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  1. I think the game producers are a bit too American-centric. When it's Americans making the games then I can't really blame them for liking their own country, but others should not blindly follow them into that. I argue there is enough profit to be made elsewhere than in America that everyone do not have to kiss American ass to be a profitable game company.

    And they are being too "politically correct", too. I hate political correctness. And no I am not a 'punk', or an anarchist, far from it. I've just noticed that "political correctness" is used as an excuse for a lot of things I don't like. Hypocrisy. It's very much an American thing. Sure, others are hypocritical, too, but I see there is a massive concentration of hypocrisy in America. It's not welcome. Fortunately not all of them are so hypocritical.

    The reason game producers are Us centric is that they wanna sell their games in the Us. So they get easier sold over there on the other side of the lake :D

    Its just a bit shame that the market is always the biggest in the Us but I guess they sometimes pay the price ( the financial crisis ).

    Im finnish but I lived in Sweden 99% of my life so I feel more Swedish but sometimes I don't feel offended by anything. I mean I know both Swe and Fin had their reasons to what their goverments where doing during ww2 but I mean people who get upset easily should think twice or get a scoop of ice cream to chill their brains down a bit imo..

    When reading jokes about people its always good to know the history but sometimes I just wonder if the americans are just thinking they own the world wich they don't even though they try to influence everywhere :D

    But almost everyone wants the world more or less adjust to their own ways.

    It could be anything from wanting the busses to go more often to having the exact same laws to the "." and ","

    But I guess europeans want america to remove deathsentance and americans want to make europeans to accept their trade laws.

  2. I think about age ratings as Jack Sparrow does about the code of pirates "Its not really a rule its more of a guideline.."

    Hell if I was a parent I would school my kid about all kinds of games try to get to play strategy games so they develop sense of language and logical thinking and fps's for their motor and seeing skill leveling.

    I read some time ago about that doctors that had played fps games got better eyesight and precision :)

    i'll start teaching the kid playing quake 2 when he/she's about 6 years old :D

  3. http://edition.cnn.com/video/#/video/tech/2010/04/23/starr.mystery.plane.cnn?hpt=C2

    I mean sure goverments can have mystery hush hush projects in the closet or have had some in the past but come on that doesn't look like a military vehicle 2 me at all... :D

    You can't have it white colored and expect your enemies to fear it?

    But the secrecy might be that they don't want to attract attention from other countries spies or something like that?

    There is a bigger and bigger competition about space tech between usa, russia, europe india and china going on and more countries are in the go in different areas.

  4. I think anyone could leave the EU, but the economical trade bonuses ect. is probably to important for anyone to leave the EU, Only reason to leave the EU is if they push through some of the retarded laws like acta and more surveillance and stuff like that.

    But at least I know a party in my country wich stands for civil rights and to preserve democracy.

    But imo EU is a nice idea, I mean getting people togheter and work togheter is a basic human thing, sort of like family.

    You got your odd uncles and grandparents and there are the rich big sister ect..

  5. isn't a union for the workers supposed to be about the union helping the defenceless workers against opression from the random asshole corporate suits?

    In my country you have to be a part of a union to get the special unemployment cash every month.

    All else goes to the social welfare office or what ever its called in english ;)

    I dunno only people that know how to work good in unions are the french cause they always manage to riot and protest about something :)

  6. The European parliament reps. actually where brave enough to say to to the swift deal and said no shoplifting here plz :D

    But I heard also that the Us. will probably just go and talk privately with the single countries switzerland and Netherlands about handing over the banking info anyways...

  7. Im just amazed at why we europeans should give out our banking details according to the swift deal/agreement to help the us fight 'em terrorists but Im really not sure if the whole tracing the money will really make a difference.

    I mean they don't have internet and computers in some countries like afghanistan.

    The best part is that we should just hand the information over without anything to gain really. What happens if some desperate us goverment employee's feel the need to upgrade their bank account? They just go and remove some money from some european accounts then?

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    Big Brother is more and more -officially- accepted in EU.

    EU ruled and govern by bureaucracy and US "stooges". EU and every country in it wont be strong and a serious global player making such agreements. Next time better take care for what are you voting for.

    vote for your countries pirate party to stop laws like Swift :D

  8. It looks like it could be a bit intresting to try, looking forward to seeing the new frostbite engine in Pc this time :)

    I remember the disapointment when they said the first BF BC was only for the consoles.

    But thinking about it this is maybe better that they waited for the later newer version of the game engine to be done so it will deliver the goods better now on the Pc and all :)

  9. the studio that did this game actually went bankrupt this summer.

    They did some pretty decent ok games the ghost recon advanced warfighter series wich wasn't as simulator oriented as the original ghost recon but they where still decent to play and things worked nicely in them.

    Then they got contracted into doing movie games, then from there on it went south :(