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    Ecp released!

    way cool! Are you going to add the buildings special one of your team spoke about in ofpec? I asked if you guys could do it and he said that it was already being done and much cooler with more fx around it i don't want to nag but you know any possible release date like july or august? or later?
  2. Commando84

    Help Wanted

    looks great! new stuff is always good
  3. Commando84

    Cheat and cheat prevention discussion

    I was playing on a german cti public server and the admin kicked me beaucse i had ECP mod on.... i got really upset beacuse he called it a cheat , ECP is like a FX mod like Gmr but way better... he said it can be used as a cheat , i have always layed with ecp mod and my friends use it to.. so i don't get it what he meant with a cheat. here is the main site for ecp and its a ofpec project so i canät understand why its called a cheat!! its like almsot as public thingy as official patches and DXDll mod. Its like holly stuff for me and many others, it adds so much greatness to the game and so on. http://www.ofpec.com/editors/ecfg/
  4. Commando84

    Too Hard?

    sounds like a cool mission, i make coop missions and i always put in a extra choice like if you go to the other side of the hanger at the base you can choose if you want to have 1 player in a plane or chopper and the rest in a backhawk or so and support can be crucial and it adds extra tension when waiting for the support to arrive to
  5. Commando84


    sounds like a intresting mission, gonna keep tabs on this one the mods can ban people from the forumif they misbehavie to much and something like that but hey they have to do their job too right
  6. Commando84

    Participate in a study, part 2

    Yeah Ofp is much better game than half-life or unreal tournament or even battle field 1942, even though drivable aircraft carriers and big battle ships are on my wish list there's like almost no limits in ofp and it makes everything so great but it makes you have to use the head more and sometimes test the mission over and over again yourself or with other people and its testing the missions togheter with other people that makes ofp so great, and all the user made addons and island addons are like candy to everyone who wants more guns to mission editors who wants new stuff to play around with in the editor and create new kind of missions or modified existing missions to suit your needs soldiers to soldiers fighting, tanks and other ground vehicles + choppers and aircrafts and boats and ships, everything combined makes for a very diverse and great game experience. i used to play counter-strike before i played ofp and it got so boring because you stood in corner 1, 2 or 3 and waited for the enemy to come and kill you or you killed them. Don't get me wrong here i liked C.S alot in its early devopment days when new stuff came almost every day but now its so dull and stiff like a stone and you can't do so much with it and watching it is fun for 10 mins then you get bored because its the same deal over and over again.. Compare that with ofp where new stuff comes everyday and hot screenshots to feast your eyes on everyday and download links to new addons and missions, or even creating your own single or mpmissions and then go and play it after 1 min of creating or 1 month of creating. Its all up to you and it can have everything from not so good graphics to unbelievable graphics that makes your head spinn the original islands in ofp and its expansion pack was big when they came and new players are always faschinated by their size and new islands are made by the community and addons and missions and mods ensure that there is always something more to learn or explore ingame or play around with or enhance both graphics, and effects and sounds ect. there are no small rooms with limited space to explore but instead large islands that you can add more objects and stuff to or play with them as they are and try new locations , new conditions and new settings. All that and more that i can't come up with makes ofp such a joy to play and i try to encourage every new friend i meet that likes comp. games to give ofp a try. Some like it some don't it depends on how muc you like the freedome and so
  7. Commando84

    Curved Bridges

    looking good! hope these will be used in some future islands i know a bridge between denmark and sweden that is a bit curved i think
  8. Commando84

    DXDLL 1.0 (not Geforce MX compatible)

    I love you guys that made this incredible mod!!! I have new geforce 4 ti 4600 installed now and btw does anyone want to buy a geforc 4 mx cheap? My new card is so fantastic, it shows all the water reflections and all its fantastic everything, a whole new experience and all. this is the biggest thing to hit ofp since the Ecp mod came out. anyone know when next version will come out?
  9. Commando84

    DXDLL 1.0 (not Geforce MX compatible)

    very cool looking screens about the mod! But i can't get to have the water reflections. Can it have something to do when im using custom water textures? Some islands i get regular water textures and on nogova i got black textures that looked like oil. fps drops more frequently and the sand textures gets all white and very stunning for my eyes to look at. My hardware is geforce 4 mx 128 mb second edition card , latest drivers, 512 mb ram, 2.0 amd xp processor.Only thing working right now is the Fps stats and its a good thing to have so i know how bad my geforce 4 mx se card is  im gonna get a geforce 4 ti 4200 or 4400 in 2 days so then i'll reinstall ofp so i can play with these Fx on Â
  10. Commando84

    Hawk's nimitz class aircraft carrier

    nice to see it updated only thing i wish would be to have a drivable version and one that you don't fall through the floor and it when it would be sinking you could be standing on the deck or somewhere else on the ship and watching it and feeling it go down when it starts to tilt and so I feel like im into making a sp mission with alot of stuff to do like 4-6 objectives and some good F-18 usage air-air and air-ground
  11. Commando84

    OFP Addon request thread

    when i try to play the cessna fun! mission after all addons i downloaded i still get a missing addons saying int_sportscar_police and i checked and double checked that i got all the addons from the readme  i have fixed the problem! it was a jmg cops addon that was 1.0 and it should have been 1.1
  12. Commando84

    rambo II campaign

    Yay a english or partly english version is in the works
  13. Commando84

    Hi Res Saraugo

    Very nice work, love to see new islands
  14. Commando84

    Another OFP Movie

    awesome with people making movies out of their ofp gaming! I hope more movies will be made so that we can show off more about ofp to other people that hasn't tried it yet.
  15. Commando84

    Trains in ofp??

    keep 'em coming! looks like the trains will "hit the streets after all"
  16. Commando84

    Mapfact nogova released

    im making a coop addon mission for the ofp mission editing competition on this island and it lags slightly for me but i don't know if its my geforce 4 mx card that is giving me headache in all the games or if its the amount of enemies and scripts. the mission is about 80% done , only thing left is fine tuning and trying to make it playable on my own 2.0 gig 512 mb ram gf4 mx crap computer wich will be a big challenge because i hate to throw away stuff but its a very nice island and it would have taken me much time to put togheter my own airbases, harbour and extras and resistance base in the forest and all with the different editor addons so im happy that there is a nice island that does it all. I found out that reucing view distance helps make ofp run better but i haven't figured out what to do with the bluei's tree lines i see from time to time, thats when i feel that my gf 2 mx card wich is way older maybe was better after all.. . Nice work mapfact i can put in some more info about mission and download links to your Pm on the forums if you want.
  17. Commando84

    Finnish Defence Forces Modification 1.3

    got it now, and its fantastic better than the last version and i love the new civilian vehicles alot.
  18. Commando84

    Finnish Defence Forces Modification 1.3

    im gonna wait 6 hours until some new mirrors come up i can't get anything else than 404 screen , hehe fdf mod is popular
  19. Commando84

    Alien Attack Vessel

    strange i have gotten the f-18 to lock on to hinds, other aircrafts but once i tried to lock on to the black baron ufo addon it refused to hit it at all with its missiles the aliens has a very good ufo that can avoid missiles
  20. Commando84

    Alien Attack Vessel

    cool idea, can't wait to see them in action
  21. Commando84

    Hh-60j jayhawk, seahawks and hc-130h

    if you experience lag with using addons or islands with alot of objects, then i sugest you could turn down your view distance from whatever you have to the deafult 900 or lower some graphics down a little bit can help out
  22. Commando84

    Hunt the intruder - out-flank him

    hey anyone know about anywhere i can get the most updated version of f-16?
  23. this script is one of the best i tried! Works like a charm, i have a question is there any easy way to make a f-18 group that can go and take off and land and rearm its weapons in the script? And also is there anyway to have boats and mark 2 bpr's with soldiers that would work kind of like mechanized infatery groups i got some great islands and some of them arent connected with bridges and it would be cool to have special boat teams then
  24. Commando84

    Nogova 2004

    great looking island love the highways and the more modern urban feeling it will get. About the skyscrapers i think i can put them in the island myself if i want to se the, there. I think it would be very cool if you could modify a LSD or LST ship to a civilian version and be able to take vehicle cargo someday but anyways very nice island, this one will probably end up in my big islands mod folder
  25. Commando84

    Doomsday - part i

    im making my own fun crazy mission but i want to test other peoples missions to so i can get a bit inspiration and also try something custom that doesn't include capture another hill with the default stuff in it hehe recently i have been giving the campaigns a another go but its slow progress but its even more great when playing with ecp fx mod on