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    Got some ATI problems

    Ati is a Good Brand AMD owns them now
  2. 1436

    7900gs 512 or 1950 pro

    Well i Think you Got a AGp card Right?? and looking for a beter agp card right? Well Conserding Nvidia Cant handle HDR & AA at the Same time i would go with ATi.
  3. 1436

    Missing rifle

    Its Berzerk Map its a Known Bug
  4. 1436

    Cant run server

    if you have 512mb of ram Set the dedicated server to -maxmem=512 and game to -maxmem=512
  5. 1436

    max mem connection woes

    If you have a Ati Video card Get the 7.5 patch or 6.7 patch And delete youre My Documents\ArmAArmA.cfg file and reload
  6. 1436

    MFCTI Beta Download

    Main Problum is Both Crcti And Mfcti is a Port from OFP the Scripts are done in .SQS and Shood Be Done in .SQF Binkster Needs help with this. And BBQ Bob Was The original ConVerter And bbq is in jail Binkster Has his own life. Best Mission i have seen so Far Done in Sqf is Wine Wars. MFCTI and Crcti Need to Be Redone from Cratch In .SQF
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    Dedicated server set-up

    You dont ahve to upload the Campaigns folderor the Missions . its not needed
  8. 1436

    Disabling 3rd person on a server

    open my docs then go to Arma folder open the user.ArmAProfile file with notepad go down to class veteran and find  3rdPersonView=1; this will shut off 3rd person for Vet mode not cadet. change to 3rdPersonView=0; then do the same for the other .armaprofile file in the ArmA Other Profiles folder
  9. Grafics settings dont matter for the server what you can do is put youre server.cfg in the arma.cfg Add the command for the client -maxmem=768 and for the server -maxmem=512
  10. 1436

    Hacks & Cheating..

    so anotherwords #exec numberOfFiles skywolf #ecec 1 checkFile skywolf A pm i sent Suma Quote codeSkywolf what does numberOfFiles= Do how do you set it 1= ture 0=false? numberOfFiles=29 for number of addons? Quote Suma It is number of addons, and it can be used in server-side handlers for events like signature check failed. See my post Commands
  11. Well My game is Crashing like mad i jsut reinstalled. I Have Ati x850 Xt With 6.7 drivers, Audigy 2 zs with latest Drivers, Nforce 3 250 socket 939 With Latest 5.11 drivers. Ok well i open my Arma.cfg and it says nonlocalVRAM=0; But in the my Bios i have it set to 356MB so i changed it to nonlocalVRAM=256897024; In my ARMA Report File i getting a lot of errors one after another like this w:\c\Poseidon\lib\d3d9\engdd9.cpp(5095) : Vertex buffer not allocated Virtual memory total 2047 MB (2147352576 B) Virtual memory free 774 MB (812630016 B) Physical memory free 1045 MB (1096683520 B) Page file free 2592 MB (2718052352 B) Process working set 170 MB (178995200 B) Process page file used 180 MB (189157376 B) Runtime reserved 832 MB (872415232 B) Runtime committed 123 MB (129089536 B) Longest free VM region: 99831808 ======================================================= Date: 06/08/07 Time: 14:59:50 ------------------------------------------------------- Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 0067F5D0 graphics: D3D9, Device: RADEON X850 Series, Driver:ati2dvag.dll resolution: 1280x1024x32 Addons: Desert in Ca\Desert\, CAIntroAnims in ca\introanims\, CASounds in ca\sounds\ CAMiscUS in ca\miscUS\, CA_Missions_Armory1 in ca\missions\armory1.intro\ CAweapons3_m107 in ca\weapons3\m107\ CAweapons3_m16a4_acg in ca\weapons3\m16a4_acg\, CAWheeled in ca\wheeled\ CA_Missions in ca\missions\, CARoads in CA\roads\ CAWheeled3_TT650 in CA\wheeled3\tt650\, CAAir in ca\air\, CA_Anims in ca\anims\ CAAnimals in CA\animals\, CAUI in ca\ui\, CAWeapons in ca\weapons\ CAweapons3_m16a4 in ca\weapons3\m16a4\ CAWeapons3_ammocrates in ca\weapons3\ammocrates\, CAAir3_Su34 in ca\air3\su34\ CACharacters in ca\characters\, CASigns in CA\signs\, CAFonts in ca\UIFonts\ CAweapons3_m16a4_gl in ca\weapons3\m16a4_gl\, CAWeapons3 in ca\weapons3\ CAWheeled3_M1030 in CA\wheeled3\m1030\, CAAir3 in ca\air3\, CAMisc in CA\misc\ CAPlants in CA\plants\, CAVoice in ca\voice\, CAData in ca\ CALanguage in ca\language\, CAWater in ca\water\ CAweapons3_aks74pso in ca\weapons3\aks74pso\ CA_Anims_Char in ca\anims\characters\, CATracked in ca\tracked\ CAweapons3_ksvk in ca\weapons3\ksvk\, CAA10 in ca\a10\, Sara in ca\sara\ CAWheeled3 in CA\wheeled3\, CABuildings in CA\buildings\, CARocks in Ca\Rocks\ CAweapons3_m16a4_acg_gl in ca\weapons3\m16a4_acg_gl\ Mods: CA Distribution: 1293 Version 1.06.5151 Fault address: 0067F5D0 01:0027E5D0 C:\Program Files\Atari\ArmA\arma.exe file: dm_40_unreal_arena_v1-00 (__cur_mp) world: Sara Prev. code bytes: F7 DB 8D 6C 9D 00 8B 5C 24 34 8D 4E 14 8D 57 10 Fault code bytes: F3 0F 10 72 F8 F3 0F 10 78 20 F3 0F 10 17 F3 0F
  12. 1436

    SWAF-ACF - Anti-Cheat Framework

    The Command to init vote kick via missions i think is STR_DS_VOTES_KICK something like that idk.
  13. 1436

    Complete List of ARMA Commands

    I got contacts 4 da Commands :P
  14. See also Arma Starup Parlements Dedicated server Mp server Commands Server CFG Multiplayer serve Commands Running Dedicated server Commands Not listed ArmA: Startup Parameters -noLimitTreeLODs \\sets no limit for Tree Level of Detail Network Options -voiceport dedicated server von port Use if running two arma servers Config Extras  numberOfFiles, checkExe used like So checkfiles[]= { "dta\bin.pbo" }; numberOfFiles= Quote Skywolf what does numberOfFiles numberOfFiles=29 for number of addons? Quote Suma It is number of addons, and it can be used in server-side handlers for events like signature check failed. Regards Performance Tuning Options not known safeMaxBandOverGood maxBandOverGood latencyBestAdd  latencyBestMul  latencyOkAdd   latencyOkMul   latencyWorseAdd latencyWorseMul latencyOverAdd  latencyOverMul  minDropouts okDropouts  midDropouts maxDropouts minAckHistory  maxOutputAckMask   lostLatencyAdd  lostLatencyMul  maxChannelBitMask  ackWindow  outWindow  goodAckBandFade minLatencyAdd  minLatencyMul  minLatencyUpdate   \\update pings evry MS/s? initLatency \\\Creates Higher pings? minActivity initBandwidth  ackRedundancy  ackTimeoutB ackTimeoutA dropGap maxPacketSize  rcvBufSize  winsockVersion  sockets NetServer \\system messages used when players are conected RegularCheck   Player conected normal OnUnsignedData  Player does has Modified Signed data OnDifferentData Player uses modified Files OnHackedData   \\player uses modified core data DoubleIdDetected   \\two players with the same Cd-key are connected additionalSignedFiles  \\player has More then normal Siigned fil
  15. 1436

    Server Performance

    Wired Config files settings for bandwith \\server Settings used to configure bandwith safeMaxBandOverGood maxBandOverGood latencyBestAdd latencyBestMul latencyOkAdd latencyOkMul latencyWorseAdd latencyWorseMul latencyOverAdd latencyOverMul minDropouts okDropouts midDropouts maxDropouts minAckHistory maxOutputAckMask lostLatencyAdd lostLatencyMul maxChannelBitMask ackWindow outWindow goodAckBandFade minLatencyAdd minLatencyMul minLatencyUpdate \\update pings evry MS/s? initLatency \\\Creates Higher pings? minActivity maxBandwidth minBandwidth initBandwidth ackRedundancy ackTimeoutB ackTimeoutA dropGap maxPacketSize rcvBufSize winsockVersion sockets NetServer MaxCustomFileSize MinErrorToSend MaxBandwidth MinBandwidth MaxSizeNonguaranteed MaxSizeGuaranteed MaxMsgSend
  16. 1436

    Complete List of ARMA Commands

    sure i did this when i was tired i will edit it.
  17. 1436

    Complete List of ARMA Commands

    sure i did this when i was tired i will edit it.
  18. 1436

    Hacks & Cheating..

    Yes IDs are the Cd-key. idenity
  19. I think it would be a Good idea if a person with a Modified Config shows up that the Hint will not show up to him but other players. this prevents him from leaveing the server if he is Cought red handed. What about Modified Sound configs? if you get the Script to work and a cheater with a id changer can just get unban is thare anyway to get a IP? maby via 3rd party software it would be realy nice is BIS shows ips/Id connected via Server console!!! Anyone out thare know of any 3rd party IP recorders//pingers That would ping evry ip conected to youre box so you can at leaste compare Game id Via thare ping!
  20. 1436

    Hacks & Cheating..

    Id bans are useless becuse of Id changers. a cheater can join youre server find ur clan leaders id. wait till he stops palying get on the server with his id. start cheating noticibly. you ban him and you also ban ur cleanleader and hes like WTh u Noobleet. This would be prety funny aculty oh know im Giveing them ideas U think ammo cheating is bad lol well  what about Sawning Tanks Yes Thay can Spawn Tanks or Spawn planes spawn anything. Teleport to any location on the map. Freeze youre Charactor. Make you type things in chat. Drop LGB from the Sky. Make huge sand bag Fortracess. Make huge logo in the Skies and for all you old ofp Players u know who im talking about and to hell with them. and dont mention thare names. becuse noobs will find them and go to thare website. any mention of them shood get a Insta Ban of bi fourms and post deleted  Best way To ban is by IP/id what games do this do you ask? umm Swat 4, Quake 4, rv6 tons of others. Best way to protect youre server is by adding this to the config kickduplicate=1; checkfiles[]= { "dta\core.pbo", "dta\bin.pbo" }; equalModRequired=1;
  21. 1436

    Body Armor In ArmA

    lol Body Armor im sorey pelase fix thank you The question i ask does body armor working in Arma? allot of games body armor does not work like in ghost recon plenty of others. but in games like swat 4 i believe it does. any way to fix this or test this? fix character models or config to reflect the body armor they have on? And anyone want to make this addon/config to fix this if the devs wont do this. Â evan a option to turn it on in Difficulty settings for Sp or mp coop vs pvp. And anyone els would like to make the Dragon Skin body vest. Seen on future weapons or msnbc Special investigation video for Dragon armor = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KS0pSwdQfbY oh btw Dragon Skin is baned by the US army because they need there Contracts. Â I would realy like the devs fix/anser this before somone goes on makeing mods then Leaveing it up to ECP/relistic mod makers addon and is this evan a good idea to have it in the game becuse maby it can be used as a explot or cheat.
  22. 1436

    Deamon tool

    Deomon toolz lol you Mean Fire Demon i get em confused to right Rn runs 16aa and 88th Arma servers BDA runs 3 servers on one box Plus a Graw server http://www.firedaemon.com/ Windows, trusted by customers worldwide to provide 100% uptime of their applications. You can create a service in seconds without modifying any of your existing applications and keep it running without the need of an end user session. FireDaemon Pro allows you to schedule, configure, install and run your application program executable or script as a Windows Service. FireDaemon Trinity provides all the functionality of Pro but allows you to manage and deploy services across your network. FireDaemon will run native 32-bit or 64-bit applications (EXE or DLL), shortcuts or scripting / interpreted languages (eg. Java, .NET, Perl, Batch (BAT/CMD), Python, Ruby, TCL/TK, PHP) as a Windows service! Download the 30-day trial of Pro or Trinity today!
  23. 1436

    Dedicated Server Tipps, Tricks and Tweaks

    Refresh the page i edited it alot sorey im tired
  24. 1436

    Dedicated Server Tipps, Tricks and Tweaks

    3dPerformance does not matter that is for youre video card when you play the game Framerate Command tryes to keep the server at the Desired framerate. you can check the server load via loging in and doing #monitor 5 Change yourre Config so it looks like this // Performance Tuning frameRate=36.00000; MaxMsgSend=512; MinErrorToSend=0.01; MaxSizeGuaranteed=1024; MaxSizeNonguaranteed=512; MinBandwidth=14000000; Â // 14MBIT min bandwith MaxBandwidth=34000000; Â // 34mbit max bandwith Maxmem=1024; //sets server memorey //Cheat Pervention verifySignatures=1; //Checks Checksum Value//Directory paths kickduplicate=1; //prevents Team spying and Fade aka server lag checkfiles[]={"dta\core.pbo","dta\bin.pbo"}; //checks Pbo files Via md5 Chcksum Values comapred to server // other disableVoN=1;// Disables Voip in game the MaxSizeNonguaranteed is For Packet Size i belive changeing thoes settings Incresses packet size im not sure try my Above Config tell me if it works good for you on youre 100mbit server
  25. 1436

    Dedicated Server Tipps, Tricks and Tweaks

    I've run some upload/download on the net who said 80Mbits down & 20Mbits up .. look very huge.. but well i choose a minbandwidth=15000000; but i am not sure it's the best for performance choice ! This is what we had on our 100mBit server Server on RN/Kaos/88th/XR-CTI Game on OFP you may onley get 20mbps Upload becuse the upload test you are doing is max 20mbps // Performance Tuning frameRate=36.00000; MaxMsgSend=512; MinErrorToSend=0.01; MaxSizeGuaranteed=1024; MaxSizeNonguaranteed=512; MinBandwidth=14000000; Â // 14MBIT min bandwith MaxBandwidth=34000000; Â // 34mbit max bandwith Also you forgot one very important Parlament in youre config Maxmem=1024; Â // Amount of Ram server got <--very important Line most people forget about or you can add it this way arma.exe' -config=server.cfg -maxmem=1024