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  1. my computer has for some obscure reason not acrobat reader installed. and the readme for jam2 is in pdf format. which means that i need acrobat reader no? or can someone direct me to a site where they have got the class names listed? thanks in advance
  2. Driveby

    Mod questions

    i am pretty sure that my russians dont speak in finnish.
  3. Driveby

    No jump

    yeah i agree with toadlife. that is if jumping should be included. if it shouldnt, how aboot makin a new action in the action menu, that says? jump trench?
  4. Driveby

    Good ww2 island

    that is absoulutely amazing. really, i ask for sumthin, and no-one answers. then suddenly i get 7 replies, with two islands i never knew about. that is phat!!!!!!!!!
  5. Driveby

    Good ww2 island

    what a thorough reply there! i came up with the same results as you, not much yet. i guess i must wait for that normandie map or the inv44 release then. any news?
  6. Driveby

    Good ww2 island

    HI THERE! i was wondering, now that i have made ten ww2 era missions on Maldova, is there any other good WW2 islands? pretty big, with RES graphics? nogova could be great, but it has those flat apartment buildings. not good for ww2. i mean like a few bombed buildings etc. i also know the ardennes map, but it is unsatisfactory because of the un-res graphics? can you help me?
  7. Driveby

    End trigger?

    ehh, what if someone in the group dies? will it still work?
  8. Driveby

    End trigger?

    WOW, it works. i made alotta mistakes, but it works. you were all very helpful! thanks a bunch!
  9. Driveby

    End trigger?

    is that "this setgroupid" or just "setgroupid", in the init field of the leader? EDIT: i think i got the thing about groupid, but the trigger will not recognize what Dinger says i should put in the triggers condition field. is says: Invalid number in expression darn!
  10. Driveby

    End trigger?

    hi hi hi there, how do i change/make the group have a name? where do i write that?
  11. right, i want to make an end trigger that only ends after THE WHOLE group is in it. i have read the big sticky topic and tried a few "solutions", but no luck. can you help? i actually want to make the trigger end when two groups enter it. how is that done? i saw something like in the res campaign...
  12. Driveby

    If i start the red hammer campaign

    i think u can dopwnload it. really.
  13. Driveby

    Cwc mp

    i once saw the CWC campaign as mp. now what i wanna know is where? i am loinking with my friend this weekend and i need a helluva lot mp missions, so i figured that was a fine idea. also can you direct or tell me of other cool mp missions and maybe where to get them? i have seen a few mission packs, but they were in (sp) czech. no good. can you help?