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  1. Yeah, craters also could be scriped to appear by the use of heavy ammo.....^^
  2. cyclone83

    CWR² Demo

    Hm, I reinstalled the mod with all patches and hotfixes in the right order but still getting this odd error message when the "relax" mission in the campaign is being started :(
  3. cyclone83

    Underwater gameplay

    Why does BIS always implement such great things like aircraft-carrier, submarine, train and then they're not drive-/useable :(
  4. cyclone83

    CWR² Demo

    The campaign seems to have a strange bug. Right after camp/patrol when you should "relax", at the MAP screen an error window appears complaining about a missing m107 something no longer exists. The m113 heads through the town even before the dialog between the two buddies next to the player begins. Berghoff follows the m113 by foot, nothing else happens. A few minutes later we get a chat about asking for support. A WP appears about 2000 meters where the m113 should have taken us.
  5. cyclone83

    Wind Simulation

    This +1
  6. Hi guys, I've build an obstacle course in a mission that has to be successfully completed in 30 seconds by the player. If he does so, his next WP shell be available. If he fails, he shell try again untill he gets it. I tried several methods with triggers synchronized to WPs but it just doesn't seem to work :( Please can someone help me on that, I'm sitting on this for months up to now :j: Thx
  7. Hm, actually the waypoints shouldn't be hidden. When the player starts the course he is forced to the track's end by a waypoint. As he reaches this waypoint, he's forced to the start/finish by another waypoint. If he reaches that one within 30 seconds the next WP out of the course shell be "activated" or given free. If the player takes more then 30 secs, he must do the course again. It should be a kind of WP cycle but I don't know how to get that managed at all.
  8. cyclone83

    CWR² Demo

    No, I don't have any ACE stuff, without regard to Chammys Sound Mod, asking for one ace_x something file before every game startup. But when trying to load a saved mission, I'm asked for at least 6 ACE based files, rather more.
  9. cyclone83

    CWR² Demo

    Hm, after testing yesterday (campain) it seems I cannot load saved missions. Always have to start from the very beginning :( An error message appears saying it misses several ace* stuff. Does anyone else have this problem?
  10. cyclone83

    CWR² Demo

    By just listening to the audio (voices, soundtracks) I'm gettin this outstanding feeling which makes me shout "Yeeehaawwww!" while gettin goosebumps ^^ :D Thank you so much for this!
  11. Good point Black²! I'd like to see predifined animations with associated voices. For example a constitutive designation, a "move here, go go go!" like one, as mentioned a relaxing one or maybe even a parade one. Scripting such one up to now is one hell of a pain in the ass.
  12. cyclone83

    Environment :O

    Wind / storms is a good point! Only imagine flights ^^ Also sea waves getting larger by strong winds may become importend for sea battles. Animal environment also could get us in totally new situations, thinking of getting bite by a poison snake, or lacerated by wolfs or bears ^^
  13. cyclone83

    Do you want Laaagdoll Physics in ArmA 3?

    @DMarkwick THIS +1 Absolutely with you on every single statement.
  14. cyclone83

    Ambient Civilians with jobs and waypoints?

    @Goos Your statement may be right in relation to 2-3 years old systems. Furthermore we'll have a new engine with nowadays features support ^^ PLUS: Civilian could just be processed and pictured in players visual range. Of course this only counts for SP, implemented by a module placed in the mission editor for example. Would do great to the overall atmosphere!
  15. cyclone83

    Voice Acting???

    Less robotic is a good tag. Especially between fights there should be conversations about the feelings and current mood of the soldiers. Up to now I totally miss the soldiers shouting while they're in combat, we get no intension of fear, anger etc. Same goes for the civilian. At the moment the AI almost seems free from any emotions, auditory as well as gesture, whereby the whole atmosphere suffers from :(
  16. cyclone83

    i hope they make bigger airport's

    I'm absolutely with deadfast, since ArmA 1 ^^
  17. cyclone83

    Do you want Laaagdoll Physics in ArmA 3?

    Two more examples for good ragdoll implementation: Half Life 2 Soldier Of Fortune
  18. cyclone83

    PMC 51km Desert

    Hey, I made some nice missions as part of a little campaign on that map, but when I die and want to start again from a saved point, an error message appears, saying missing PMC_Characters and another one ??? Can someone confirm such loading errors or lead me to a fix? Thx ;)
  19. cyclone83

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 76934

    Another bug that appears with the latest betas (Combined Arms): Bomb explosion set via trigger (createVehicle and setPos getPos Marker method) doesn't take effect no more :( Pls fix this, it's an essential feature in many missions.
  20. cyclone83

    Emita City

    Yeah, at some spots it's even got a venezian touch ^^ Looking great!
  21. cyclone83

    German Misc Pack released

    Zutritt verwehrt? By judging from the small pictures they look really nice. Doesn't look like kind of modern western helmets though. What's it about? Ceremonial helmets are the same as combat helmets, only differents: They're black and I think a bit lighter.
  22. I would go for non spawning troops but instead placing reinforcement troops at the inland, who move up when their alpha troops got almost all killed. So there would be an accurately defined number of enemies which have to get eliminated. You still wouldn't know when or where they will welcome you, but you ain't got that nasty tiring endless story ;) Also the map's size can easily handle this amount of AI. Triggers and scripts brake down smooth framerates not less, you know ^^
  23. First, thanks a lot! :) I'm sure I'm not the only one who waited for this one ^^ Did it already my self though, for sure I'll check out what you got here this evening ;) Personally I recommend placing fixed AI units and groups, maybe give em individual or variabel behaviour under special circumstances. But when the player shoots a group of let's say 5 enemies and short time afterwards they're being spawned right back again and again, it can get really frustrating and seems everything but real. In those situations I always use to think by my self "God dammit, I just killed da whole group, what hole did these ones crawl out of again?!". Quite annoying :D
  24. Thanks PacUK for your detailed answer, now things become clear :) Well, at least I saw about 4 or 5 objectives when I opened the mission in the editor, so there seems to be a reachable end by achieving the objectives? As for the bomber, there is the B-17 by "the FEW", maybe this one could be used? Cheers