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  1. Help us to form a strong Armed Assault team!

    What you need:

    - Being at least 16 years old

    - Knowledge in Basic school-english

    - A headset

    - A original copy of Operation Flashpiont + Resistance Addon

    - At least a 384kbit ADSL connection

    - Living in Europe

    LMAO! I love your criteria. "Knowledge in Basic school-english" and "Being at least 16 years old". I think with that alone you will filter out most of the crap squad members that plague all games.

    If I lived in Europe I'd love to play a game with you guys.

    Im sure most ofp players are above 16 smile_o.gif

    I started playing OFP when I was 15 actually,

  2. yeah the description is bullshit,

    but it being on Moddb is good for the community as we can make Arma mods know to other people.

    Thats why I posted this, not the description which might as well be written about anouther game, dunno wtf its on about.

  3. Ok, the next step is a demo or a video,

    Arma looks so much better now, I see what they meant by Game 2 should be renumbered Game 3!

    This have come on sooo far since E3 I am amazed, I just dont know why they waited till December to give us the great news lol.


  4. Quote[/b] ]Multiplayer

    Large, persistent battles.

    60+ player multiplayer (plus additional AI), players can join at any time.

    Unique game modes introducing modes of play not seen in any other game.

    Cooperative game modes.

    I could cry, this is going to be so amazing, my god, they wont have trouble getting a publisher.

    THIS LOOKS AS GOOD AS IF NOT BETTER THAN GAME 2 yay.gifyay.gifyay.gifyay.gif

  5. We all know that you have been completely ignoring the Arma community, the locking of the release thread comment was the most annoying offical statement ive ever read.

    Since such a large thread didnt get one bit of info from you, maybe a direct one will.

    Its quite simple, we want to know when we are going to get answers.