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  1. I can't wait for this pack. Excellent work on the Tie pack aswell Acacyn. I have a few questions/suggestions/requests. Do you have any screenshots of the scout trooper? The clone at the right end of your sig. If you ever update the Tie pack could you modify all bomber varients to allow for the dropping of multiple bombs in quick succession? 1 bomb every 500m is a bit of a let down. Would you consider modifying the speederbike released years ago to carry a passanger and mount lasers on it? or if you're considering making a new model then how about Darth Mauls Swoopbike from ep. 1. Keep up the good work (all GAW members) I will make a modified CCE mission when these troops are available.


  2. I have only played a minimum of FDF but the quality/quantity of work is beyond reproach. I fully understand/agree with your decision to halt progress. I myself, although not part of a mod team or released anything worthy of mention, have retired from all OFP except to gloss over the forums to keep up with the news. Almost as soon as news of ArmA was released, my 4 year obsession with OFP began to fade. Hope to see you all on the frontline again at the end of the year. Good work FDF.


  3. ok thx so if i just wont the ECP effects for say FDF mod or any othere mod what do i have to do? Do i have to install all of ur mod or is there an file for this? Just would like to know because i would love ur effects and well all of ur effects for use in an mod but i just dont like useing those Old BIS units and stuff so if there is an way to use all the stuff in ur 1.085 and to add it on to an mod like y2k3 or what not it would be awsome ur MOD is AWSOME just dont like those BIS old stuff.

    This is not possible as both ECP and FDF run thier own config. It would be possible to create an ECP/FDF hybrid config, but this would be LOTS of work... and I mean lots.

    edit: As for replacement BIS units, then that is what EECP is for, it's ECP only prettier


  4. hmm. But you don't have to do that you see, if I say, a sachel charge gone off under neath a soldier for example, the body should "disappear" leaving no trace of the death at all.

    I'd like to see newly modelled chunks of charred, burnt, bloody flesh over nothing. But I agree not to use the Y2K3 cartoon skeleton.


  5. Well Tactician's C&H tut IS about taking the flag but I would prefer it if the area had to be controlled (free of OPFOR) for a certain time before it becomes assigned to a side, don't know what needs to be modified yet. Would waypoints work? If OPFOR captures a zone and I take it from them how would they know to attempt to reclaim it from me. I'm working on other parts of the mission but atm all I have is a MP C&H banghead.gif


  6. I posted this over at the OFPEC boards with no helpful results (atleast in the last 24hrs) so I thought I'd post it here too.

    I have started making a coop c&h vs ai mission using Tactician's Capture & Hold Tutorial as a base. I've expanded it to include 5 control points, selectable time/weather/difficulty settings, respawning destroyed/abandoned vehicles, respawn with weapons, countdown scoring system, multiple outros, ... and so on. But one thing I not sure on is how do I make AI capture the flags? How can I make these 5 flags the most important things in thier little AI lives?. This mission kind of goes nowhere without this.


  7. How do I convert it to config.bin?

    CPP2BIN by Amalfi

    Would it be possible to add congiguarble keys instead of having hold down the shift button to lean e.g. just press insert for lean left and pg up for lean right, whihc can be changed in the options,controls menu?

    Unsure if this has been said in the last few pages but this IS possible. Simply bind 'Turbo' and 'Strafe Left' to your Insert key and bind 'Turbo' and 'Strafe Right' to your PG Up key. It'll will show up red in your controls menu but that doesn't matter, I have Q and E as my lean keys.


  8. These animations will not be added to the ECP core as it would break multiplay functionality. When ECP is finally released it would be a 3 minute job to implement, and if you don't know how then I'll do it as I already have it running in my beta version. smile_o.gif

    edit: Not to say that you can't multiplay with these, just that both server and clients would need to be running it.


  9. I've wanted this APC/Dropship in OFP for a long time, it's looking badass.

    A couple of things... will you be releasing addons or will we be waiting a til OFP2 is out for a full USCM mod for OFP?

    Are you planning on making any LV426 style islands, with barren terrain and Hadley's Hope-ish colonies/atmosphere processors?