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  1. cyclone83

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    I keep getting CTDs when loading preview for Isla Duala, Lingor and Dingor :( All other maps work fine.
  2. cyclone83

    ZAM Glasses

    so these for example should be supported? this addGoggles "G_Combat" ? EDIT: That did the trick. Thanks! ;)
  3. cyclone83

    ZAM Glasses

    How can I add this to custom units via initline? Need specific classname. If I put a group of BWmod infantry some guys wear these glasses, others don't....
  4. Same error for German units...
  5. When giving the player unit the G36A1 with flashlight the weapon isn't equipped when starting the mission preview. I always have to mount it manually. I already tried: this addItem "FHQ_acc_LLM01F"; this addPrimaryWeaponItem "FHQ_acc_LLM01F". Didn't work sadly. Any hints on that?
  6. cyclone83

    German Weapon Pack for A3

    Hope the MG3 and G3 will follow as well? ;) Btw, what about moving bolts?
  7. cyclone83


    Thanks, worked superb :) What's the uniform class name for rifleman tropentarn? I tried to remove the NVGoggles but they still remain in the uniform... this addUniform "BWA3_Rifleman_Tropen" didn't work.
  8. cyclone83


    How to remove NVGoggles from a Bundeswehr rifleman?
  9. Never mind! I deactivated all mods and integrated just yours directly via ingame extensions interface and now it works as it should. Best ArmA G36 ever! Maybe the magazine is a tiny bit too transparent but that's only my humble opinion :p Keep up the good work, Cheers
  10. After testing I must tell you that it's not possible to change between the sights. Only 3,5x scope is viewable but no red dot reflex sight :( Also for the G36c there's no bolt animation :p Hope you can sort out these bugs till the next release ;) Cheers and all the best!
  11. Still no airshow skin included :icon_frown: Thx for your hard and great work anyway. Cheers
  12. Hi Rock, this issue appears with every version of the Luftwaffe Eurofighter (didn't test non german versions) but not with standard vanilla or other mod planes. I'm using MandoMissiles. EDIT: Ok just tested without Mandos and everything worked as it should ;)
  13. Somehow I cannot switch between the different weapons of the Eurofighter (German Luftwaffe). Every time I press the switch button i can see the rockets f.e. for not even half a second and it switches back to mg :( Can someone confirm this issue or got a solution?
  14. cyclone83

    RKSL - Eurofighter Typhoon V2.6

    I installed your latest package V 2601. After game start up there still appears following error message: Script rksl\rksl-typhoon\s\RKSLtyphoon_Ver.sqf not found Any suggestions on this?
  15. Thought wrong. German Army at least used the round olive green one. The black squarish one was released as a later advancement for civil usage. Thanks for the update btw, Marseille77 ;)
  16. cyclone83

    The Undead Mod

    Strange thing: The Undead Module itself doesn't show up in the modules dropdown list at all?! I downloaded your latest beta (0.84), put it in a folder named @ZOM, put that folder into my starting line of the ArmA shortcut. In the main menu the mod is listed as @ZOM, but when it comes to ingame editor, no module nor units or groups are available :( I'm running latest official ArmA Combined Operations Version 1.62 IIRC without any other mods. Any thoughts on this? EDIT: Never mind! I forgot the "AddOns"-folder, me idiot FPDR But instead I got another question: How can I let spawn only infected zombies via spawn module?
  17. cyclone83

    The Undead Mod

    Hey I'm working on an "I AM LEGEND" themed mission at the moment - the infected zombies seem to fit perfectly for this mission :D My question: How could I spawn a group of infected at the city's centre at a certain time and also delete the whole group at another time, so the effect comes to mind the zombies are coming out for flesh seeking at let's say 7 pm and get back into the shadows at 6 am?
  18. By "replacing a1 veg with a2 veg" I hope u don't mean to ruin that great vacation island feeling we got on Sahrani? I think autumn trees wouldn't nearly do it as our beloved palms we're used to :D
  19. What a huge map Looks stunningly realistic - keep it going!
  20. cyclone83

    Terminator Rising (WIP)

    Are you also planning on doing the "original" models from the first movie, like the Flying Hunter Killer and the HK Tank?
  21. I think those mods have to be ported over from A2:OA but for visual effects there's optical snare's WarFX. For sounds I would recommend Chammy's Sound Mod in addition with RUGDS AI ^^ Don't know if those mods harmonize with A3's sound engine though it's way worth to give it a try.
  22. cyclone83

    Terminator Rising (WIP)

    I'm so glad to see this coming up again! Looks superb already by now! Once I also was in contact with Marccom years ago to help him getting the T-800 head right in shape - unfortunately he ran into model problems. After a little while he wasn't ever seen again :( All the best luck with your project ;)
  23. Looks gorgeous! Can't wait ;)
  24. Sahrani as it always was meant to look like! Really I'm drooling all over :D