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  1. DKM Jaguar

    British kit mod for arma

    My original post was deleted at my request due to using my old account by mistake. The post was as follows: I am not active in modding at the moment and so DKM is effectively inactive. I will be seeking the permission for you from the old members of DKM who worked on the pack, but I may not be able to get in touch with them. I admire your approach to getting permission: either get permission or don't release. We didn't see that often in the Flashpoint community. Hope this clears up the confusion.
  2. DKM Jaguar

    Mod for Arma of OFP1? (1 yr transition period)

    It wasn't OFP that changed to make it run smoothly, it was people upgrading their PC. The only way those who can't run Arma as smoothly as they'd like will be able to, is to upgrade.
  3. DKM Jaguar

    Real life photography/photo editing

    That's a good point, you might be right, but perhaps it's better as an option rather than a rule
  4. DKM Jaguar

    Real life photography/photo editing

    Then it becomes a pissing contest about cameras and not about taking nice photos. You don't ask people to post their computer specs at the end of every post in the OFP Combat Photo thread for this reason. I have no intention of saying what camera I'm using.
  5. DKM Jaguar

    Real life photography/photo editing

    Bigger version
  6. DKM Jaguar

    OFP Modern Combat Mod

    Shashman, you want a flame response so you can justify your little rants, you can't get it out of me by PMs, as much as you try, so don't think you can bring me down to your reputation's level in public.
  7. DKM Jaguar

    OFP Modern Combat Mod

    Thanks Rooney, it wasn't your reputation that was in doubt. Glad someone has some honour in this community.
  8. DKM Jaguar

    OFP Modern Combat Mod

    Well who would have guess which side Shashman would jump on when DKM addons are mentioned... Now, actually reading the topic and what has been said, you can see that you missed the point. That statement sounds like Universal has some addons, which he intended to release. As he has only mentioned so far that he has edited the S-400 and the Black Eagle, it is not far fetched to assume these are the addons he is talking about. Perhaps it was that my sentence had a bracketed comment in that made this sound like that, or that you are just trying to fish for negative comments to justify this little rant you are on, but no, if he is talking about releasing modified DKM addons, he should NOT be talking about them like that. If you want to start picking out quotes, maybe I should quote the OFP.info comments from a while back when you said you didn't need to be constructive about criticising addons, or the comment on these forums about how you regard saying any kind of thankyou for an addon as asskissing. Anyone can pick and choose. If looking out for the interests of the authors of these addons is "petty", if expecting some kind of honour from people is, then yeah, call it that. But when you obviously just wanted to express some opinion because you can, not because you had anything useful to add, I'm afraid you are the pathetic one. That quote pretty much sums up your bad attitude I think you entire last post has summed up your bad attitude, and many more before it. I realise you have made a sport for yourself on this forum of doing this kind of thing, so I won't continue it. If you would like to, though, feel free to continue it by PMing Placebo.
  9. DKM Jaguar

    OFP Modern Combat Mod

    Para is right, Universal has been parading his "modifications" to DKM work on these forums with no regard as to getting permission, he had to be told in the thread where he had already started promoting his texture changes to actually ask. He should not be talking about DKM addons (maybe you could clear this up Universal, maybe you're not talking about DKM addons) as he has yet to recieve permission to edit them in any way.
  10. DKM Jaguar

    Stinger Missles?

    Thanks, yours sincerely, Jaguar RKSL Texturer
  11. DKM Jaguar

    Stinger Missles?

    Go on, explain the IP, or should I save the bother and get the "Fraud" banners out now? Why especially to me? I'm not saying anything any harsher than anyone else.
  12. DKM Jaguar

    Stinger Missles?

    You do know that not one person on this forum believes you to be either a German Officer, or a day over 12? You still didn't answer the point on the US/Canadian IP either, from other threads.
  13. DKM Jaguar

    DKM BE Inaccuracies

    Your comments have been noted and duly filed in my recycle bin, thank you for your time. AKA, SABOT and HEAT. Made before VIT APC pack if I remember, and while the VIT APC pack's attempt is very good, it's not perfect. Yeah, that might be true, but it fits in with the exisitng BIS content more with it on. Why not a flag on a pole? Because not every tank would have a flag on a pole, and the animations for the flags can be laggy. You're right, that's equal to a CTD. Enough? Enough for what? I doubt anyone cares if it isn't "accurate enough" for YOU (not that you have high standards, don't go thinking that your comments are the benchmark of quality, German officer who talks russian and has an IP in the US). You don't have permission to edit it, public or otherwise. So the one point of the protection system, and you can't make it work? Yeah, you really are qualified to be telling DKM how to make addons. Go and make your own Black Eagle, and by that I mean start with a blank screen in O2 and make one from scratch, not try and pass off our model as yours. Then, make a thread about it. I'm guessing there would be so many inaccuracies to talk about, you'd get several pages worth of "feedback". You do need a hobby, addon making and addon criticising isn't it.
  14. DKM Jaguar

    Real life photography/photo editing

    Yeah, took it for a drive in the hills, got it nice and muddy. No LPG yet, need to get some other work done on it before I do that. It's Somerset!
  15. DKM Jaguar

    Real life photography/photo editing

    Bigger version Bigger version Bigger version Bigger version Bigger version Bigger version