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  1. You are right, I told the guys not to use the fiat engine sound for the huey :j:
  2. Great "Leave your money on the fridge" :D
  3. csj


    Thankyou to W0lle for unlocking the thread. In a nutshell, any group or persons that wish to continue developing the mod for ArmA 2 & OA, I over the use of the models as seen in the RopeWalk video. QW77V72Lbvs Not a lot in number but a few hours work in development. Ships - FourthRate, Small Merchant and yawl. Guns - swivelGun, 32 pounder and 24 pounder. Scripts for rigging and guns etc. Basic crew. Still a lot to be done of course and please note: For the same reason that I can not continue working on the mod myself. I will not be able to assist anyone else in its development, either now or the foreseeable future. PM if Interested If no takers then I may finish it one day.
  4. Firstly this is simply not for the mass ArmA community. I have several projects I am currently working on in A2 which range from one end of the spectrum to the other. This is a small peek into one of them which I think could develop into an interesting mod - with a little assistance I have not dedicated a lot of time towards sounds, particle effects, units etc as yet so what appears in the video is in a raw state. Comments...
  5. What is the significance of defining StrongpointAreas in the class names? How does this effect AI, if at all?
  6. That is the error that always pops up when you just before mission loading.
  7. CSJ_Key linky Wouldn't a C-47 spooky or C130 spectre be better then a makeup C123 ? Both C-47 and C-130 models are floating around somewhere.
  8. Probably the beach animated texture. I always get a massive drop when it first comes into view. @PROTOTYPE 001 the C123 is already in Arma 2, works fine afaik
  9. Are you guys running just the UNSUNG mod or do you use other addons with it?
  10. Nice videos guys. @nettrucker just put the txt after the = inbetween the plugs eg in you case 7G8WBg52KWI [YOUTUBE]7G8WBg52KWI
  11. @Baron von Beer Ok thanks, I will change that setting. I never used the formation in game myself, my chalks are individually scripted.
  12. @andersson Animals are placed in editor as Civ\Chen\.. Do not place empty unless you want them to be dead.
  13. Thanks cctoide, :cheers: Have it working. As you thought "I don't know about tildes on all vowels", some are missing but what I have is better than before.
  14. Anyway of using diacritics in the class names of the map config.cpp ? eg: 'thung lũng chết' instead of 'thung lung chet'
  15. Note: The CSJ_animals.pbo included in this mod supersedes the old Shark and Snake pbos. The old pbo most likely will conflict with the new.
  16. Hey Para, long time, how the f' are you ? Any maps we release after this point will be true to sight. What you see is very much what the AI sees. No invisible view blockers used.
  17. thread is continued here ArmA 2 & OA - ADDONS & MODS: COMPLETE guess it's time to lock the Discussion thread
  18. :confused: This sounds like the old Hunter-killer file has been left in the release. Sorry, the proper pbo will be in the first update/patch.
  19. Best laugh I have had in a while (no offence but thankyou)... but seriously did they write music after the 70's? :D
  20. Nhanh lên, nhanh lên Punji Ä‘ang chá» bạn xung quanh má»i góc. :) Tôi hy vá»ng rằng dịch chính xác và không để là m vá»›i dê :confused:
  21. Is there a way to turn the unwanted beach wash animated texture off ?
  22. The only time I experience any major drop in fps is either - a large number of explosion effects running simultaneously or the animated coastal txtr comes into view.
  23. thanks for reply cctoide, I will try this when I get home next week.
  24. Should be a taste of Nam released very soon from Unsung, an appetizer.