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  1. They are in the model.cfg but nothing is moving , the treads are static , and the tank has a static turret you will have to move the tank in the diriction you want to shoot but then you can only use the MG because it won't use the maingun. Maybe the loader is dead firefoxlover.gif

  2. Still the same problems , Shadow is weird but every faces are closed to me (o2 says they aren't but i checked them and say they are) , Textures are blurry 2048x2048. No animations , And the Maingun doesn't work too. crazy_o.gif

    will upload the RPT file as soon the upload site is up again

    Mostly its just the same

    "Error: dr_tiger\tiger1a5.p3d: Shadow polygon doesn't have 3 vertices - it has not been considered."

    "Error: dr_tiger\tiger1a5.p3d: Opposite edge to P(379, 380) was not found - shadow geometry is not closed."

    "Error in expression <if (_this select 1 = = 'DC_120mm'wink_o.gif then {_this exec '\DR_T>

    Error position: <= = 'DC_120mm'wink_o.gif then {_this exec '\DR_T>"

  3. Hi,

    I was working on a Tank , now i was up to test it ingame. I created a simple config and model.cfg from the BIS Sample. But the Shadow looks out of place , the textures don't load and no animations are working sad_o.gif

    someone who could help me out?


    will post a picture soon

  4. @VXR

    Well i can make the UV Map in O2 but if i save it , it has a resolution of 20.000x 22.000 crazy_o.gif and the textures dosn't get shown in Buldozer , i tried it with the glass parts first , but it dosn't attach the textures to the model huh.gif


    Yes i have all LODs , i had always a look at the sample AH1 from BIS , seems to be everything ok. I have no idea what is wrong confused_o.gif

  5. After some tests i can say , something must be wrong with the model confused_o.gif As i said the Game dosn't load if i put the Unit on the Map in the Editor its like a CTD.

    Thats pretty weird , never had those problems in OFP  banghead.gif  help.gif

    Someone who can take a look at my model?  help.gif

    Here some new shots of it , not ingame sad_o.gif





  6. Hmm i tried to get it ingame , but if i put it on the Map in the editor hte game dosn't load and i have to return to desktop because the game dosn't do anything. Anyone know what it could be?

    I checked the model and it has everything like the BIS Choppers too (just no textures atm..)

    Are there no simple configs to check a model ingame like in OFP?   confused_o.gif

  7. Well after long long time i started with modding again. I am already a bit better in making models , as i was to OFP times.

    Well thats my first model i did its a own created Tank. But i still have to learn how to make UV Maps for Arma  huh.gif

    p><p><a  href=http://i17.photobucket.com/albums....MG]



    Maybe someone can explain me how to make UV Maps http://forums.bistudio.com/oldsmileys/confused_o.gif' alt='confused_o.gif'>