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  1. Here a picture of the current stat of the tank , the textures aren't good because made by my self..... also it isn't easy to make textures for a tank where is no reference for , same for the inside  firefoxlover.gif

    well here the tank (without camo)


    And the new inside


    Thats the old


    maybe you like the old one more

  2. i am short befor to release an Alpha version of my tank , have just to wait for a friend who is helping out a bit with scripts and some stuff. I will redo the inside of the tank because it looks a bit flat so its only a Alpha then before there appear any useless comments crazy_o.gif

  3. Ya i will do but i get displaced to a little little village where my new barracks are and to come away from there is a bit hard and i don't have free every weekend anymore so i think i have to buy a laptop to work in my free time on my addons. We will see firefoxlover.gif

  4. I know that he is making good tanks , i saw his M1A2

    but i need a wonder to find someone who help me , i think i have asked for help in this thread more then i did addons ehm i mean 3d models , my addons i did never get finished because i found nobody for scripts , anims and cfg... crazy_o.gif


  5. I have a BIG BIG Bug on my Tank and have no idea why it looks like this or how to solve the problem

    Maybe one of you got this already and know more about than me

    The tank has 1. LOD 8068faces

    My Tank looks in bulldozer like this



    BUT ingame it looks horrible like this


    What happend to it?  help.gif  help.gif  help.gif  help.gif  help.gif  help.gif