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  1. Denorc-ORCS-

    Soviet Winter Troops

    Yes, I like ShadowNX faces too) Maybe, you should ask first, than publish screens, etc. It's my opinion, of course - I don't know, how is it use to be on official forums)) You can send me a PM or mail) There's always some job for a talented man)
  2. Denorc-ORCS-

    Soviet Winter Troops

    2 ShadowNX: Agreed. Also camo is Dubok'89.. Pretty late for a soviet troops. I see, you're using parts from ICP_INF 3.0 and icp_crew, OFPCAT. It's not permitted, so I don't recommend to you to release this addon. ShadowNX knows, I am a helly flamebaiter))
  3. Denorc-ORCS-

    Operation FacePlant US Infantry v1.00

    Hello all. Cameron, we found a small... bug)) In scripts. Setting facestate on timer was wrong decision - "replay" option do not push timer on zero, so faces after "replay" may look wrong. You can take fixed version of all scripts from the same link I gave you. Keep on with your work)
  4. Denorc-ORCS-

    Operation FacePlant US Infantry v1.00

    It's "unknown reason" is eventhandlers system. Eventhandler of a vehicle works first, than works e\h of crew - when they move out. Btw, Cameron, had ShadowNX told you about new facestex scripts? One of our members, Flea, upgraded them a little, to make them much less-lagged. Also there are such features, as head injury working, and cleaning the face after some first aid. I suspect, our old RHS Jedi is drinking beer on his birthday party, so you can write me a e-mail, and I will send you a scripts. We already used them in Icp_Inf (version from 18.08) - much better... As users say.
  5. Denorc-ORCS-

    Translation of the ORCS Download Section

    Nothing about Wilco animation packs. I did this anims specially for release screens on myself. What about discussion - you're always welcome in flashpoint.ru treads, everyone speaks english there. Soon there also will be a special English-community opened ORCS forum on ofp.info. That's all comments I have. Thank to everyone for d\l our addons.
  6. Denorc-ORCS-

    ORCS - sitting on tanks and stuff?

    There are two versions of BMP - with external cargo proxies and internal ones. To use external proxy version of BMP, vehicle should be in "at ease" mode. Or just put it empty in your editor, than use "this moveincargo" command for soldiers. Actually eject script reacts on gun moving.
  7. Denorc-ORCS-

    A WIP For The ICP Weap Pack By Me

    Mm.. maybe you should contact us next time you do an any modification.. If you wish to make JAM cpps for our addons, you can tell me and I will provide newest versions for you.
  8. Denorc-ORCS-

    M1A2 SEP 3.0

    There's no "ORCS" version of this addon. ORCS actually aren't mixed in this in any way, I don't understand, why you mention my team there. There's no one word about ORCS in archive, that's uploaded on Flashpoint.ru. I don't see any harm for author. Btw, there's very normal ammo stats, as King Homer said. And pretty balanced. Main problem is still in armor. Armorstructural and armor values for separate tanks parts.
  9. Denorc-ORCS-

    I found this in Vilas mod...

    Please, write my copyright © when you use "Author burns w\o any..." in your signatures. Yes, we, russians, are so evil. I eat two Vilases on breakfast this day. Too skinny, IMO. Differences of mentality is so global, that you'll better not to compare comments on official forums and on f.ru. It's different sites, different ppl, different humour. Btw, we have another saying on F.ru: "He comments like on official forums". Vilas didn't posted news about his addons on f.ru, someone else posted. So he must say "thanks" to this man for whole accident. Quality of this models were'nt very high, but this "poster" wrote this "news" were so "excited", that caused the reaction you've seen. ) Cheers...
  10. Denorc-ORCS-

    Spetsnaz Mod Urals 375D/4320.

    I don't understand, why smin_d[ORCS] isn't mentioned in credits. He's an author of tahometr2.paa texture and mapping of your beautiful arrows on interior panel. They're from ORCS ZIL-131. SFM is so lazy... they even can't do working interiors themselves. Anyway, good addon. You guys should be more accurate with copyrights next time.
  11. Denorc-ORCS-

    New T-72 released!

    Arttech is an ORCS member. If you wish to discuss this addon, you know where. There're a lot of mistakes in this model, that cannot be seen by western "experts", and a few little bugs, but it's still a good addon. This addon will not be supported by ODS.
  12. Denorc-ORCS-

    ORCS T72B 1.2 Release

    Closing our topics on officials isn't connected with RHS, or any other mods. It's just a decision of our team. It allows to avoid unusual flame & flood. We work for community, not for "amazing" or "wonderful" replies. Sending Request.
  13. Denorc-ORCS-

    T-90 and T-80U RELEASED!!!

    All armor values, stats and addon works are in ORCS Development Studios competition. Please choose proper man to call for changes. That's the first one. And than - there is official request of closing this topic. Thx.
  14. Denorc-ORCS-

    ORCS T72B

    Soviet tank concept was "fast,simple, cheap and deadly". Most of M1 and Leo2 problems are caused with their overweight. There are no one to start a big war with, excluding China maybe. In local conflicts, like in Iraq, mines and RPG are destroying as cheap as expensive tanks with the same effectivity. One burned M1 is 6 *10^6 $, one burned T72 is 3.5 *10^6 $. Maybe it's cynic for crews. But it's life. BIS versions were made to be compatible with all created mods. MOD-makers can put to basic T72 any stats\cripts they want. Our models contain all needed selections to suspension and recoil anims. If MOD authors wish to add them. We'll be thankful for any info you can provide, Gedis. Write me a PM or email.
  15. Denorc-ORCS-

    ORCS T72B

    The problem is not in understanding russian language. You can post there in english. Problem is understanding russian mentality. And phrases like "oh this Abrams is the best tank in a world". I am shocked to hear, that INQ M1 is "underpowered". It's underpowered, 'cause users aren't comfortable against T72 in it?)