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    ARMA 2 (OA) : DLC discussion thread

    Im all up for it the more they add to ARMA II the better and the reason why the new content is so high quality is because they have talent and talent costs wages the devs have to eat and pay bills too so as long as the content price is scaled fairly theirs no problem. £10 for a new faction is a bargin. The free addons from the public are great but land vehicles are very rare and most are reskins or updated Flashpoint 1 vehicles. The new Uk DLC looks superb top quality models and textures. I know a lot are already complaining about a lack of the Challanger II tank in the DLC but they made this faction for use in an Afghanistan enviroment and the Challanger MBT is not used in Afghanistan but we all would of really liked it.
  2. About time aircraft In ARMA franchise used the airspace just like real life aircraft do theirs no need for them to fly at 300ft then dive bomb like stuka dive bombers.
  3. Ive seen other videos on the new sharpshooter rifle and the sharpshooter rifle for the Paras looks diferent to the Royal Marine photos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McBcgob9DcA&feature=related
  4. Eotech or something like it just for aiming the nade launcher:)
  5. The UK Special Forces Support Group made up of Royal Marines and Paras have been upgraded with SA80s with Picatinny Rails and Eotech and many other devices. The Uk Parachute regiment have been seen with Acog scopes on their SA80 rifles and on their SAW in Afghanistan.
  6. All games have okish acting only a few games have hollywood actors in them. It doesnt bother me though as at one time I didnt even have voices in games.
  7. Geez when I found out Arrowhead only added FLIR to only two vehicles and some scopes I was really sad. Now its better than I hoped. Just need to add counter messures to soilders now to stop their own Strykers backing over them:) Thx
  8. MH-60 DAP http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:MH-60L_DAP.jpg Marine Commando landrover used in Afghanistan. The Arrowhead special landrover is nearly the same only it has russian weapons.
  9. Installed ARMA II and Arrowhead now I cant find the huey Venom UH-1Y in the editor. The rest of the USMC vehicles are there.
  10. CG Man

    Military Discussion Thread

    I thaught only US Rangers were getting the SCAR family of weapons with USMC and US Army getting updated to M110 and keeping the M4 family. Deltas to get HK416 andHK417.
  11. Thx what an addon! Just wow goes to show we all need to keep an eye on ARMA 2 vanila addons as some work for ARMA II combined.
  12. CG Man

    Military Discussion Thread

    The brits hated the MG version of the SA80 the LSW. They prefair the Minimi for its ammo amount. The LSW is now used by the best two shooters in a section/squad to extend the range of a section aswell as having two Minimis in a section. the LSW and SA80 is supposed to be getting updated with Picatinny rails, top and sides for the SFSG forces. Brit forces are getting a new marksman rifle based on the M16 similar to the M110 and a shotgun for the cornfields in Afghanistan. More sections are prefairing the FNMag over the Minimi in Afghanistan. UK Parachute Regiment sharpshooter rifle
  13. Can other modders sounds be added to HIFi sounds addon? I want OA to be updated with a sound mod but I dont want to stop using HIFX. Most of OA is using the HIFI sounds just the new rockets and missiles are the horrible vanila sounds. Oh and Concrats Mark and thanks for the addon.
  14. -nosplash -cpucount=4 -exThreads=7 In the launch icon and turning off hyperthreading on my Core i7 worked for me it quadrupled my framerates. Before using that all the ai units stuttered across the landscape yet my camera pan was high fps.
  15. CG Man

    Military Discussion Thread

    FN-SCAR heavy the 7.62 nato is being baught by US forces Only the Scar light was canceled. The Designated Marksman rifles are going to be replaced with the M110 a 7.62 DMR version of the M16. So they are going after new battle rifles rather than making more M14.