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  1. cyclone83

    RDS A2 Civilian Pack

    Also a nice addition would be the OA SUV ^^
  2. cyclone83

    RDS A2 Civilian Pack

    @acta13 Indeed, the Ikarus which sounds great at all by the way is too loud. And under GROUPS, there ain't these civs. Apart from that u made a superb job mate ;)
  3. Also nice would be scared civilian screams (male and female) as they go prone or run away when guns are fired :)
  4. cyclone83

    RDS A2 Civilian Pack

    Oh my god! You are da MAN! I was waiting for the A2 CIV stuff so bad and whoop there u come up with this :D This is so much appreciated! Thank you sooooo much!!! :partytime: :don 12:
  5. Wow this is awesome! How did you activate these?
  6. cyclone83


    @Daggett Exactly THIS! Looks like they're being pushed by some invisible force or ghost or whatever :D If only this could be fixed....I'd love to use this awesome mod!
  7. cyclone83

    Fog and time

    If you're using TPW, try to set the groundfog in userdata/TPW.hpp to 0. That did the trick in my case ;)
  8. cyclone83

    Creating thundering flash?

    Thx! Works like a charm :)
  9. Hi guys, currently I'm working on a horror mission and fiddle around with suiting weather effects. So I'm asking if flashes can be created at specific coordinates and time? Thx
  10. Hey TPW, Great MOD! Been using since you came up with the 1st version and really enjoing it. Found a little bug/glitch yesterday though. If your FOG is enabled, any fog setting created in the editor is ignored. Actually the self made fog settings are seen for a few seconds before the fog slowly disappears. Never mind if it's meant to act that way, just wanted to state this behaviour. Cheers mate and keep it going ;)
  11. Sorry for digging out that old one but all googling didn't help and the class list compilation at armatechsquad also didn't list the one I am searchin for :( I need the class name of the town hall (in Chernogorsk). Thx
  12. cyclone83

    Crash, Crash and Crash

    Lol, actually it's a best price / performance ratio. At the moment it's around 274,- € (370,- $) ;)
  13. cyclone83

    Crash, Crash and Crash

    Erm.....NO. I don't overclock. The AMD FX 9590 clocks at 4.7 GHz at 1.5 V in Idle when boost clock is disabled. But if you leave the settings default with boost clock enabled, the cpu clocks 1.4 GHz in Idle but gets up to 5.0 GHz at a certain point. If the cpu is air cooled this is simply too much and the system freezes. (Only with ArmA though. Every of my other games just run fine) I got it stable now at 4.6 GHz and 1.45 V. That's still more than enough to run ArmA smoothly at ultra settings :o
  14. cyclone83

    Crash, Crash and Crash

    So at least I got my freeze and crash errors solved by going down a bit with CPU core voltage and clock rates. Also I disabled that clock boost feature that let my CPU break the 5.0 GHz notch which caused my system to freeze/crash as that CPU is getting really hot at such clock rates :/ I went down to 1.40 V at 4.5 GHz each core at the moment and that fixed my problem (yayyyy!) :D Will see if i can get back to 4.7 GHz stable.....
  15. cyclone83

    Crash, Crash and Crash

    Putting out the extra 16 Gigs RAM didn't help here. Went back to a former NVIDIA driver as my system kept getting those DirectX related bluescreen errors. Testing what happens right now....
  16. cyclone83

    Crash, Crash and Crash

    I'm getting CTDs, total system freezes and bluescreen errors "exception_not_handled (dxgmms1.sys)" randomly. Already uninstalled EVGA Precision X and installed the actual NVIDIA driver 337.88 but nothing did work so far. Gotta try to take out the additional 16 GB RAM and see what happens...
  17. cyclone83

    Crash, Crash and Crash

    Didn't work for me sadly :(
  18. cyclone83

    Crash, Crash and Crash

    Yes it's clearly summer now, but we got around 13° - 20° this week in southern Bavaria so the hot summer argument won't take effect here :D I'm just wondering if there could be a problem with too much physical RAM? I think my system ain't got that crashes with ArmA so often back when only 16 GB RAM were installed.....
  19. cyclone83

    Crash, Crash and Crash

    No luck here :(
  20. cyclone83

    Crash, Crash and Crash

    I also got freeze problems recently. Mostly when afk for a short time, while pausing the game or in the map view :( I tried to set my fan to 100% and I'm playing without any mods but up to now I found nothing helpful.....
  21. cyclone83

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    Panthera works for me but isle duala, lingor and dingor don't.
  22. cyclone83

    ArmA 3: Speed Radars!

    Can you change the flash light to red?
  23. What must I change in the CIVS config to spawn way more civs? I found the "houses per civ" (default 5) line. Must this value be in- or decreased? I already increased the "Max Civs" value to 100.
  24. Great to hear you're still working on it ;) Yes you got me right. The problem is the flashlight / laser cannot be attached and switched on from the beginning of a mission via description line of a unit. The flashlight has to be put on the rifle via "g" (backpack menu) and than manually switched on by now.....
  25. cyclone83

    ZAM Glasses

    Also glasses getting foggy here and there when weather is rainy would add to realism...