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  1. thanks UNN

    Here is a challange for someone :whistle: :D

    the old barrage balloon - model is done but some small scripting needed.

    2 parts :) for when plane flies under balloon it snags on the cable.


    As the cable tares away from the balloon the balloon deflates and falls back to ground.

    2) The cable snagged on the plane has a small chute attached to each end.

    These chutes open and drag the plane down to earth.

    Would be really really great if someone could nut this one out for us.


  2. Maybe try searching then asking in the 'ArmA 2 - MISSION EDITING & SCRIPTING' section.

    There seems to be a lot of input there re vehicle respawn problems.

    I thought a reader here could help but app. not.

    If the plane is not repawned in the air? Cant you just have empty plane waiting on the ground to ready to board for respawned player.

  3. @LupoUK

    "you might want to consider removing the swatstika" - this is easy enough done and I am happy to do it but it would just be a seperate edition for our German friends ? The rest of us could keep the original pack?

    re ready made models:

    Funny thing is I enjoy making the models. I seriously do not enjoy working on other peoples work though I am happy to help them complete their work.

  4. Debut:

    Ju87 with working rear gunner.


    Even though it performs well, the rear gun turret is an addition to the aircraft, it is not a turret defined within the aircraft cfg.

    Do not expect it to fully function as if it was - Yet.

    I was hoping to have a heavy bomber ready for this release as well

    but workload/time did not permit this.

    Made several chnages to all models of which the main changes have been

    listed in the Change Log.

    Download the FEW ver .100207 Update'


    the FEW by CSJ ver .100207

    total replacement for previous ver .100122

    (work in progress)



    place @theFew folder in your ArmA 2 addons folder

    default - C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2


    Short cut:

    Example -

    "C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\arma2.exe" -nosplash -mod=@theFew;

    Icon can be found in @theFew folder



    Models and Textures by CSJ (work in progress)

    Spitfire MK1

    Hurricane MK11a

    109 E

    109 G

    Lightning P38

    Parachute replacement

    Models and Textures by Yac (work in progress)

    WW2 Pilots


    Junkers Ju87 Stuka with working rear gunner


    Change Log:

    Subtle engine/wind sounds changes have been made the 109s - supplied by Sgt.Elias

    New engine sound for 109s

    Reconfigured engine sounds all.

    Fixed Axis aircraft grouping. Stopped them fro, reverting to allied side once in game.

    Fixed 109 holes in tetxure.

    Fixed Sitfire Shadow lod.

    Added 109 and P38 wreck models to editor.

    Changed P38 sights.

    Reshaped Hurricane Gear Covers.

    Chutes do not override Bis chutes anymore.

    All weapons reconfigured, rps, hit, multiples etc.

    WW2 Pilots by Yac

    Updated by

    added items - "ItemMap", "ItemCompass", "ItemWatch" (CSJ)



    I can not get the pilot units talking in game.(wip)


    Loading Screens - I use HA_loading Author addon: [HA] badger

    Loading Screens pictures by CSJ

    Multi Cannon Script Base by Sudden Death




    either private message or 'the Few' thread

    JOIN UP - Become part of 'theFEW'

    - looking for assistance with textures, sqs/sqf, configs, modelling.

    Anything constructive.

    Genuine interest only need apply.


    I will try and do some demo missions for the Ju87 - time permitting.

    To start in the as gunner I use


    ;;;put this in plane init =


    _plane = _this select 0;

    _gunner = _this select 1;

    _plane_Gun = _plane getVariable "varGun";

    _gunner moveInGunner _plane_Gun;

    _plane_pilot =group player createUnit ["Axis_pilot", [0,0,0], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"];

    _plane_pilot moveInDriver _plane;

    ;;;May need to add this line if you are not leader of group -

    ;;;thought it is not always needed.

    ;;;?_gunnner == player: [_gunner] join grpnull;

    @(count crew _plane_Gun)<=0;

    _ActionEject =_gunner addAction ["Parachute", "\CSJ_chute\scripts\ejectEast.sqs"];


    _gunner removeAction _ActionEject


  5. @[APS]Gnat - "hmmmm ... well that is "radar" after all"

    Yes mate it is.

    It is also a visual assistance for some people, like myself, are lucky to have their view distance set to 3 to 5 km max. So 'radar' helps, otheriwse you are lucky to see a plane at 300 yards.

    Some ppl play with red and green markers on their screen - wgaf.

    The clouds I made (not so pretty atm) block the 'radar' for player and for AI which balanced the game. No bullets appearing through the bank.

    I am happy to switch it off but since no one (to my surprise) made comment about it in the main thread then I thought I would pursue this avenue.


    This is true but the 'red dot' does disolve if a plane moves behind an object.


    Thanks - I will switch of the 'radar' for the next release and see what the spray is.

    I will copy and try this, I can use this hopefuly on other projects.

  6. Not my field but this is what I used in Arma to through a picture up at the start of a mission.


    class RscStdText










    class RscTitles


    titles[] = {"unspic","intro"};

    class unspic


    idd=-1; // ID ... always -1

    movingEnable = false; // always false

    duration=3; // time of the effect (in seconds)

    name = "unspic"; // name in editor

    sizeEx = 256;// Size required for ARMA

    controls[]= {"Pic"};

    class Pic : RscStdText //RscPicture // For pictures



    x = 0.1;

    y = -0.05;

    w = .8;

    h = .9;


    sizeEx = 1;



    class intro


    idd=-1; // ID ... always -1

    movingEnable = false; // always false

    duration=20; // time of the effect (in seconds)

    name = "intro"; // name in editor

    sizeEx = 256;// Size required for ARMA

    controls[]= {"Pic"};

    class Pic : RscStdText //RscPicture // For pictures



    x = 0;

    y = 0.1;

    w = 0.9;

    h = 1;


    sizeEx = 1.5;





    cutRsc["unspic", "PLAIN", 2];


    pic was 1024x1024 paa

    hope this helps

  7. @Saphyr

    Don't know why there would be this proplem. I do not get much of a chance to play MP.

    Maybe you may have to run the 'Eventhandlers init =' from the aircraft's cfg in the respawn script. ? If it worked the first time I would assume it would work again but as I said I know nothing of MP scripting.


    Fuel last for a long time, well long enough for game usage.

    Using WEP will burn duel much faster or if you get hit in the fuel tank then you have about 7 seconds to bail out.


    Yeah, I will have a look at it.

  8. @Wardog

    Yes, was a PPE, updated.


    Ju87 Update:

    Stuka is operational - plane and rear gunner.

    Only thing atm is getting the bombs working properly :(

    Don't know if it's me or just Bis bombs. Player is fine but AI are woeful.

    Also AI do not get into the groove doing the Stuka Jive with 'Trumpets of Jericho', so more scripting needed there. All time consuming.

  9. Still using attachto work around.

    Someone mentioned a turret on the UAV a couple of days ago so I tried to get that wokring on my planes but kept getting error after error so I reverted back to the attachto.

    I have set it up to act like a normal turret as much as possible.

    If you create an empty plane the turret is empty or create a manned plane and the turret is manned.

    AI is not too bad at shooting around his own plane - even some humans :j: occasionally put one or two bullet holes in the tail.

    Has a couple of drawbacks like cmd disembark and gunner will disembark no matter where you are ...but I am sure this type of thing can be overcome.

  10. @Das Attorney

    Since everyone hates my sounds so much :icon_sad:

    I quess it would not hurt to ask him, if you please.

    Naturally before any new mod additions are accepted they a will be subject to review at Bentley Priory. :D


    I think that is the clip I used for the startup sound. I have spent my time in youtube.

  11. Re: sounds

    The sounds for the current released planes are recorded from video footage of the same aircraft - best I can do there. I thought they sounded ok but there is always room for improvement.

    Sgt.Elias has already altered the 109 sounds for next release.

    The Spitfire and Hurricane machine guns, not the cannons, are also from video footage. They sound good when the whole sound is played but the rapid fire cuts the sounds very short.

    I could not find a half decent 20mm so just used either an old copy or a Bis sound.

    Anybody good with sounds / sound configs that wants to assist in that department is welcome. :cool:

    (I am not intereseted in just swapping sounds or textures etc from other games !)

    "Is it just me or do they crash eachother or just get shot down randomly?


    AI can tend to collide with each other.

    Also, the way I have the damage setup there is a very very slim chance of the players plane self immolating but even less chance for AI.

    Until I get assistance re the damagehandling (hint hint :cool: ) then the current system will stay as it is.

    I have noticed that when sqd leader the AI do not really respond to the 'attack at will' it is better to give them a target and then order to engage.