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  1. A lot of people have been inquiring re the gyro for A2.

    It is ready for use on face value, though I have not spent the time I would like on preparing it for A2. Maybe later.

    (pics are from ArmA)



    csj_gyroac_V100501.rar with server key

    find in editor civ\csj_air\

    No float model yet - old float scripts do not work in A2 and I simply do not have time to pursue this atm.

    link fixed

  2. Was wondering if there was a simple way to deactivate the water surface spray... it would add at least for us who so much enjoy this addon a bit more excitement...

    I agree. I have been trying to disable the BIS water effect for a while.

    I have changed the geo lod, memory lod points and searched A2 bin and cfgs,

    finely gave up and just released it as is.

    If someone knows howto disable the water effect - do tell please.

    We can always add a bit of splash during the attack action.

  3. shark2.jpg

    Small addon for a bit of different fun.

    Shark will cruise the water looking for food.

    Once it has sensed food it will the stalk its prey and then attack.

    Not all attacks will be fatal at first :D

    I have included a short shark_intro mission.

    Should last about 5 or 10 ten minutes.

    Depends on how soon you get eaten :p

    Updated csj_shark_V100501.rar with server key

    CSJ_Shark pbo goes in the addon folder

    Shark_intro mission goes in the Missions folder

    to be played in single player scenarios.


  4. but my model is a ship not a plane ...

    I had a fan on a boat in OFP days, my Airboat had a prop that was animated.

    Wire the fan to the engine EH.

    BUT - what goes around comes around - when the engine is switched off the fan will spin back to the starting pos.

    So you can use two sets of blades, one that turns and one that does not.

    Hide either blade, depending on the action being performed, using setobjecttexture.

    class fan











    angle1= (1500 * 6.283161);


    Speed of the fan can be set by animPeriod. 500 to 1000 should be suitable.

  5. It seems your Stuka didn't bomb any ground targets when I played it in 31stMod. Not sure if there is a confilct with this Mod only or the others as well.

    I have not fully setup weapons cfgs on most models, so hopefully this will be fixed soon.

    Setting B17s so you can lose a couple of engines and keep aloft depending on overall damage of the plane. Also gunners have were too accurate so I have altered their aim. Wing damage and fuel tank damage is now functioning.

    Made adjustment to all planes so they shoot more often or atleast I think I did :)

  6. Just a heads up then. "The FEW" aircraft, pilots, and parachute were included in the 31st Normandy beta that was released.
    Issue has been sorted. As long as ppl remove that content before next update of "the FEW" then there should be no conflicts in game.

  7. OT: Good to hear that this mod will continue to expand. On a side note: Wasn't there something about incorporating The FEW into 31st Normandy? Atleast that's what I read in their thread...


    The last thing we need are several different versions of the one mod circulating. The mod is made to coexist with all WWII period mods or to be enjoyed in its own right.

  8. I am happy to assist modders where I can but

    Please note:

    None of the sounds, textures or the models used in "the Few" Mod

    can be atlered or duplicated for use within other ArmA or ArmA 2 mods or other games.

    "the Few" Mod will not be embedded nor incorporated within another mod.

    "the Few" Mod should run side by side with most other mods with no conflicts.

    The mod will always incude any necessary components needed to be stand alone and not dependant on any other mods.

    This Mod is in its infancy stage and has a lot of growing to do. There will be numerous changes and updates as scripts, sounds, models and textures are improved or new components are added.