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  1. rgr pm me when its up so i can post it ty.
  2. Added a second mirror for xam 1.02 Updated Ts info. Updated english fourms link. Â http://armed-assault.de/ will mirror Xam 1.03 when it comes out Please sibmit it when it comes out. Or filefront.com
  3. Why does someone fourm a anti arma cheat group? anyone want to out up thoes fourms
  4. ps if anyone has the cheat pack please pm me the mod folder name and addons in the folder TY!!
  5. 1436

    Dedicated Server Beta available

    why is this still a sticky beta old shood be takeing off onley thing good in it is ds-admin Readme
  6. this does not work and shood not be a sticky
  7. when you ban a ip range you dont ban the whole ISP yo ban the area whare that area is. so lets say you ban ip ***.***.*** and then go to www.samspade.org look up the ip range you find out that person is on Virizon. when you ip range ban them you are baning the State thay are in not the whole isp you can evan call the isp again and say i need toe Co ip range that is the Datacenter in that city ip range ban so you ban just that. In turms of beink a afk admin set youre Vote threshold to 0.20 on a 30+ man server. It takes forever to vote admin for reson 1 a most in server dont speek english 2 cant type are noobs. if you have no voteing on youre server and decide to leave with all youre mates you are asking for a cheater to come on in. so just shut it down but if you do have admin voteing on then the cheater can be kicked fact is that 95% of players right now dont evan know a ligit key is 6-9 numbers long. so cheater gets kicked comes back with a new name. same id http://stats.swec.se:3001/server/list keeps tracks of scores so look at the list find games in the past u knew thare was no admin and look for negitive 35 plus score it will tell you the player name that combined with -netlog and Logfile= in server config shood be no problum to ban unwanted guys. examples of such games BDa @-=Public Server=-@ Name/Score/Deaths/Game thay wher in ----------------------------- Matt Baba -55 18 http://stats.swec.se/game/data/601653 boris-rus -48 11 http://stats.swec.se/game/data/599178 hateriszed! -35 8 http://stats.swec.se/game/data/599178 ak47marksman -36 5 http://stats.swec.se/game/data/598896 Baz -34 10 http://stats.swec.se/game/data/597161 carlos metra -61 15 http://stats.swec.se/game/data/592429 Baz -34 10 http://stats.swec.se/game/data/597161 IFYOUHATEMEFUCKYOU -49 17 http://stats.swec.se/game/data/593601 GruntyThrst -35 0 http://stats.swec.se/game/data/592429 this is what the global ban list to be baist on not some random person saying this guy hacks and that guy screenshot might be photoshop. but you also have to relise a game with 3 people in it. all same clan with -400 score is jsut haveing fun but a full game and one guys has -35 plus thats Pure tking Rember dieing does not give you a negitive score onley destroying friendly vic or tking i think a Negitive Score over -35 score is something realy to look in to or ban its sad to see 1 out of 10 ids one is fake and i kick and say go buy the game and thay say but im in Korea thay dont sell it and i kick again
  8. 1436

    Food for thought

    arma already gives u ips with -netlog and a program like blackice or net limiter can do the ip ban or ip range ban.
  9. 1436

    Desync with E 3.0

    bad server config.
  10. 1436

    Thanks Bohemia and 505 games

    why are you blameing BI?? Bi is the game Develper not the game publisher. Develper = makes the game and pactches it. Publisher = Boxes the games up sells the games. deals with Custermer support. blame 505 or what ever version you got. who ever you talked to did not know what you thay are talking about. if you have the boxed version open the game up look at the cd it self in the iner circle of the disk thare are numbers thare that is the series of the disk then go to the back of the box and grab upc and serial number e-mail teh publisher not bi that and you will get a new key. also if you have a recipt it helps. and how exacly is someone stealing his key bi fault or 505/atari? how was it stolen? did youre house get robed? did someone rob youre house just ot get a armed-assult key or did someone hack his e-mail account with the direct to download copy? and btw how old are you and also evry single Publisher in evry single pc game market does the same thing about cd-keys so deal with it or play console. i practly made the system on cd-keys
  11. 1436

    BIS, Please Read This

    not if u ip-rage ban haha im not talking about looking up ip rage. that will ban all the ips on that isp. call the isp or e-mail the admin ask for the Co ip range the Co ip range is the Server range in that area of the city. how do i ip ban? ----------------------------------------------- Make sure you have logfile=logfile.clog in youre server.cfg with -netlog it makes timestamps for conections ips. with logfile= in server.cfg it also makes timestamps. of users names and ids unfortantly you have to copy the logfile and netlog over to someplace becuse you can not acess it while the game is open. open both file ups serch for the evil player in the server console logfile find the timestamp then go to netlog file and serch for the timestanp thare bam ip in hand now go to youre firewall and ban!
  12. Thants not how you handle them. Make sure you join a server with a admin in it!! Make sure the admin knows what hes doing! ask the admin if u can vote on the server if not leave when the admin leaves. becuse thay will pop up when the admin is gone. if u can vote get evryone to vote and kick that guy out! if the admin does not speek youre language leave or try to explane. Educate evry admin in arma that is my goal! haha 3 more admins tought how to ban + checkfiles + ips bans what now HAHA
  13. 1436

    Remote Admin

    ok -netlog does record ips. so to ban remotely is realy easy hahah Make sure you have logfile= in youre server.cfg with -netlog it makes timestamps for conections ips. with logfile= in server.cfg it also makes timestamps. unfortantly you have to copy the logfile and netlog over to someplace becuse you can not acess it while the game is open. open both file ups serch for the evil player in the server console logfile find the timestamp then go to netlog file and serch for the timestanp thare bam ip in hand now go to youre firewall and ban! Â Â @ TKC
  14. 1436

    receiving mission file...

    u need port 2302-2305 udp open you dont need 2305 or 2304 open if you have VON off if you have to wait more then 4min on reciving data server is fubar an not setup right!!!
  15. 1436

    Hosting and Custom Faces

    go to my documents open the arma.cfg file and add MaxCustomFileSize=350000; <--max 35kb raise it if you want
  16. Well seams like if the cheaters dont ruion a game the lag kills us. Thares so much stuff to dive in to that i have already coverd in this section <a href="http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard311/ikonboard.cgi? s=3cd5b47a5a7323b8c29ced20ea7210b5;act=ST;f=73;t=63934" target="_blank">Dedicated server guide</a> but i did not realy dive in to cheater identifaction on that thred thats kinda top-secret somewhat but thare are sevral ways to identifi the people who runin games but if you admins need further help im up for it im me on bis fourms or msn/yahoo. plz dont move this to multipalyer section no one looks in thare thx. List of Servers i have helped out Squadserver.com OGN SRR Legion-x BDA USM Kaos and others
  17. 1436

    Remote Admin

    -netlog use to spit em out in ofp for arma it does not do it anymore i have not tryed sence 1.06
  18. hope you dont mind im going to put the multiplayer stuff on my "Complete list of arma commadns" in multiplayer il give u credit/ and i have one to add. If you are in a tank as driver and have manual fire on press tab to Auto-target this is tanks radar system it will pick up enemys 1000 meters away in vic
  19. 1436

    BIS, Please Read This

    Ok sorey to but in in 3 optins i see. make a program that scans the Vitural servers memorey to detect Anomilys. that make sure no other script runs onley the ones in the mission. the game server files are in w:\c\Poseidon\lib\ in the "vitural object" so maby a tool that can view it thoes files Make arma server "server side" onley. wont stop aimbot/d3d hack/unlimited ammo. Make a Program based on sockets2 that will record ip's on players conected. old ofp use to record ips when a player conected via -netlog maby that can be used again. or any program that will record ips on port 2302 that can be used with a servers logfile Why dont all you savy c++ vb guys fourm a Anti arma cheating group? i know thare is a video of them in rl preching about "the way of the cheater" that shows thare faces hehe
  20. The thing is BIS shood have made a new engine not based it off vbs 2 becuse thay had a problum with scum sucking cheating groups in the past with ofp. THe main problum is Multiplayer is client side. if thay would have made this game Server side then all thare major hacks would not work ie lgb 30min long drop. bis also has a case agentist them via becuse word of mouth sells games and if scum sucking cheating groups countiuns makes Bezerk maps unplayable people quit flat out and never play mp again or onley in a "trusted group". scum sucking cheating groups has a difrent pholophy sure im sure thay thay get a kick out of killing evryone but thay wher never this bad thay would kill evronone on a server for 20min. stright thats just wrong. And by saying scum sucking cheating groups you are not advertiseing for them you are letting the modirators know what a-holes thay all are. But id do have to agree with you more about the dedicated game server admins have a more likly chance of screwing them with some kind of law suit. and not bis. But bis can get them on the fact thay thay have a ID changer and thay have reversed enginerd the Game so many times.
  21. 3mb full of .ogg files you can have up to 10 in youre user sounds folder. Warning Alot of theys sounds have curses in them! http://www.usaupload.net/d/ulolol0d9kl and if u hate sound files set MaxCustomFileSize=000000; on ur server
  22. ahh nvm theys tkc guys wher on a server with equalmodrequires and finechecks
  23. yah over 10 digits are ketgen ids that a old fact from ofp. best way to make a secure server is to make it equalmodrequires=1 and have a config checkfile in the server.cfg this does not mean you can not come in with addons. it just forces players to put thare addons in thare addons folder. so the file check can can scan them see my server config http://www.freewebs.com/sieish/server2.txt also updated my sticky http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....t=63934
  24. Can we get the crow or some goth/vamp face