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  1. I have this script posted by RED somewhere on these forums, it increase timeflow but not unit movement. I believe it equates to an hour passing every minute. What needs to be modified in order for 24 hours game time pass in 1 hour real time?

    <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">_timeSkip = _this select 0;

    _timeSkip = _timeSkip * 60


    _counter = 0

    _oneMinute = 0.016667


    skiptime _oneMinute


    _counter = _counter + 1

    ? _counter < _timeSkip : goto "start"

    goto "init"

    I never was too good at scipts, much better at cpp's banghead.gif

    edit: HERE is the original thread, just didn't want to dig it up.

  2. Can someone please explain to me what the difference is between the different editor updates? I have, for a very long time, been using General Barrons version. Prior to this it was Gunslingers I just found GB's to be more organized. Kegetys also released one, I've never heard of the Mikero's one Mandoble is talking about but don't know why I'd use one over the other.

  3. I've just finished this map, I liked the first little 'surprise' (even though I saw it coming wink_o.gif ). I think it could use more of an intro/outro sequence but the mission itself was enjoyable. One suggetion would be to make the end trigger activate when say 98% of OPFOR have been eliminated as it took me an hour to complete, the latter half of which I spent looking for the last guy standing by an RPG'd truck. I haven't used the BAS DeRa pack in a while and I'd not noticed how dated (no offense) the weapons are. Keep 'em coming.

  4. Armed Assault is close enough for me not to care whether or not these sorts of things are implemented into OFP. I understand your need to see these things but give it a few months and you'll have all the Sidewalks, parking lots, driveways, foot paths, traffic signs, traffic lights, street lamps, telephone poles, phone booths, dumpsters, concrete barriers, streel barriers, street paint, turn lanes... you could ask for. and if not, they could always be added after the fact by us (the community). Just my AUD$0.02 wink_o.gif

  5. Well thanks to the hard work of two individuals the Allied Asian, Allied Black, Allied Hispanic, US pilot, and Sniper faces are all converted and have been sent to Agent Smith. The rest are basically in a state of flux.

    So, based on that, it's still 63 new faces for the head model. I think these should be added to facestex2.pbo and realeased. It (facestex2) could always be updated when/if people complete more of the conversions. Also, when/if these get added, will all units using llaumas head randomly apply the new faces?

  6. @200mb would you mind being a little more descriptive about whats in the pack other than a 1x1km island, 2 missions and some reconfigged units? Firstly a 1x1km island would want to be the most detailed island ever released for OFP. Second, whose units have you re-configged? The size of the download doesn't bother me but there are plenty of others who will not d/load it based on that description. Also it only takes a couple of minutes to take some screens and upload them to imageshack of photobucket.

  7. This is the best community related news I've seen for Armed Assault and couldn't have hoped for anything more, especially with a team like COMBAT! behind the wheel/flight stic/etc. I was hoping JAM would be converted from the beginning in ArmA so it's now upto all addon makers to config there weapons for use with it. I haven't had any experience with CAVS (unless I have some armour in my mod folders that use it's values) but its addition can only be a plus for addon balancing/standardization.

    Go Team! smile_o.gif

  8. Or another version of galbaldys' suggestion...

    DMA ECP Improved by AKD


    Drawing on the best community work, I've produced a pack to improve the already excellent DMA Army Pack unit replacement mod. The pack includes new weapons (most original BIS now replaced), new and improved sounds, realism enhancements, more variety in Resistance units, and some config tweaks and fixes. The emphasis here is on improving the infantry experience, while maintaining BIS balance and mission compatability. The pack includes configs for DMA Army Pack + ECP 1.085 and DMA Army Pack standalone.


    I use a personal edit of this config.

  9. *hangs head*

    Is there another mirror other than filefront, I never found them to be too bad but for a while now any files from them start well then slow to about 2kb/s and freeze. Also, ofp.info links for the T55 pack don't work because I believe thier FTP#1 is down and I get a '421 Anonymous access not allowed' error from FTP#2. mad_o.gif

  10. For example, the soviet soldiers could catch the mag drum correctly with PPSH41 gun or german guys could put the hand rightly on MP40?

    Unfortunately, you can only have one animation to define how the units on all sides hold thier primary weapon. It would be good to be able to implement unit animations into weapon models, so that all units picking up said weapon would inherit is associated anims. I know nothing about 3D/Game design so I'm not sure if this is even possible. confused_o.gif

  11. Ah, mate - this isn't my area of expertise. You'd have to ask an ECP member about this (do it via email). My addon simply adds more voices, it doesn't change the frequency of speaking them. I am, however, interested in that too - please let me know how you go with that.

    I was asking the ECP team, that's why I posted it in this thread rather than yours. wink_o.gif

  12. I have just downloaded you DSAI extension CM (have yet to test), great work. Any addition/improvement to ECP is welcome by me, I won't load OFP without it. But I think my question is better suited to this thread... where would I edit the frequency with which the AI speak while in safe mode?