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  1. Well i think your one will be much better then my , because i have no skills in making 3d models , i like it more to texture
  2. Yes the weapon looks good , i have modified the Mini14 from "Acecube" but it hase some bugs because i don't have much skills in o2 , note it is my first gun addon it only need a scope i though on an reflex optic , but i don't find something like this. Then i have to fix the bug that the gun shoots to the front maybe someone knows what i did wrong
  3. well i have make the weapon now (my first addon!!!) , but i have some problems to make an optic for it and it didn't shoot to the front
  4. battle rifle? never heard i only know "assault rifle" but as far as i know the m14 shouldn't be really good
  5. the M14 was a semi automatic rifle i think looks like the old M1Carbine  i like those weapons  before it gaves these Assault rifles like M16 and so on , the soldiers fight with huntingrifles
  6. yes they are pretty cool but it is a sniper rifle