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  1. Cpt. Horin

    The Lost Brothers Mod

    great job! Im an MK3 gunner in the 74th Battalion i must say the MK3 turrent is amazing! the detailes are amazing! very close to real life! belive me guys, the MK3 has the best fire-control system in the world (even better then the mk4 :D) great job guys!
  2. wow, that would be nice to see centurion in Arma. my father was a shot-kal (diesel centurion) company commander in the 433rd reserve battalion of the 500th armor Brigade in the 73 war, he was figthing in sinai and also was in the ambush in suez city and almost got killed there. he always tells me he still remember the tank like is it was yesterday lol. it will be nice to show him the tank in a game lol. o, from what BF2 mod you take the model?
  3. Best wishes for your father, take your time Miles, dont rush. real life is first. good luck!
  4. at last. IDF VS IRAN it will be enterasting really great job miles teg and calm terror
  5. Cpt. Horin

    Upcoming lost brother addons

    Great work miles teg. those tanks really look great and realistic. those m4 also look great. i cant wait for those to be realised. at last, a good mod that show the IDF power (ye, im from israel).