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  1. Why didint bis name Armed Assult Americans Army 2 I know its not Americans army but VBS1 & VBS2 is used by the guard and other services. it Wouldnt it hurt thares sales of vbs2 if it was named that then aussie would not by it? or would the U.S. Army not like it? or bis not go for a soly us based name game. or would the army want to make it free for the public? But dam wouda sold a hella alot more copys Americans army Developer: U.S. Army Publisher:  U.S. Army  Oh well a little to late i guess Shoots self  Or maby hum Expanten pack name hehe
  2. told u it was a dumb idea but it would ahve sold more copys lol
  3. 1436

    X-FI Soundcard users

    i got a x-fi extream gamer arma works fine but i did have bsod with the Audigy 2.
  4. 1436

    fps very low

    7100 is crap if you have agp get a x850 on e-bay or 7800gs or x1950 thoes are the best cards and range from 80-220
  5. 1436

    Crosshair/movement lag

    You are geting video lag. youre video card is working to hard what video card do you have? best thing to do Disable shadows and AA.
  6. ha10kx2k.sys is a device driver for youre sound card Creative the best thing to do is get a newer driver for youre sound card. Right click on my computer go to propertys click hardware then device manager click + to expand sounds and audio if you do not know what type of sound card you have. once you know what make and modelgo to www.creative.com go to support then download and get the new drivers for youre sound cards. I have experenced alot of problums with creative audigy 2 card and arma so i bought a x-fi extreamGamer for $80
  7. I have a request for the CWR team a big one. Can you pelase add a Multiplayer CTI we where told that arma would have one built in. but its not realy playable something like Crcti or Mfcti. that is player vs player and you have to capture towns to get money and have a base you can deploy. and the goal is to kill the emny base or capture all the towns!
  8. 1436

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    The game is realy fun love it. Negitives 1.No built in good CTI like Capture the island with ai we wher told that we wher Get one
  9. ARMA Team speak Complete List Powerd by tsviewer.com Register to add youre team speak server to the list
  10. 1436

    ArmA Squad Directory

    Squad name - The Beer Drinking Assassins Squad acronym - *BDA* Squad location - Server USA English Speaking onley Squad webpage - http://thebeerdrinkingassassins.com Squad contact - Please see website Squad status - Actively Recruiting (25+) Teamspeak [iP] Pw at website Gameserver [iP] Public server no mod folders [iP] Private server
  11. Recurting closed untill further notice....
  12. 1436

    Where did all the Berzerk servers go?

    This is SkyWolf*Bda* yah we had a new mappack going on and someone made a Giant Beer Tower on our server messed our maps up so we had to have the server down for a bit and we lost intrest in bezerk for a time and wher just waiting on other maps to be put up.
  13. i have systran PRo 6.0 a $999.00 program to do translations. il do the basic with systran and other people can refine it ok.
  14. 1436

    Evolution V3.0

    this Mission is realy intensive on CPU usage is thare anyway the evo team can lower the threds/strings in vb being done we at bda run evo and bezerk and evo kills our server thanks
  15. 1436

    Berzerk Map Pack

    bugs and stuff If you pick the m16/m203 it comes with no ammo. I would be Nice if the Bodys did not disapare so quick to pick up ammo. Be nice to Have a View distance option or no grass option. While playing bezerk if you look at the arma.rpt file you will find theys two errors Client: Object (type AIStatsMPRowUpdate) not found. and w:\c\Poseidon\lib\vehicleAI.cpp(6816) : Bad double magazine detection
  16. Fixed log v1.03 Bezerk Maps wher Renamed wrong so i left them alone. C&H 64 Maps converd Changed vichle respawn scripts added ammo crate respawn and other minor tweeks [C&H] (200) Battle For Corazol updated Added [Co] (28) Island Takeover V2 -BDA-.Sara [C&H] (64) Tactical wAR v.1.08.Sara [C&H] (50) Trident.Sara [C&H] (54) Platoon [s&D] (19) Colonels Escape and yes i am nutz haha  http://www.usaupload.net/d/301spkzpqv4
  17. 1436

    Servers for lease?

    if you are looking to spend over $175 a Mounth for a 10-100mbit check out www.softlayer.com www.calpop.com www.godaddy.com
  18. 1436

    Separating MODS.

    in the mod Folder you put another fodler inside the mod folder named addons. if you want to add more mod folders tp load seperate them with ; like so -mod=@kia;@FDF_sounds
  19. 1436

    Complete List of ARMA Commands

    Thare is in the server config add disablevon=1;
  20. 1436

    OFPEC Blood Effect

    humm nice But cant you do this non 3rd party addon so it works in evry mission thare is a Wound.p3d and wound rvmat wound files in the charactors.pbo and in the config file thare are would types selectionHeadWound = "head_injury"; selectionBodyWound = "body_injury"; selectionLArmWound = "l_arm_injury"; selectionRArmWound = "r_arm_injury"; selectionLLegWound = "l_leg_injury"; selectionRLegWound = "r_leg_injury"; and thare are classes for hits cant you execute the blood effects via 3rd party addon but without a need to execute a script file kinda like what reskins do point a wound to a diffrent area but then again thare are extra effects not defult but thare has to be some way to do it via lauching the scripts from the addon or ahveing the affects int he addon it self. il look in to the ecp blood and see how that does it. class HitHead { armor = 0.700000; material = -1; name = "head_hit"; passThrough = 1; }; class HitBody { armor = 0.800000; material = -1; name = "body"; passThrough = 1; }; class HitHands { armor = 0.500000; material = -1; name = "hands"; passThrough = 1; }; class HitLegs { armor = 0.500000; material = -1; name = "legs"; passThrough = 1; };
  21. thare wher alot of erros in sevral missions in the discrption.ext i found out theys errors by opeing up my arma.rpt file Fix Log for ver 1.1 of the pack i got thoes missions that crashed on me to work now i can start to work on converting Karrilions missions to 64 players [CTF] (20) ThE JuNkYaRD -MeTHoD-.Sara.pbo error in ai disabled ai//20th player was non playable fixed [CTF] (20) Corridor v1.Sara.pbo error in ai disabled ai [Co] (4) NightShift.Intro //No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgMarkers.ootwhijackp' fix=removed [Co] (14) Commanding-Battle.Intro.pbo error if you have a defult face on it will crash ( fix? [A&D] (61) ARMSTRONG Pita v1.08.Sara //no class heder ai is on mission type named wrong its A&d not S&d [Co] (24) royal Rescue v13.Sara Respwn to side not implmented changed to group [C&H] (200) BattleForCorazol -BDA- //no class header [DM] (28) GunshiP v0.5 -Armatech- File description.ext, line 1: '.onLoadmission': Missing ';' at the end of line File description.ext, line 2: '.respawndelay': Missing ';' at the end of line [DM] (28) Gunship v15 File description.ext, line 1: '.onLoadmission': Missing ';' at the end of line File description.ext, line 2: '.respawndelay': Missing ';' at the end of line [DM] (25) Panzers is a 25 palyer map not 20 changed descripton.ext header [DM] (10) vodka v1.10 -MCY-.intro\description.ext, line 8: '.titleParam1': Missing ';' at the end of line [DM] (24) RoadRage v1 -celery-.sara\description.ext, line 7: '.titleParam1': Missing ';' at the end of line Co] (44) EAST AirCavOnslaught v2.Sara: Missing 'description.ext::Header' [Co] (34) Ramadi Airport.Intro: Number of roles (34) is different from 'description.ext::Header::maxPlayer' (2) [CTF] (20) CastleKeep v2 -{MOD}-.Sara: Number of roles (22) is different from 'description.ext::Header::maxPlayer' (20)
  22. I found this addon in my addons folder i installed 6thsence bda pack and xam so i did not know whare it came from and it had no config.cfg or no config.bin it sorey link removed so i made a new config file i did not retxtre anything sorey
  23. Next week or two im comeing out with a Pack for smaller servers 1-20 people most of thoes mission on the Pack are 20-60 players. my main goal in doing this is to get off the Evo/Berzerk Grind and give players/admins more options for great maps! im not the publisher of any of theys but i modified a few. so its kinda like the Best pics of ARMA. and in the new one will be a reformat the name system to be [ctf] players with _ in the next one sorey i was a jerk just tired last night.