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  1. I have a good friend in Ski Norway named Morton. his last name starts with a G. I thought he may have created a fake account to post on the forums.

    JEG ville like å besøk Norge noe. Ta vare på meg venn.

  2. I know a Morton from Norway. Is this you Morton G? ;-)

  3. Hi Shadow...I'm sorry I seemed ro fall off the earth in 2008. I got separated from the ex wife in Sept 07 and then I met this new girlfriend and we sort of moved into her place together. I just drop by my house once or twice a week to keep the place up. We are moving back there this coming october. My life has been very busy and the time has passed so very quickly but I am getting it all together again and have more time for my hobbies like gaming again. I get an email from Bil every now and then. I am on his spam list. We will have to get together online one weekend soon and run a few missions like we used to. Have you been to my yourtube site recently. You may remember I posted a few videos of us playing ArmA when it first came out. I named them ArmA1 ArmA2 and ArmA3 etc... Well I guess a lot of people searched ArmA 2 Thinking it was a video of the new ArmA LOL We have over 20 thousand views. LOL. I will write more later. I am at work and duty calls. Good to hear from you again.

  4. DOA

    Morton, Is this you? :-)