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  1. Dowie100

    Comparisons between ArmA and BF2

    Whats with the BF2 bashing. I personally have had a lot of fun playing both OFP and BF2 they are both great games for different reasons.
  2. Dowie100

    William Porter's Blog

    Amazing idea, you guys are really creative. Much better than the EA tv adverts "Girls, Guns, Bang, Movie Tie in". This fits in perfectly keep it up
  3. Dowie100

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Great preview, I cannot wait for this game to come up, keep up the great work We are behind you 100%
  4. Dowie100

    WCC Clan starts "Project Flashpoint"

    LMAO! I love your criteria. "Knowledge in Basic school-english" and "Being at least 16 years old". I think with that alone you will filter out most of the crap squad members that plague all games. If I lived in Europe I'd love to play a game with you guys. Im sure most ofp players are above 16 I started playing OFP when I was 15 actually,
  5. Dowie100

    For all you mod makers!

    Moddb Arma page
  6. Dowie100

    For all you mod makers!

    yeah the description is bullshit, but it being on Moddb is good for the community as we can make Arma mods know to other people. Thats why I posted this, not the description which might as well be written about anouther game, dunno wtf its on about.
  7. Heres a scan of the coming next month main feature, its a preview of all the major games of 2006. And Armed Assault is there. If you cant spot it, its the top game on the star sign. This is both great and very dissapointing... Scan Here (around 200kb)
  8. Dowie100

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Ok, the next step is a demo or a video, Arma looks so much better now, I see what they meant by Game 2 should be renumbered Game 3! This have come on sooo far since E3 I am amazed, I just dont know why they waited till December to give us the great news lol.
  9. Dowie100

    ArmA Progress Updates

    after this media release, Game 2 can be delayed 2 years for all I care, I am gonna be playing Arma for the next decade
  10. Dowie100

    ArmA Progress Updates

    I could cry, this is going to be so amazing, my god, they wont have trouble getting a publisher. THIS LOOKS AS GOOD AS IF NOT BETTER THAN GAME 2
  11. Dowie100

    ArmA Progress Updates

    May I just say say OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!! I SO CANT WAIT!!!!!! ohh this is soooooooooo worth the wait, wow, I am so amazed, ohh god, I dont words can express how amazing this looks!
  12. doubt it tbh, if it is download then it will be on Steam
  13. I was thinking the year before Duke Nuken Forever comes out.
  14. ohh well Im gonna go buy Darwinia, I recommend you do as well to keep to busy until next year
  15. maybe, but unless BIS released info in the next couple of days theres no way its comming out this year. If Pc Gamer guessed then they have about 99% chance of being right, personally I dont think they guessed however
  16. When you you reckon the official delay statement will come?
  17. yeah I laughed when I saw that! On an off-topic note Baulders Gate 3! Didnt know that was coming out
  18. yeah same, I spoted it last night and was like ohh sh*t never say that before. I wonder if now we will get a statement from BIS, but since this PC Gamer was made weeks ago by the PC Gamer team ,they obviously knew about the delay way before us.
  19. Dowie100

    What do you *HOPE* will be in ArmA?

    "Welcome to the warzone commander" Wow thats cheesy
  20. Dowie100

    Cela devient fort long...

    I can only say one thing in French and that is (in english) "Shut your mouth" I really hope I never get lost in France
  21. Dowie100

    ArmA release date leaked out?

    but no Arma for xmas, normally people buy presents before christmas
  22. Dowie100

    ArmA release date leaked out?

    It has been for months
  23. Dowie100

    ArmA release date leaked out?

    I sure as hell hope they dont, ive been playing OFP, and I so cant wait to see it the way it was meant to be played.
  24. Dowie100

    ArmA release date leaked out?

    VBS 2 is being demonstated tommorow, maybe news soon, that Å24 ive got is burning a hole in my pocket. I worked for 4 hours to save that money up for Arma, I hope it comes soon...
  25. Dowie100


    We all know that you have been completely ignoring the Arma community, the locking of the release thread comment was the most annoying offical statement ive ever read. Since such a large thread didnt get one bit of info from you, maybe a direct one will. Its quite simple, we want to know when we are going to get answers.