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  1. Hi guys, I'm stuck on this for many days now and all research did't lead me to what I am searching for. The mission scenario: An AI group with player lead by an AI unit starts at the mission beginning in a vehicles cargo via the common "unit moveInCargo vehicle" line. As I want the player to sit in the drivers cabin I gave every unit a specific seat with the "unit assignAsCargo [vehicle, 3]" line. By thinking it over I maybe should change the moveInCargo line to: {x_ moveInCargo vehicle} forEach units groupname? Now as we get droped out at the MTVR's "unload transport" WP we're supposed to board another vehicle (a Dingo2A2). I want the player to get in as driver but I cannot manage to get it done. "Get in" WP doesn't do the trick, moveInCargo etc. neither works :( Has anyone a solution or suggestion for this, possibly without heavy scripting formulas?
  2. Thanks mate ;) Sadly those lines didn't solve it neither :( But i could manage it with a little work around: First of all I had to rename the AI group leader. He wouldn't get in the first vehicle - cause he got the same name as the group itself :p It neither worked by renaming him to "a0". After renaming him to "a7" it worked :) As to the assign stuff: I created an "out.sqf" and "in.sqf" which are fired by "player in thislist". It looks like: a1 unassignvehicle MTVR; a2 unassignvehicle MTVR; etc. and right befor the "Get in" WP the "in.sqf" is beeing called with the lines: a1 assignasdriver Dingo2A2; a2 assignasgunner Dingo2A2; a3 assignascargo Dingo2A2; a7 assignascargo Dingo2A2; This works great now. If I put those lines simply in the "on activation" field of a trigger it won't work for some strange reason :/ Anyway, Thanks! Problem solved ;)
  3. Wrong Forum. For OFP you should ask here. Though I'm not sure if bridges in OFP are destroyable at all
  4. Hm, looks good so far. Unfortunately there're a few other WP's between getting unload by the 1st vehicle and boarding the 2nd one. Your example looks like getting boarded directly after leaving the 1st vehicle?
  5. Glad to see the G3 fixed finally :) Great work! Thank you so much for your effort!!! Cheers
  6. cyclone83

    Driving AI fix

    "There was mention of one of the patches breaking it on one of the forums it's discussed on" Just go one page back ;) As for convoys we really need a decent solution for this finally.... :j:
  7. "And remember, this is set in the future, maybe in this future timeline the standard in windows will have changed to something much stronger." By taking a quick look at the houses on the islands I really doubt they're much futuristic, same goes for their windows ;)
  8. Did you change anything or meanwhile install mods or patches? Does it concern only "auto saves" or "manual saves" also?
  9. Hi folks, I recently patched my ArmA II OA (Combined) to latest beta and also patched my mods to latest releases. Now I wanted to work on my missions and everything showed up in the editor just fine. But when I go ingame via preview all "empty" objects I placed before, such as amunition boxes, camo nets, cars (all vanilla stuff) don't show up and also my set triggers don't work anymore :( Does someone had identical problems or knows a solution for this strange bug? I need to get this fixed cause it appears at my whole campaigne which is nearly months of work! Cheers
  10. cyclone83

    ARMA 3 - still unrealistic optics

    @MadDogX I think he meant while searching the environment ;) Sure in scope mode it has to appear centered. But for the other case the scope, in fact the whole rifle is to your right. Same view as for aiming view with the outside drawn crosshair OR the scope would be directly under your right eye. But it wouldn't look like in the pictures posted here before ^^
  11. cyclone83

    ARMA 3 - still unrealistic optics

    Well, searching the environment for enemies or mounted low zooming optics on assault rifles, those examples may in fact appear more realistic. BUT when it comes to snipe (not searching the environment) in RL as right-handed person you have your left eye closed while you're with your open right eye directly pressed to your scope. This is the fact why you see the scope's view as big and the rest beside the scope just black as it is displayed by now. No need for any changes here except for the distance clutter and shadow problem as already mentioned.
  12. Hey [FRL]Myke, would you hand out a download link of these beauties? ;)
  13. I'd love to see the airshow paintjob, what do you think mate? ;)
  14. Finally it's out! Eagerly awaiting quitting time to get my hands on this. Great job ;)
  15. cyclone83

    Schwemlitz, Germany WIP

    The grass' colour seems a little dissonant in a few places, especially in the 3rd and 4th pic, if I may give some constructive criticism. Beside that it looks amazing ;)
  16. cyclone83

    Schwemlitz, Germany WIP

    Looks soooooo sweet :o Eagerly waiting for this one comin' out!
  17. cyclone83

    marching military animation?

    Yeah please. Such stuff's much appreciated! ;)
  18. cyclone83

    What shall we do with the radio chatter

    This +1 And as already mentioned, the clock style is the way that's used in real life, so since ArmA is and always has been a military simulation, except from another technique there's no other style option.
  19. While you're on that rifle, could you possibly add an repeating bolt? BIS sadly failed on that point :/
  20. No they don't. Take a look at the comparison: https://www.drivehq.com/file/DFPublishFile.aspx/FileID1124478380/Keyl9g64xtdn17t/G3-Comparison.PNG
  21. The G3 still has those wrong "see through" holes in the handguard :j:
  22. cyclone83

    German Assault Addons - Army

    Looks fine to me ;)