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  1. Firstly, 'the FEW' can be used in conjuction with any WWII mod.

    'the FEW' is an aerial combat mod but of course at times we would like to mix and match it with the WWII ground combat mods.

    We will not be focusing on ground units (never even considered) but more on objects and props.

    Yac has kindly provided the pilot model to start and maybe if he likes could include some air and

    ground crew but that would be the extent of unit models I would imagine.

    AA guns etc I am hoping that they would be covered in other mods.

    "CSJ, is is the is a Battle of Britain mod or a full WWII aircraft mod?"

    BOB is just one arena. Hopefully, with support, we can cover other arenas as the Pacific

    and update aircraft models as they evolved through to the later stages of WWII.

    "(BI for some bizarre reason never implemented turret classes on fixed wing aircraft as far as I know)"

    not tested MP yet but hopefully will be OK.

    the biggest problem I can see would be AI shooting the wings off their own bombers.


    I have worked on several 51x51 maps so I can appreciate the work involved.

    The idea for a BOB map is not to focus on ground units but more so ground targets.

    It would be for air combat, bombing raids, recon etc AA, strategic targets, airfields and trains etc

    I do not imagine combat troops by the number running around other then those manning guns

    or ground crew.

    Detail would be higher around airfields but villages, towns, docks and factories would be low detail.

    They are my thoughts atm..

    The other WWII mods would have or be making maps more suited to detailed ground combat.

    I would like to see what you have so far.

    I know most are busy doing their own thing but if someone can spare 20 mins to assist with some sqf

    work that would be good.

    Anyone that thinks they can 'help the cause' is welcome to msg me.

  2. @Aeneas2020 re clouds, the clouds are 3D but objects not particle effect.

    I thought particle effect clouds would be a drain on the FPS. I get a major frame rate slow down with a building collapse in game. If particle effect clouds work ok then yes that would be the way to go.

    ..but I am no good working with particle effects.

    @Mr Burns , thanks for the advice "capture as png and convert that to paa", I have set fraps to png. My pc can struggle with ArmA sometimes so my picture quality will never be great.

    I am happy to use op pictures for menu screens if supplied.

    thanks for mirrors all :)

  3. Land is better, less taxing on pc.

    I was thinking this area with the channel narrowed so you could slide more of England into the picture. Land would be the premium.

    More suitable to bombing runs either way. Just a thought.

    ... and I could dig up some old ships and boats for strafing. :)


    Another addition I have been toying with is clouds.

    These include view geo which blocks anything from the top centre radar/vision screen, this means that the AI can not see you either.

    Still working on the right txtr mix but it adds to the game without taking away from the FPS.



  4. 'the FEW'

    Just a little fun mod that I will slowly add to and update.

    Basically WWII planes - dogfighting etc

    Still work in progress, aren't they all.


    Updated Pilot Pbo for theFew_Ver_100525

    Preview Release .txt

    the FEW by CSJ ver .100122

    (work in progress)



    place @theFew folder in your ArmA 2 addons folder

    default - C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2


    Short cut:

    Example -

    "C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\arma2.exe" -nosplash -mod=@theFew;

    Icon can be found in @theFew folder



    Models and Textures by CSJ (work in progress)

    Spitfire MK1

    Hurricane MK11a

    109 E

    109 G

    Lightning P38

    Parachute replacement

    Models and Textures by Yac (work in progress)

    WW2 Pilots





    I can not get the pilot units talking in game.

    The quiet is a nice change but some chatter would be good.


    Loading Screens - I use HA_loading Author addon: [HA] badger

    Loading Screens pictures by CSJ

    Multi Cannon Script Base by Sudden Death




    either private message or 'the Few' thread

    I would appreciate help with SQF scripting, handleDamage and MP scripting.

    All help is welcome - don't be shy

    Some screenies -




  5. Myke don't know if you have tried this?

    Make a back up of p3d first ! Just in case :)

    In the resources library window - sections

    dbl click on all identical entries (rvmats included) whilst holding down ctrl key.


    ctrl C (copy your selection)


    D (remove all faces)


    Points \ select isolated and delete


    ctrl V (paste your selection)

    hopfuly all or most will reduce to 1 selection.

    If not then check 'user values' etc

  6. Oh sh!t thought I put it in cfg section. Please move mod.


    Sorry mate can't see it relates to what I asked.

    "Can I please have some detail on each value and its effect in flight ?

    cfg Plane example

    envelope[]= {0.00, 0.10, 0.65, 2.20, 3.70, 5.30, 6.00, 5.50, 5.60, 4.80, 3.60, 1.80, 0};

    thankyou "

    maybe someone from BIS would have an idea.