hidden behind a body (does anyone do this?) is not unnecessarily exposed to another player who sees a different body pose. I'm sure it's not beyond the wit of man
  17. dmarkwick

    Glad that BIS didn't give in to 'Ragdoll'

    I'd be in favour of ragdoll implemented in ArmA, even limited ragdoll (say only 8 joints or something, 2 each for arms & legs) as it gives more realism to bodies scattered around, as has been mentioned earlier in this thread seeing several bodies lying around with the same pose detracts a little from the experience. Also, sometimes you can see a body from a distance and know that it's dead because you're familiar with the death poses, ragdoll would make it more difficult.
  18. dmarkwick

    Need an unbiased opinion from a veteran

    Just get ArmA already, stop pretending you're "thinking" about it It's very much the successor to OFP, any whining you hear about it being too different is just exactly that - whining. Some people just wanted exactly, precisely the same game again which doesn't sound like progression to me. What I found with ArmA, is that it's like playing OFP in the world of Oblivion. It looks terrific, although I wish there were a way to desaturate the colours a bit. It's a little too "Obliviony" and vibrant, still most people seem to like it
  19. dmarkwick

    Amazon.com US AA Pre-Order - $19.95

    Well OK so I paid £19.99 for mine at Amazon.co.uk, but at least I've got it right now
  20. dmarkwick

    So many idiots, so little time

    Private games with known friends is the best way to play. It's all I ever play and I haven't met one TK nonce yet
  21. dmarkwick

    SP: Zombie_Attack

    Oh, they come after me, but in between, along the way, etc., they lay down alot. way to much.... A Z should only lay down on one condition, Well, Romero's zombies would find dark places to lie down, I think it would be great to not know the status of zombies just because they're lying down
  22. dmarkwick

    Zmod (Crappy Zombie Mod)

    Yeah my "previous" version was much more of a FPS game, more like HL2 sort of intimacy, with objects, close streets etc. I've a feeling you may be right, for the slower zombies to work there'd have to be many hundreds all around, although I'd still like to see it. Perhaps I'll make a version that is toggleable fast/slow, with many slow or fewer fast zombies. I'm not seeing any slowdowns with 200 zombies onscreen, and in fact I have some FRAPS footage of satchel-charging all 200 zombies, and apart from a 2-second pause on ignition there's not much slowdown. Very impressive in fact. They all got blown a few hundred yards in a fan formation, I got footage of wandering through the carnage afterwards as well. I'll try & youtube some of it. Oh, and also, the first time I satchel-charged them I only got most of them, not all of them. The remainder came after me but I was on the roof of a disused factory warehouse. Guess what - they followed me up. Not all the way up to the top - just as far as the stairs could get them. Gave me a big fright, it was quite close to a nightmare I had many years ago
  23. dmarkwick

    Zmod (Crappy Zombie Mod)

    Congratulations on a great initial addon it's inspired me to resurrect an idea I was kicking around some years back. In the summer I'd like to try my hand at zombie logic routines. I did have some rather nice logic worked out that was due to be coded into a fledgling game release but it all got called off. Unfortunately I lost the pseudo code in the site shutdown but it shouldn't take too much to come up with again. Although I like these zombies, my zombies will be more like the 1978 Dawn Of The Dead zombies, where numbers and penetration make the game a tense affair. The below shot showed me that the ArmA engine can handle lots of zombies, I got about 200 on-screen with no slowdowns in SP, with simpler models and slower logic (slow zombies only need slow logic) and an urban environment I should get quite a crowd going
  24. Can anyone identify the value to change for wreckage smoke duration? I'd like to emulate FDF's setting for the amount of time that columns of smoke billow out from wrecked tanks, armour etc. I always thought that FDFs battlefields looked great, the smoke billows out for so long that you can see from miles aways the battlefield hotspots. You can even use them for navigation after a while especially useful for missions that make extensive use of DAC.
  25. dmarkwick

    64bit and multithreading

    I would suspect, that until compilers can automatically and intelligently compile for dual-core processors that it won't happen on any meaningful scale for games.