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  1. I will post it in the USERMISSIONS forum tomorrow

    Don't bother double posting it as a moderator will move it for you as soon as they notice it. Waiting on feedback before I download as I tried this addon when it was released but didn't keep it on my HDD.

  2. Ported or not, atleast we'll finally have some units from the AVP universe. If I knew how to port from other games then I'd have done AVP and Jedi Academy a long time ago. I know there is a sense of self stisfaction from making something from the ground up but porting does offer comercial quality units. I'm all for it, can't wait.

  3. What do I need to add (besides the sounds, obviously) in which scripts? smile_o.gif

    Not being an ECP member I hope I'm not giving you false information, but the scripts you should probably be looking at are in the 'dsai' folder found in ECP_Effects.pbo. Also, each of those 600 sound files needs to be run through WAV2LIP (found HERE) to create an appropriate .lip file so that units mouths move to the speach, otherwise you'd have an army of ventriloquists. crazy_o.gif

  4. I have multiple packs installed in my Islands mod folder containing hundreds if not thousands of objects. Mapfact Airport/Barracks/Military objects/Oil Addon, AGS Buildings/Harbour/Industrial, 3WX objects, Afghan objects, etc. I have gone through and looked at most of these in the editor but struggle to piece together my own cities or industrial areas. I lack islands that make heavy/successful use of these things. Can someone or many someones please suggest thier favourite islands containing these that they recommend that I should take a look at?

  5. Looking at the Tiscali CZ website and not knowing how to speak czech is my googling correct in that this, Očekávané

    datum vydání - červen 2006, means due in June 2006?

    edit: apparently this forum doesn't display czech characters crazy_o.gif

  6. To the best of my knowledge, formations are hard coded into OFP and cannot be changed. From memory I believe someone (General Barron?) made a scipt for custom formations but atm I can't get to OFPEC to check. Someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

  7. Whether you like JAM or not, some don't like it's HD method of dispersion, I challenge anyone to find/create a better cross mod unification of magazines. I only hope that JAM or another method of standardizing mags is implemented into ArmA from the beginning. Nothing is quite as annoying as having one teams M16/AK mags not working with another or one handling like an uber iron sighted sniper rifle and the other not.

    Good stuff cornhelium and anyone else who had input into this final update.

  8. There are 3 .pdf files that came with the download. First read DAC_Preview.pdf, that should give you a good idea of what this script set is capable of. Then read DAC_Readme_v1.pdf to learn how to use all of it's seperate parts/zones. DAC_Summary.pdf is a quick reference guide on the script call you need to make for each zone. Finally, This goes way beyond any spawning script that has ever been made... notworthy.gif