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    Lack of Action

    well i am really happy that this game is realistic, its better the if you can run alone through enemy terretory kill everyone with one hit and you die maybe after 20 or 40 hits like in FarCry or SOF2 and such games
  2. Desert-Rat

    Desert-Rat Addons

    Ok i have done some other versions of it , it tooks a while to make them because the textures are drawn by my own , it wasn't that easy to get good transitions of the camo and such things , but hope it is good now Here a CAMO version CanadianTerror Nato camo And here the most difficult Tiger hm paint? airbrush what ever ^^ Maybe i am doing a simple grey version too but not today anymore good night
  3. Desert-Rat

    Desert-Rat Addons

    Ok i have finished the textures
  4. Desert-Rat

    Desert-Rat Addons

    lol you with you camo what camo you though of? pink tigerstripe with hearts? Well i will make a Nato camo for it too :P maybe i know what camo you want then
  5. Desert-Rat

    Desert-Rat Addons

    ^^ you really want the grey color? Â Â
  6. Desert-Rat

    Desert-Rat Addons

    Ok i want to give the plane a color like this , if someone has exceptions against it , he had to say it now or he has to silence for ever
  7. Desert-Rat

    Desert-Rat Addons

    thanks  i am working on the textures now , there are some  pictures of it hope i get a good one  If someone can help me at doing the gears and such things just PM me @TabloMaxos Maybe it is ugly but i like it the big Jet intake looks very cool even more diffrent to the most other planes like YF-22 or F-35 they look same
  8. Desert-Rat

    Desert-Rat Addons

    just i though just change the last numbers but it won't :P , now you can see them
  9. Desert-Rat


    They look good so far good work
  10. Desert-Rat

    Did BIS sold your free addons?

    You only belive on the good side of people but they dont want to demonstrate
  11. Desert-Rat

    Did BIS sold your free addons?

    Thats absolute inhuman , it seems like they JUST wait that some addon maker do some addons for the game , they earn all the laurels and the name of the autor will be sweep under the carpet. Really not nice Â
  12. Desert-Rat

    New Mod Green Devils Special Unit

    Good Idea! your work look very good already good luck with this mod
  13. Desert-Rat

    Tiberian Genesis Mod

    Hehe i loved these mutants (Tiberian Devil) which looks like boars and shot with something , but what? well will you do some of the mutants too? maybe for resistance side? other thing if soldiers run into tiberian do they mutate to those Visceroids? (this what looks like fused iron) just questions - no orders
  14. Desert-Rat

    ACU Uniforms

    hmm ACU was the discusion and now it is M1 and M16 etc
  15. Desert-Rat

    Tiberian Genesis Mod

    simply amazing if this is finished real strategy games can go home
  16. Desert-Rat

    Stealth technology concept.

    the AI see everything
  17. Desert-Rat

    ACU Uniforms

    I still like the 3color desert camo more :P
  18. Desert-Rat

    Bridge Tank

    the Island you shown with the link is VERY small and ha a lot of objects :P looks good but is laggy :P
  19. Desert-Rat

    LSR Addons

    He is a Ofp god thats why he make that good addons but the right soldier on the last pic has a face like Angela Merkel prise the Ofp Addon god
  20. Desert-Rat

    BattleTech Addons.

    Well i don't want to call my stuff dead , but i didn't work further on it now , have no animator and i am working completly alone on my projects , make the textures by myself even like the models
  21. Desert-Rat

    Special forces zodiac

    i don't saw the pic there is an error message
  22. Desert-Rat

    Special forces zodiac

    I found a nice Zodiac maybe you like it download
  23. Desert-Rat

    RKSL Studios

    I can't wait for the Boeing X-32
  24. Desert-Rat

    Spectnaz Mod & RHS T-72

    looks really nice but a bit too dark