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  1. cyclone83

    Arma3 in different languages?

    Bullshit. Most Germans do speak english quite well. As for Elcx's question - I think he meant German voice actings. And I'm pretty sure we won't ever hear such candy in ArmA series ^^
  2. Wow, that satmap looks just........GORGEOUS!!!
  3. cyclone83

    Is Arma3 still the "Flagship"

    But why on earth would one remove the 3D editor when there's already a working version in the forerunner (ArmA II)? :raisebrow: Every mission maker wants it, it saves so much time and nervs, so.........
  4. Great news IceBreakr, nice to hear that from you ;)
  5. cyclone83

    Tarin Kot, Oruzgan

    Looks really epic by now. Good work! Just go right ahead, mate ;)
  6. cyclone83

    Are you going to upgrade because of ARMA 3?

    Haha :D I also will get me a new rig as soon as ArmA 3 got released. Its' specs will get close to a spaceshuttle :P Hopefully the price range for current monster GPUs such as the GTX690 will drop by then...
  7. cyclone83

    ArmA 3: Rearmed ???

    Didn't BIS say that it just will be way easier to convert A2 stuff to A3?...
  8. @Sickboy I get this error with my own created mission, so I always have loaded the equal mods ;) I also tried creating a very simpel mission without any mods exapt for CBA and still get that error when trying to load or revert to a saved game :( I can't get behind why it's asking for acex_* stuff though as I don't even installed nore loaded ACE, so.....
  9. I'm using the normal @CBA folder for ARMA II + Operation Arrowhead. Everytime I try to load a saved or previous mission spot I get an error message, sayin something like: "mission cannot be loaded due to missing contant: acex_ bla bla bla severel acex_ things....." I didn't load any other mods. Any ideas? :(
  10. Or a little easier... In the unit's init: doStop this; this setUnitPos "Down"; this doTarget [i]TARGETNAME[/i]; this doFire [i]TARGETNAME[/i] ;)
  11. Also the H&K P8 + specific ammo isn't listet in your readmes' "classes"; I had to open the KPFS_weapons.pbo to find the right classnames. By comparing your included P8 model to ?Vilas? USP model, I recognized yours has the wrong amount of bullets (13) where 15 would be right - and the slide is not kept back after the last bullet ;) The sound of the G3 also sounds quite unrealistic, way to quiet. Maybe these tiny bugs can be fixed? ^^ Otherwise outstanding work!
  12. cyclone83

    German Assault Addons - Army

    Great work! Thanks a lot ;) One tiny thing though: The Airforce Soldiers wear the same caps as the "normal" ones, and the officers don't wear that "Schiffchen" hats. Those are only worn with the dress uniform for both, normal soldiers and officers ^^
  13. Looks just beautiful mate! Great job there ;) Slainte!
  14. cyclone83

    German Assault Addons - Army

    Now that's exactly what I've been waiting for so long! Looks amazing ;) Can't wait to change the units of my Bundeswehr missions to yours.
  15. @Sander Of course, I tried both ways. Restarting the campaign by reverting AND deleting all CWR saved files befor starting a new campaign ^^
  16. I always did fresh installments of CWR and deleted the former missions and campaign ^^ I also do not use any other mods along CWR.... I finally wanna play the campaign too :cryy:
  17. Yes I am. I already reportet this bug to Max Power a few months ago. I always stay up to date with your latest releases ^^
  18. Hi CWR-Team, again great work you did on version 3! Keep it going ;) Sadly I still got an annoying bug: In Campaign after loading the instructions/map-screen for the 5th mission (having a break at the camp), this strange error message appears: "Campaigns\cwr2_1985_demo\missions\03bAlert.eden\m ission.sqm/Mission/Vehicles/Item17.vehicle: Vehicle class MineMinE no longer exists". When I start the mission, the Chief runs to his next waypoint about 1 km away. A few minutes later he tells us to get to his position. The rest of my team mates won't ever move. The M113 which is supposed to take all of us there just heads through the village without stoping and waitung for us to board. The mission as the rest of the campaign is not playable. I'm using ArmA OA Combined Operations with the latest RC6, the latest Beta and CWR 3 with latest mission builds.
  19. If I remember correctly, wasn't the mainscreen showing desert island with a group of soldiers walking by, some old rusty tanks / trucks an a few crosses here and there? ^^
  20. AND: Is there a way for customization to raise the number of CIVS / CARS?
  21. Great work BIS, Thank you so much! As long as it ain't got gray, Hehe :D
  22. cyclone83

    Taviana Island for ArmA 2!

    Outstanding, simply amazing! But wait! What's that airplane in the first two pics? :eek: I want it so bad! :D
  23. cyclone83

    Taviana Island for ArmA 2!

    I already see nice airport missions beeing done, like die hard II :)
  24. cyclone83

    Taviana Island for ArmA 2!

    Martin, you're simply amazing!
  25. Because we already have some nice maps styled that way, one more one less. It should look and feel like every one would imagine by hearing the word "New York"; huge buildings, yellow taxis, Central Park etc. ;) Beside there still could be made a map called something like "Part of Bronx"........