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  1. Ok the Tank is finished but i have a big problem , and don't know how to solve it maybe one of the other Addonmaker had this befor and know more about it.

    The tank has 1. LOD 8068faces

    My Tank looks in bulldozer like this



    BUT ingame it looks horrible like this


    What happend to it?  help.gif  help.gif  help.gif  help.gif  help.gif  help.gif

  2. I have a lot requests for beta testers biggrin_o.gif but nobody for anims and scripts wink_o.gif

    i was think about replase the rocketlauncherpod in the back turret and add a simple Milan system like on the Marder to make it not TOO futuristic , what you think about it?

  3. hehe thanks mates , hope i find someone who can help me at animating and scripting huh.gif because all who want to help are a bit busy at the moment and i want to release something but i can't release something without anims and such , hope to find someone huh.gifconfused_o.giffirefoxlover.gifhelp.gifhelp.gif

  4. Well ok i said i don't start anything new , but the people which have my Tank , Plane etc for doing some scripts and such are a bit busy at the moment so there is no news from them. But i don't want to stop modelling at the time so i decide to update my old Comanche , i made a complete new model which looks a bit better to me  whistle.gif




    its the same like on the pic in the signature but without textures yet , have to do them on the next weekend