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    god, theres just no info about this game at all.
  2. Dowie100

    Completely addicted!

    Whats VBS1 like anyway does it even have a campaign. I check the site every day or two for new info, I have been begining to lose hope though, its been too quiet
  3. Dowie100


    sell it on fileplanet etc, or mail order from BI If we want a cover, we can have a community competiton
  4. Dowie100


    That's the whole point if there's no distributor there cant be no trailers , demos.. I'm sure I saw somewhere release date during the fall, well thats not over yet  Why cant there be trailers without a publisher? BIS owns Armed Assault, they can do what they want with it, release a demo, put the whole game on their site for free download, anything they want.
  5. Dowie100

    How shall we celebrate Arma release?

    I am going to celebrate by playing Dire Straits "Brothers in Arms" on high volume before recreating some missions I made for OFP to much about Like the one where you hunt down civilians in a tractor *in worried now
  6. Dowie100


    I was just refering to fooled posts, ironic name isnt it, I dont buy his statement, im just surprised Placebo hasnt made a statement which worries me, but well as I said above the statement doesnt make sense.
  7. Dowie100


    There needs to be some sort of official statement soon. But the canceled statement is a big lie. Well put it this way, if it said AA was canceled I might buy it but BI arnt even making an OFP2, game2 is owned by them 100% nothing to do with Codemasters, this blip in this scam reveals the fact that the statement is bullshit.
  8. Dowie100

    Armed Assault Website

    god damn, I thought the new site was up at last ohh why am I getting my hopes up there is no way Armed Assault is coming out this year
  9. Dowie100

    someone said ...

    Very interesting, not least since they arnt showing their fans anything at all, or even commenting. But then is new Arma info coming soon, who knows, 2006 is very close now
  10. Dowie100


    this delay of info makes me want to buy OF:E, but ive only got Å3 lol!
  11. Dowie100


    We are just fed up with the xbox version getting videos and screenshots left right and centre. While we the people that made OFP such a sucess have about 15 screenshots and no info... Its just so close to your release estimate with no news we are just concerned thats all.
  12. Dowie100

    Modern Warfare Mod

    why not go public now, and get your news posted on flashpoint cz etc?
  13. Dowie100

    New exclusive Screenshots

    yeah you are right it does look like metal, and the landscape looks a tonne more interesting now Cant wait for the new site with pics and their publisher (they must have one now, for the new site otherwise the current one would stay)
  14. Dowie100

    New exclusive Screenshots

    I wonder if the main menu and campaign screens have changed
  15. Dowie100

    Regarding the AA Campaign

    Is the campaign in Armed Assault the new version of Independence Lost? And if not is that included in Armed Assault in any way. Websites: http://www.independencelost.com/ http://www.independencelost.com/IL/index.htm