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  1. really nice winter cammo captain, plz ask earl and suchey to release it smile_o.gif

    The reason it is such nice camo is because it was made by Suchey and Earl tounge_o.gif . All that has been done to the default woodland and Force Recon units is colour and brightness editing. Aswell as texture path edits in the p3ds and cpp mods to list them as new units... but I like them wink_o.gif



  2. when Der bastler gave up the uscm mod he posted a file of all in-progress but unfinished addons in a .zip. I hope your not using the dropship from this pack because it isn't nearly accurate enough to the movie dropship, a lot better than I could do in O2 but not an addon that would stay on my HDD. Having said this, the faster you can get alien addons into my mod folders the happier I'll be tounge_o.gif