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  1. As far as i know the Mod doesn't use ACE in any shape or form. The CH46, well i will allow a mod maker answer that question.

    Correct and..

    re the CH46.

    I will not be redoing a CH46 in the foreseeable future.

    I have lent my ofp/Arma CH46 model out to enough ppl within the Arma community that there should be one out there somewhere to use or one from another source.

  2. How can i force the b17 to drop bombs at a certain waypoint. i have tried {this fire "b17bomblauncher"} but it does not do anything.

    As I mentioned above I have not started on bombs yet


    one sqs I use which works fine is this

    in init of each plane [plane,target,distance]exec"bombem.sqs";

    plane = this

    target = name of a target or target marker

    distance = distance from the target to release the bombs

    All missions I have done I fly bombers at 800 to 900 alt so their init looks like

    "this setPos [(getPos this select 0),(getPos this select 1),(getPos this select 2)+800]; this flyInHeight 800;[this,factory,1800] exec "bombem.sqs"";

    distance = 1800 is ideal for this height

    ;;drop bombs by CSJ


    _plane = _this select 0;

    _zone = _this select 1;

    _distance = _this select 2;

    @(_plane distance _zone)<2000;

    titleText ["Approaching Target", "PLAIN"]

    leader _plane groupChat "Approaching Target"

    @(_plane distance _zone)<_distance;

    _ammo = _plane ammo "B17bomblauncher";

    ?(_ammo <= 0): Exit

    ?!(alive _plane): Exit

    titleText ["Bombs Away", "PLAIN"]

    leader _plane groupChat "Bombs Away"



    _bombL = "500lb" createVehicle [0,0,900];

    _bombL attachTo [_plane,[-1,2.5,-4]];


    detach _bombL;

    _bombR = "500lb" createVehicle [0,0,900];

    _bombR attachTo [_plane,[1,2.5,-4]];


    detach _bombR;


    hint format["%1",_i];


    ?_i <=7 : goto "dropbombs";


    I generally fly 2 squadrons of 8 to 12 bombers in each so the targets 99 times out of 100 will be destroyed. No quarantees with 1 or 2 bombers.

    Hope this helps, works for me. Obviously it can be improved on.

  3. A few people have asked about basic animations for models and what is needed.

    This model CSJ_DemoPlane.rar shows an example of basic wheel animation on an aircraft.

    Gear up - Gear down and wheels rotating, nothing else just those animations.

    I hope this helps some understand the setup.

    Includes , CSJ_DemoPlane.p3d, config.cpp and model.cfg

    Can be binned and played as is. Not very exciting though.

    Any questions please post here.

  4. Thanks! The B17 is very good for a WIP! Any way to man any of the turrets?

    I use this script

    ;;;put this in plane init =


    ;;; GUNS="VARcheekRGun","VARcheekLGun","VARtopGun","VARbackGun","VARballGun","VARwaistLGun","VARwaistRGun","VARtailGun"

    _plane = _this select 0;

    _gunner = _this select 1;

    _plane_Gun = _plane getVariable "VARtopGun";

    ;;;(gunner _plane_Gun) action ["eject", vehicle (_plane_Gun)] ;

    (gunner _plane_Gun) action ["eject", _plane];

    deleteVehicle (gunner _plane_Gun);


    _gunner moveInGunner _plane_Gun;

    ?(_gunner == player)and(player != leader group player) : [_gunner] join grpnull;

    @(count crew (_plane_Gun))<=0;

    _ActionEject =_gunner addAction ["Parachute", "\CSJ_chute\scripts\ejectEast.sqs"];


    _gunner removeAction _ActionEject


    Put this in init of plane you want to be in [this,player,gunPos]exec"InGun.sqs";

    gunPos is not working yet, so chosen gunPos has to be added in sqs atm.

    List of available gun positions


    Whichever gun you want to man goes in here. eg: top gun =

    _plane_Gun = _plane getVariable "VARtopGun";

  5. Commitments with other mods and lack of outside hands on interest with this mod has left almost zero time available for me to work on it.

    I have not looked at it for over a month so I thought I would post what updates I have now.

    All configs had a total overhauled. Should be no more mystery shootdowns.

    I have not addressed any sounds etc.

    I have included the B17 which is still WIP though it is playabe.

    Bombs need working on.

    I have a script which delivers the bombs fine ingame but it only works on the BOB island, BIS islands are too lumpy. Since BOB is not populated I have not included it in this update.


  6. The Chernaurus Example mission in the first post isn´t avaible anymore.

    No, sorry I think I deleted it. I will make another soon and repost it.

    It was only a simple dog fight setup with all planes playable, spits, hurri, 109e and 109g.

    This way you can jump from spitfire to 109 etc, and try them all.

  7. the FEW has got a good base map for mission building now.

    Perfect terrain for the planes

    but it has not been populated and atm with other projects I

    have put this on hold.

    The B17s work nicely in large formations because it is not overly hilly where as chenuras terrain kills any such missions.

    Otherwise I would have updated the mod by now.

  8. Small addon that adds three types of snakes to ArmA 2.

    All three snakes are venomous to a varying degree.

    The effects of the venom on the unit become more frequent

    the longer it is present in the body.

    If unit is attended by medic or seeks assistance from MASH etc

    then they will be ok.

    The green snake based on the Bamboo Viper. 50 mins kill time

    The banded snake based on the Krait Viper. 20 mins kill time

    The brown snake based on the Taipan. 10 mins kill time

    All snakes are free roaming and generally shy of humans but will

    attack if provoked or accidentally stepped on.

    <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xMjy_ee7G8&hl=en_US&fs=1&rel=0"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xMjy_ee7G8&hl=en_US&fs=1&rel=0" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385"></embed></object>

    Download csj_snake.rar and demo mission


    csj_snake.rar goes in addon or mod folder

    demo mission "Snake Tales" goes in ArmA 2\Missions

    Snakes can be found in editor Civ\CSJ_animals..

    Demo mission simply shows the effects of bite on player while you have to

    move from point A to point B.

    You can not kill any humans or animals in demo mission.

    Bit of fun

    Not MP tested

  9. I just got the latest version and for some reason the shark doesnt swim around anymore?

    I place it in the water, and when i preview the mission it'll just sink to the bottom, get stuck in the seabed and consequently it'll die.

    I tried placing some human bait in the water but it doesnt react to it. Is anyone else experiencing this?

    Must use civ\csj_animals not empty\csj_animals

    - empty animal = dead animal

  10. Hello CSJ :)

    thanks for the shark-Addon.

    Is there a new version on first post ?

    what have you actually changed :bounce3:

    Changes since first release were removing of the sea spray waterEffect as shark swam and added server Key.

    ...maby do it in the way gnats subs work...

    I guess he would use a translation type animation which I have already applied and had working in buldozer but not in game. Maybe it is just a typo in my sqf? When I get back around to the model I will have a closer look.

    btw i may have a future project for ya..

    If I can help out I will but I do not finish off OP models.

  11. Dropping 3 camel bombs (grenades) would be sufficient and realistic :)

    I tried the camel grenades and honestly they suck bad.

    What would be the best is a getIn EH that checks how many grenades the driver is carrying. Then removes one from his kit each time he releases a grenade in flight. They would be dropped simular to how they drop from my hueys.

    Is it possible to get a server key for this addon?

    Thought it was included :confused: if not then will be next time.

    Any chance of converting the F5 from Arma to Arma 2, or are you guys saving it for the VtE mod? That little thing was always one of my favorites, and my dad actually got to fly them back in the day.

    No, sorry, I have never released an F5 and never been with Vte mod.

    Yes they were a good aircraft. They were at Butterworth when I was there.