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  1. Hello , i want to wish the whole Ofp community a happy new year , since i leave on the 2. january 4years to the bundeswehr (maybe i am there on the We and holydays) tounge2.gif .

    Nephili will do some scripts for my Plane , so i hope she don't forget herself in the credits wink_o.gif she will if it is done release it for me. The tank is almost done but , can't finish it anymore only on we i can work further on it.

    that from me so happy new year smile_o.gif

  2. not a Problem tounge2.gif

    Well Driver position is done i though there are too much Tanks with a T-72 inside so i tried to make a own , so it might be not that good quality like the other Tanks of other autors

    i maybe add a green cabine light to the driver pos and a red to the other of them



  3. Ok i think if see nephilem next on MSN my Rabbit will leave to her for some animations , and maybe she will release it for me if i am already away to Bundeswehr. Well but i will work further as often as i can (weekend and such) so i won't say my addons are dead. They aren't!  And i will do Addons for AA too

    Ok my M24 tank i did some time ago was my first Tank i did and its a blame , but i had too many double faces on it so it didn't worked , so i started a new one.

    Here some Pictures of it




    Please scroll down now wink_o.gif




    Ok as you see , the Tank has a Guided Missile Rocket launcher wich is retracable , but have noone for the anims and scripts yet. But first i have to finish the textures. The model has 5100 faces yet , shouldn't make that much performance problems like the ones with 30k tounge2.gif

    Also i search someone for help me at making anims and scripts for my plane. Hope to find someone.

  4. Quote[/b] ]Desert Rat - if you do find yourself with too much time on your hands, do you fancy modifying your addon a teeny little bit

    I only have time till 2.January then i am 4Years in the Bundeswehr   pistols.gifxmas_o.gif

    Quote[/b] ]Deadeye duck old boy, Deadeye duck


    A Duck??  rofl.gif  rofl.gif

    Edit: Hope the Community don't give up OFP in those 4 Years huh.giftounge2.gif

  5. Ok little update , i added some details , so it looked that the little rabbit has a bit fur now , i looked that sad befor rofl.giftounge2.gif Well hope that nephilim really find some free time to give it some anims (maybe after x-mas) , it get classed as person so you can play with it like a normal soldier tounge2.gif think i would play only with this guy then tounge2.gif

    well ok i talk enough here some pics