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    Pic of Sydney

    srry for digging this up but will you guys convert this to Arma 2 when the arma 1 version is out? :)
  2. ohh cool stuff! Will be a great ant inf sort of gunship ;D textures look good to, love the extra detail inside the cargo area like the seats and stuff.
  3. Yeah waypoint wise it will be dead easy :D Ahh the memories of the ofp terminator addon and a couple of lan games of ofp with friends where one guy took turn every round to play as the terminator and the rest where resistance soldiers trying to take it out :D only thing that worked was 2 Laws but it was tricky when the terminator was human controlled :D
  4. Commando84

    Coop Zombie Mod

    Sounds awesome! :) played some of the zombie mods released back in the day for ofp and a little in Arma 1 :) If you search youtube for ofp zombie or arma zombie you will get lots of hits :D Imo if the Farmland mod made a comeback into Arma 2 that would rock :) that mod had all kinds of random cool stuff in it.
  5. Commando84

    ArmA 2 Demo feedback

    is it a dual core or quad core cpu? :) the minimum is dual core cpu at least.
  6. Commando84

    michael jackson unconfirmed death

  7. Commando84

    International Politics Thread

    You guys are crazy! You know that Iranian people have **** escaped that country to come to western countries where they know they won't be threatened with death everyday. Shit if CIA wanted Iran going downhill they could have done it during the 8 years that Bush was in office. Imo its part Iranian refugees kids that have grown up in western democracies and are trying to help the people back home now during this situation and also the pirate and hacker movements and individuals with IT knowledge that are trying to enlight the Iranian struggle for democracy! See it as Green Peace trying to chain themself to blockade shipments of army bases or nuclear power plants and such but they are working to show that Democracy have to be saved and fought for. Its a way to show european politicians we don't want the whole internet to be monitored like some George Orwell nightmare :eek: People are getting sick of false warnings of terrorism or the new ways of the goverment to treat filesharerers worse than murderers.... Its a fight for freedom for people everywhere, sure it ain't the same as grabbing a rifle and fighting the evil armies of doom face 2 face but its something more and its growing steadily the last 1-2 years, internet is one of the most democratic tools and putting restrictions on it upsets people, its just as simple as that. :) Internet unites people across the globe and that...makes politicians and large corporations afraid.
  8. Commando84

    Where's the AN-2?

    I say bring the good from both patches and expansion packs :) patches could have 1 of each new content faction, object, sound, musics, missions, while the mother of all expansion pack can come with a campaign from another perspective like one of the other factions :) And bring in tons of new civilian and mil content :D
  9. I've bought 2 copies already, 1 for lan usage, might buy 2 more so that my poor friends who are unsure about arma 2 can be convinced :D besides its a a nice feel to support nice devs like Bis :inlove:
  10. Commando84

    Vehicle driving issue

    you haven't accidentally hit alt or H och numpad 5? the freelook thing where you can look left or right ect and still move in a different direction.
  11. no its a feature :) besides its a way to stop you from driving to much crazy stunt speeds in mountained , slopey areas of terrain think of it as driving a blackhawk and your cellphone rings and you accidentally crash into a powerline while talking on the phone or something...
  12. Commando84

    Military gaming before OFP and Ghost Recon.

    C&C games was military enough for me back then :D besides some of the C&C strats in a way are usefull to know about in Arma warefare mode :D Played rainbow six and counter-strike mod lots between 99-02 before I turned totally to Ofp :D
  13. I dunno I've heard he's the most techy of all the Us presidents so far :D Probably could learn it in a week or so :P
  14. Commando84

    Where's the AN-2?

    I've seen it in a pdf file but it wasn't from arma2.com it was from a preview from last year or something :P Or maybe it was actually one of the first info pdf's form GC 07... :p
  15. Commando84

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    my little ponies and zombies and gunz and rocketlaunchers :D Now there is new game idea! Also a a.i director cough a.i random spawner :D
  16. Commando84

    What happened????

    take it easy, it will come out :)
  17. All muzzle flashes in games are just 2d planes = sprites :D http://icfra.cncguild.net/CC3/UYMTutImg/flash3d.png muzzleflashes aren't that hightech :)
  18. Commando84

    SAP_Clutter 2.0

    Hope this can make people complaining about the grass happier :) Btw When I saw the lawnmover I was thinking I could cut down the grass in real time by "driving" the lawnmover across the grass :D
  19. Commando84

    Air Combat Much better in ArmA II

    Imo it would be awesome to recreate scene from old action movie independece day with will smith where hundreds of fighters attack the massive city sized spaceships :)
  20. Commando84

    Poll, old school CTI or warfare?

    Btw didn't Mike make warefare???? It was even mentioned by the man himself during one of the Sahrani Radio interviews last year sometime before Arma 2 was even close to be released :D
  21. Commando84

    Where's the AN-2?

    yeah Im wondering that too, was a picture in it somewhere but hey maybe it didnt make the cut?
  22. btw Uk games site gamesradar has a review giving it 7 out of 10 http://www.gamesradar.com/pc/arma-ii/review/arma-ii/a-2009062214117229068/g-20081125165710650093
  23. Commando84

    3rd person versus Egoshootermode

    I try to play only on servers with 3rd person view on, especially since i low watching my choppers. aircraft models in 3d person, they are so pretty :D
  24. Arma 2 the sleeper hit of 2009? :D Nice that it sells this good, then Bis can make more Arma 2 stuff like patches and exp. packs :)
  25. Commando84

    International Politics Thread

    More on the net activists from around the world trying to support the Iranian people. http://hackerswithoutborders.net/index.php/Main_Page