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  1. not true it woks Client Side.. aswell you do notice a Bandwith BoostÂ
  2. 1436

    Body Armor In ArmA

    /bump for more votes
  3. 1436

    New 3rd person camera view

    I have a Good idea about this Mod. Some people Use 3d Glases while playing this Game but when you play in 3d it moves youre Corshair a Bit off becuse of the Depth of 3d vs the game was ment to play in non 3d mode Can you edit the Croshair so it can be Right for people useing 3d glases?
  4. 1436

    New 3rd person camera view

    When i add this to a Mod folder i Get this Error Error Compiling Pixel Shader PSSpecularAlpha I have a X850Xt that does not Support pixel Shader 3.0 onley 2.0 thanks in Advanced my RPT file im am Useing 1.06 Ver I also tryed takeing out all my other addons that did not work == C:\Program Files\Atari\ArmA\arma.exe ===================================================================== Exe version: Thu May 17 19:42:50 2007 Cannot register unknown string STR_USRACT_ZOOM_OUT_TOGGLE Item STR_LIB_INFO_TRANS_SOLD listed twice Updating base class ->NonStrategic, by ca\config.bin/CfgVehicles/HouseBase/ Updating base class ->DestructionEffects, by ca\config.bin/CfgVehicles/House/DestructionEffects/ Updating base class ->HouseBase, by ca\config.bin/CfgVehicles/Ruins/ Updating base class ->BulletCore, by ca\weapons\config.bin/CfgAmmo/BulletBase/ Updating base class ->BulletBase, by ca\weapons\config.bin/CfgAmmo/B_25mm_HE/ Updating base class ->ShellCore, by ca\weapons\config.bin/CfgAmmo/ShellBase/ Updating base class ->RocketCore, by ca\weapons\config.bin/CfgAmmo/RocketBase/ Updating base class ->MissileCore, by ca\weapons\config.bin/CfgAmmo/MissileBase/ Updating base class ->MissileBase, by ca\weapons\config.bin/CfgAmmo/M_Sidewinder_AA/ Updating base class ->Default, by ca\weapons\config.bin/CfgMagazines/CA_Magazine/ Updating base class ->CA_Magazine, by ca\weapons\config.bin/CfgMagazines/VehicleMagazine/ Updating base class ->CA_Magazine, by ca\weapons\config.bin/CfgMagazines/CA_LauncherMagazine/ Updating base class ->VehicleMagazine, by ca\weapons\config.bin/CfgMagazines/300Rnd_25mm_GAU12/ Updating base class ->230Rnd_30mmHE_2A42, by ca\weapons\config.bin/CfgMagazines/250Rnd_30mmHE_2A42/ Updating base class ->VehicleMagazine, by ca\weapons\config.bin/CfgMagazines/4Rnd_Sidewinder_AV8B/ Updating base class ->LauncherCore, by ca\weapons\config.bin/cfgWeapons/Launcher/ Updating base class ->MGun, by ca\weapons\config.bin/cfgWeapons/M134/ Updating base class ->m134, by ca\weapons\config.bin/cfgWeapons/TwinM134/ Updating base class ->CannonCore, by ca\weapons\config.bin/cfgWeapons/GAU12/ Updating base class ->CannonCore, by ca\weapons\config.bin/cfgWeapons/2A42/ Updating base class ->LauncherCore, by ca\weapons\config.bin/cfgWeapons/RocketPods/ Updating base class ->LauncherCore, by ca\weapons\config.bin/cfgWeapons/MissileLauncher/ Updating base class ->MissileLauncher, by ca\weapons\config.bin/cfgWeapons/SidewinderLaucher/ CA\buildings\config.bin/CfgDestroy/BuildingHit.sound: Cannot update non array from array Updating base class ->Strategic, by CA\buildings\config.bin/CfgVehicles/Wall/ Updating base class Rifle->M16A2, by ca\weapons3\m16a4\config.bin/CfgWeapons/m16a4/ Updating base class ->Man, by ca\characters\config.bin/CfgVehicles/CAManBase/ Updating base class ->CAManBase, by ca\characters\config.bin/CfgVehicles/SoldierWB/ Updating base class MFCTI116SoldierWSaboteurPipe->SoldierWSaboteurPipe, by ca\characters\config.bin/CfgVehicles/SoldierWSaboteurMarksman/ Updating base class ->CAManBase, by ca\characters\config.bin/CfgVehicles/SoldierEB/ Updating base class ->CAManBase, by ca\characters\config.bin/CfgVehicles/SoldierGB/ Updating base class ->M113, by ca\tracked\config.bin/CfgVehicles/M113Ambul/ Updating base class ->Tank, by ca\tracked\config.bin/CfgVehicles/BMP2/ Updating base class ->bmp2, by ca\tracked\config.bin/CfgVehicles/BMP2Ambul/ Updating base class ->Tank, by ca\tracked\config.bin/CfgVehicles/T72/ Updating base class ->Tank, by ca\tracked\config.bin/CfgVehicles/ZSU/ Updating base class ->UH60MG, by ca\air\config.bin/CfgVehicles/UH60/ Updating base class ->Mi17_MG, by ca\air\config.bin/CfgVehicles/Mi17/ Updating base class Boat->Ship, by advd10\config.cpp/CfgVehicles/RHIB/ ErrorMessage: Error compiling pixel shader PSSpecularAlpha
  5. 1436

    HK G11 / Steyr Aug A1

    Thares a problum with the guns thay work fine but if you go out to a Michine Gunner and shoot his gun the gun blocks the shoot. if you shoot he HK G11 or Styer the bullets go right throw it.
  6. 1436

    Wine Wars

    The orignal mission was done by TiGga i just edited a few things in the Moddified ver.
  7. 1436

    Wine Wars

    By TiGGa Description -------------- Game Mode: Real Time Strategy - CTI - No addons needed Players: 10 vs. 10 Playing Time: 2 - 5 hours JIP-Ready: Yes! Respawn: 60 seconds at mobile construction vehicle or at buildings This is a fictitious fight between two opposing commanders in world where prohibition still exists and the people are yearning for a drop of wine. Yes, illegal wine has even become more worth than money and people would do anything for a drop of wine. ^^ Each team starts on Rahmadi/Antigua where they have to wait for the commander to choose a starting position on Sahrani. While looking on the map, you will see blue flags in every town, accompanied by black markers which are symbolizing the wine fields. This is where you will collect the ressources from. After selecting a starting position via mouse click, the whole team will be teleported there. You will get a mobile construction vehicle and a truck at start. The first thing you should do is to build a central storage. As a commander, you have to sit in the mobile construction vehicle (MCV) in order to access the build menu. This building will store not only the wine but also the weapons and ammunition that you have to buy seperately. There are already some weapons in the storage for the players to pick up. In order to do that, you have to access the central storage menu. I found it easy to walk to the buildings door and stare at them for the menu to appear. Once inside the menu, you have to select your weapons loadout. Dont forget to select the NVGoggles as night will come very fast (accelerated time). After that, your soldiers should move to the closest town. Among the players you will have one wine expert in your team. His duty is to check the quality of the wine fields. He (or the commander himself) can do that by walking to the flagpole, which is symbolizing the wine field, and select "Check field quality". The higher the number is, the faster your harvesters will collect wine grapes. The rest of the players should try to grab the flag in town. Just press "Seize town" to grab the flag. Back to the commander. He should build a research facility and a refinery now. Keep in mind to have enough space around the refinery. It is your duty to ensure that no obstacles are blocking the way between wine field and refinery. Each refinery you build will give you 5 free workers. Each town you conquer will give you 1 free worker. Workers are needed to transform wine grapes into wine bottles in the refinery. Each worker can transform 10 kg grapes into 10 wine bottle every minute. In the research facility menu, you will have the option to research new buildings and technologies. There is also a black market option, where you can buy weapons, equippment and the ammunition for those weapons. You have to research the appropriate technologies in order to buy better weapons later. The weapons you buy will be stored in the cental storage where you can take them out as described above. Keep an eye on the ammunitions count or you will soon equip your AI soldiers with AT weapons but without rockets. In the refinery menu, you can buy tractors which will harvest grapes for you. You have to control at least one town in order to do that. Once you have conquered the town, its wine fields will be listed in the refinery menu. Select a field and press build and a tractor will soon drive between those two locations. Each time you build a tractor, one worker will be deducted from the worker count and the price for the next tractor will raise by 25 wine bottles! After you have researched the barracks, you should build one nearby. Access the barracks menu and you will find a similar interface like in the central storge menu. You can chose the weapons and the player you want to assign the soldiers to. Up to 10 soldiers can be trained simultaneously and each soldier will deduct 1 from the workers count. Because you will have no workers soon, it is time to hire more workers. Select a number of workers and press hire. Each worker will cost 50 wine bottles (Yeah, they are all alcoholics). At the garage, you can build all kinds of vehicles, empty or manned. Shouldn't be too hard now to figure out its menu. Same applies to the helipad (choppers) and airport (choppers and planes). Notice that most buildings can only be accessed by the commander. The barracks can be used by normal players if you have 5000 or more bottles in the central storage AND at least 100 workers. The garage can be accessed if you have more than 15000 bottles. The commander will have a small commander action menu to remote access all the buildings. Each time you build a new building, you have to exit the commander menu (by clicking back) in order to refresh the list. Your aim is: -capture all blue flags or -destroy the enemy central storage, barracks, garage, helipad, airport and MCV or -drive them into bankruptcy Each time you die, a certain amount of wine will be taken out of the storage as a penalty. If you don't watch out, you can go bankrupt! Download Find a suitable place to build the base with you mobile construction vehicle on the Main Island with the (MCV). Go to menu to build add workers give units. Each Ai solder you make a worker will be takeing away. To add workers go to Ressource management. Each conquered town will grant you one free worker and Acess to The Harvest field neer it. Protect the MCV at all costs!! Build the Central Storage first then Refeinery then place other needed buildings. You can win the game by conquering all towns or by destroying all enemy building and their MCV.
  8. 1436

    Wine Wars

    Modified Version on Rapid Share View Distance 1200, Teraingrid 50, and Lowered a lot of prices, Raised start-money and harvesting speed Start Money 9000,12000,18000 Harvesting Speed 160,260,420 Added a few more Ai in towns Modified Ver
  9. 1436

    Dedicated Server Tipps, Tricks and Tweaks

    This way is not recomended as you will need to do this every time you restart the server.exe. A better way is to use a Deamon tool which will let you set the affinety perminently http://www.firedaemon.com/ is a program that will run any .exe as a service and set affinity to CPU FireDaemon Pro allows you to schedule, configure, install and run your application program executable or script as a Windows Service. FireDaemon Trinity provides all the functionality of Pro but allows you to manage and deploy services across your network.
  10. 1436

    Your ideal PC to play ARMA?

    mobo that supports Dual channel 128bit Memory 64bit cpu with 1mb l2 Cache 11 pipes from the cpu to the North/south brige at 200mhz each and Dedicated line from the video card to get ram from agp apager without going throw the Northbrige first Wait i have this system lol!! N-force 3mobo 1.5GB ddr400 cl2.0 AMD 64bit 2700+ 1mb l2 cashe Agp x850Xt 256mb
  11. 1436

    Body Armor In ArmA

    wow this thred Totaly got Hi-Jacked the ansers i wanted was no i dont want it becuse "youre ansers" or i do want it becuse = This is a game a mil sim but all this talk about what armor can stop what is Rediculas the fact is that. thare is no body armor system the body armor system does works in games like Swat 4, all the Rainbow siries, Soldner, splinter cell. and shood be in ARMA. And if it was Implmented it would be for both sides. so people would not run around with MP5 thats what i mainly use fast fire and quiet.
  12. 1436

    server admin duscussion

    sorey not -log but -netlog shows ips serch int he text
  13. 1436

    Adjusting Multiplayer AI Accuracy?

    on the server porfile config or host if thay have thare ai set to regular/vet it will change the server aswell. open the server profile/host and look for this skillFriendly=0.850000; skillEnemy=0.850000; precisionFriendly=0.850000; precisionEnemy=0.850000; and change it what you need... more = beter ai less = sucky ai
  14. 1436

    What port does Arma VOIP use?

    cool i jsut relised why the bda server goes off the gamespy list alot becuse we have 3 servers all on the next port after another efectivly caceling out the UDP port Theys are the three servers we have now and thare ports Armed Assault 1.6 Public Armed Assault 1.6 Training Acording to the WIKI if a server runs on port 23010 the Server Reporting port will be 23011. But our 1.6 public server uses port 23010 and the 1.6 training uses port 23011 efectifly caneling the Server reporting port out thats why the BDA public does not show up on SWEC public server list http://stats.swec.se:3001/server/list, and sometimes goes off gamespy aswell both servers are figting for the port when the public sends out a request for the reporting status of the server the 1.6 traing may cancel this request becuse of activity on it already on that UDP port..
  15. what tcp/udp port does arma use for voice? whare is the Option to enable Voip in the server config? i know you have to enable it in the server config or it wont work
  16. 1436

    What port does Arma VOIP use?

    so port  UDP (used for game) port+1 UDP (used for server reporting) port+3 UDP (used for VoN transmissions) so if i run my server on port 3201 server reporting will be on 3202 and voip will be on 2304?? i got this post off a folowing thread required Ports: If you need to trigger ports behind a router or firewall the following ports are required to be open: 2302 ArmA 2303 Server 2305 VOIP think i found the command disableVOIP = 0  <---on disableVOIP = 1  <----off is that correct?
  17. 1436

    Dedicated Server Tipps, Tricks and Tweaks

    some questions how do you bind the arma.exe to cpu1 or cpu2 when doing a dual core
  18. Right now the t-72 Has almost the same damage and Armor as the m1.. when cold war rearmed comes out are the devs going to ajust all the armor values to the old ofp way. otherwise you would probly have a new .ofpRearmed.exe file i think it would be best to go old armor standers to avoid this conflict and overpower.. from east/west old ofp example but without res addons example of armor vs armor bmp1 & t55 vs stryker?? t-72 vs M60 t-80 vs m1 note m2a2 was added in resistance.. if you dont change the armor values it would be something like this t-72&T-80 vs m-60 & m1 that does not make sence to me but on the other hand if you have two configs one for ARMA others for Arma:ofpR it would work out aswell say you just have a mission that is ARMA addons then if no OFPR addons are used then dont use the ofpr addons/arma config... sorey i am tyred jsut trying to help.. but i hope i am makeing my point clear but then again its a free expation pack so it shood be Unified all together Somehow...
  19. 1436

    Rank in squad.xml

    in the Squad Xml thare is a Place for a Title the Rank goes in thare -fyi
  20. 1436

    In Game Voip

    you have to enable it in the server config and open the VOip port tcp or udp. dont ask me for the command to eneble it or the port  maby Voice=1 hahah then use prt scan to see what port arma.exe is useing lol
  21. 1436

    server admin duscussion

    The old way RN used to do it was add -Log to the server command exe and that would create a 40mb text file we would then have to serch it with Text finder label the text 04/20/07-04/22/07Server.txt http://www.tucows.com/preview/334985 and do key word serchers like "Login" to see who login or "user name" and that would Give you the guys ip. then we hed over to http://samspade.org/ and ban thare ip range OLE school baby Btw this still works in Arma to just add -log -server=tkcsucks.config u get it right?
  22. 1436

    Body Armor In ArmA

    i tested body armor it does not work. whare are the configs for it i have looked in the Configs.
  23. 1436


    Calpop servers good cheap You can evan send them a server and just pay for the Line like $20 bucks a mounth
  24. 1436


    1.06 is us defult 1.07 is beta patch look in arma news to get it the OFfical 1.07 will be out soon and euro ver is 1.05
  25. 1436


    well use a mouse for one. change the settings from first to 3rd person by re-mapping keys in option/controls to maybe space key and remove the other space assigned key or use a 4th button on you’re mouse and you’re laptop may not have a Powerful enough video card to run the game. so it seems like it is jaggy slippery like skipping frames