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  1. Here's a fun problem sometimes anyways have you ever played a mission on a addon island with a friend and you see him running around high up in the air? Well that could be because you have different versions of the same island and i have also traced down the problem with if you start under the ground in the water or so all the time and die and start under ground again and so on its also because you have different verion of island or that he hasn't got the island at all... usaully you should get kicked from server but sometimes it doesn't happen Well i don't know if this was posted anywhere but i thought it could be useful info.
  2. Commando84

    Martins helo

    it is armed with a M4 rifle that sticks out on the left side of the chopper you can't see it on the pic because the gun is on the other side. Pretty cool stuff me thinks for Mp and civie missions and missions where you aren't going to face any armour on only infantery or light vehicles. The m4 can fire burst, full auto and single i think or was the last one a grenade laucher instead? well i think its pretty cool. Hope he could make a civilian version of it with the gun too
  3. Commando84

    Operation flashpoint: chase

    great movie dude! you plan on makin a sequel? you should start making more of these films you got talent.
  4. Commando84

    Mapfact discussion thread

    The XM8 pack was a real goodie! But i have one question, where do i find the flashlight that was supposed to be in the xm8's pack? I remeber seeing screenshots of the stuff so i just wanted to try it out but maybe it didn't make it to 1.0? Anyone maybe can inform me?
  5. Commando84

    Test ecp config

    i got the developer version of ecp now but it still gives me no sound at all anyone plz help me out...
  6. Commando84

    Test ecp config

    okay i got the latest 1.071 version of ecp + all dr addons but it still goes as silent as i wondered if my speakers where dead or something whats missing??? when i run without your config ofp works fine even with all my mod folders but when i use your config the sound is all dead...
  7. Commando84

    Test ecp config

    I got all those files , and i have always had them well i wonder if i have to use the developer version of ecp and not the regular one on the site?
  8. Commando84

    New island in progress

    when this island hits the streets i will go for it! and make 2-3 good mp missions both deathmatch , ctf , sector control + my own specialz i can't wait until this gets out, it looks so very good!
  9. Commando84

    Y2K3 - Updated Ofp Config.

    all my sound stoped working when i installed your stuff and the addons, whats wrong?? i got ecp with all ecp addons..
  10. Commando84

    Test ecp config

    hey i have the DR addons for ecp but the sound stops working totally when i put your config in my @ecp\bin folder i got a couple of other folders inside the bin folder named DR, INQ and core.. inside them are to config.bin, should i replace everyconfig .bin or just the one in the bin\ folder?
  11. Commando84

    Mapfact discussion thread

    omg omg omg! Mapfact you make some very realistic and awesome stuff, I hope we can taste a beta or final version of the nogova remake island soon it got me jumping up & down now... The airport looks very realistic like someone mentioned in the topic earlier and i would vote for adding 1 or 2 bases or maybe even an extra harbour somewhere that has agent smiths harbour cranes, maybe a few containers or you can add them yourself , but the important thing with the harbour is that it should be of the much larger kind than the small bis harbour on nogova so that it can supoort larger transport ships oh and about the airport also you could put 1 or 2 or 3 of the ags hangars with animated doors. well that was some of my idea's
  12. Commando84

    Mcnool's pacific island

    Oh yeah! Looks fantastic, reminds me somehow of FarCry islands but still more urbanised, i can't wait to get my hands on that island...
  13. Commando84

    Test ecp config

    Hi there this sounds like a cool adition to my ecp installation but the thing is that when i tried to install the config straight to my C:\Games\OperationFlashpoint\@ECP\Bin folder and then started ofp i heard no sounds or music at all luckily i had backed up my regular ecp config file. but can anyone tell me where do i install it because i obviously did somethign wrong here..
  14. Commando84

    OFP Addon request thread

    anyone get the error missing addons rflhmmwvtt or something similar they are missing DESERT AND WOODLAND HUMVEES made by GalcomT , Marfi, Rifleman, Blackdog and Flaber. OfpBase addons and news site
  15. Commando84

    Test ecp config

    ram memory and a faster processor makes your ofp experience very good in both multiplayer and in demanding SP missions i good a crappy geforce 2 mx card but i can run ofp so good because i have 512 mb in ram memory, and a 2.0 ghz amd xp processor. i wonder how good ofp would run with a 4.0 processor and like 1 gig of ram memory? and maybe a geforce 4. But one thing i also learnt is that ATI cards can be very bad... the config sounds like a real cool stuff.
  16. Commando84

    PMC_Euro 25km Terrain + Campaign

    this looks like a great island! And please do add the mapfact airport addon and AGS stuff , very nice to hear that you gonna release a update to your buildings pack agent smith feels like we got some great stuff to look forward too
  17. Commando84

    Kenworth truck & trailer pack

    looks fantastic whats your status on it? or when is it going to be released?
  18. Commando84

    Merchant ship

    Hey sigma-6 what happend with your merchant ship? It would be nice to see a beta release so that we could have something to play with before final release will come It looks realy good and i would really need something that could spice up harbours and that would maybe even make it way to mfconquer the island missions where possibilites are endless. Loading up one of these with 20-40 soldiers and heading from one island to the other and fighting off the other team
  19. you know when you have played to much ofp when you talk about ofp with your friends so much that they get annoyed
  20. Commando84

    Everon air campaign

    Here's the link to download and stuff, rember its only beta so its only to see what people think about it Ofpec beta testing board
  21. Commando84

    Troublemakers mc malden

    Very great looking biker pack!
  22. Commando84

    New island in progress

    oh my god this looks very sweet! I always wanted myself a more urban place in ofp since day 1 because i've played alot of cs before i got in to ofp I have a small wish and i wish that you could make enterable sky scrapers but you don't have to be able to enter every room or every floor but still it would be very cool if you made it possible. I got a friend of mine that you maybe could talk to about adding a special thing to the sky scrapers maybe if its possible .. well keep up the good work. Post more screens plz btw
  23. Commando84

    Play ofp on linux?

    I got a friend of mine that has decided to only use Linux and that sycks i think but i wonder if anyone got ofp working on linux so that its playable
  24. Commando84

    Ofp combat photography screensaver

    i would like to download that, but im not sure if screen savers work for win 2000? i tried my red alert 1 screensaver pack but it refused to work but maybe it was to old to work on win2k.
  25. Commando84

    F-117a nighthawk

    oh my god! Very nice looking Stealth fighter, And the pilot model was good to Any chance of a sonish beta release of the f-117?