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  1. sounds like a cool updrage to the Gl script got to try this next weekend when i maybe gonna play lan then i will probably have started another coop mission but it will hopefully not go down to 2-4 fps when the script kicks in
  2. Commando84

    OFP videography

    lag? whats that , my friends say my comp lags when i play ofp but i tell them that i always make big missions so big missions tend to lag more or less
  3. Commando84

    Deployment Area Tents

    Great tents! these are really good stuff
  4. I like missions that has custom islands because then you defitely don't know what to expect and everybody doesn't know the island from "top to toe" so its more fun that way because then you get that explore kind of feeling and you really don't got a clue whats coming up next. rarely make missions on the BIS islands anymore except for nogova and everon. I wish there where more custom islands out there that uses res buildings and used 3wx team addons and mapfact stuff and agent smith harbour stuff to a greater extent as it is now its like 10-20 islands only that uses all those fantastic object addons among many others, well it would be very cool if the regular ofp mission editor could edit some of the landmass and objects placements more so that you could have nogova but it would be more snowy in the mountains and harbour would be bigger and you didn't needed to download anything extra except for mission and eventual addons required to run mission
  5. Commando84

    Skye Island

    Nice pics, addons used can sometimes be nice sometimes not so nice it all depends on how people think and island design overall. Me as a mission maker says that you can always add the addons to the island when making missions just have to find the perfect places to place stuff on but thats another story Great job on the new Skye island
  6. Commando84

    Would somebody like to design a logo?

    sounds like a intresting project you got in the works what kind of equipment do we gonna get? And is it like a addon to combine stuff in the editor or is it more for the addon makers out there?
  7. Commando84

    What makes a good co op mission?

    I think the bas choppers always makes missions more fun where you concentrate on the infatery fights the sounds the effects and features those choppers have is just plain awesome, another thing that adds playability is being able to choose, should we take 1 m2a2 or trucks and jeeps or combine them all in one group? 1 guy is pilot 1 is gunner and they support the ground team by flying ahead and firing m2 fire to make the a.i dodge while the ground team moves into firing positions is really cool. Scripts can do all kinds of stuff, everything from being able to heal or have custom music or even a big a.i script that requires a strong server but will make the mission harder, random and increase replayability tenfold combined arms and freedom to choose and special features and addons make my day i say, though cutscenes and music is another favourite.
  8. Commando84

    A Theory

    Yeah most of the bugs in the early versions scared off people i think and also i've heard complaints that the sight wasn't what they where used to and that they didn't like the standing still and reloading your weapon Another thing was the lack of ingame server browsing and the bugs and some of the weird physics back then ofp should have been promoted more and advertised, this is like standard for most games both good games and boring games like "the sims" But some people i have spoken with still remeber that ofp was a awesome and fun game to play in lan despite the bugs for me i had ofp before i had internet to my computer and thats like 4 years from now i think
  9. Commando84

    Why so few co-op missions with armour?

    sounds like a cool idea! keep us updated
  10. Hi Keycat im making a mission for the official mission making competition using your script but sometimes the mission lags down my server and the other computer and sometimes its just the server computer that gets most of the lag You got any ideas what could causing the lag? Could it be because i made it on mapfact nogova with lots of objects placed out or is it the script that i have added more groups into the GL script and the big numbers of enemies both soldiers and tanks, cars and a few aircrafts that lags it down?
  11. Commando84

    stop kicking me!!!

    it seems that every third server i try to join i get kicked off because they don't like me having custom faces or custom sounds or that got to many addons installed in modfolders... Im getting nutz when they kick me because i have the ecp mod or that i have 10 kb to much of custom sounds Okay i understand some people do everything to stop cheaters but i think its going to far I love everything thats custom so i get very annoyed when people kick me out when i try to join public servers, if you don't want any people with custom sounds or so it should be written in server name so that you don't have to sometimes wait 60 seconds before getting kicked off.. like no addons plz or something im wondering if public servers are any good to play at at all. Im gonna play private servers only or something :P any one got any ideas what i should do except for don't have ecp mod or don't use custom sounds...
  12. Commando84

    HQ Operations Centre

    Aw man this would look very good on any island! Island makers put more custom objects on islands!
  13. Commando84

    Unscripted War dynamic grass

    cool grass! Could somebody verify if it works in mp? Hope people make more object addons
  14. Commando84

    Sea demon mig29 v2.02

    great pics! keep up the good work! Its great that addon makers try to balance stuff a bit
  15. Commando84

    stop kicking me!!!

    hmm well i thought that kb is like nothing so that shouldn't affect the server so much i got 119 kb of custom sounds and its like 10 small .ogg files, does it mean that i got to many? my face.jpg file is 18 kb and thats like nothing I have 10 custom sound files and i think thats to little, i would like to have 20 custom sound files so that they can be more usable, stuff like enemy chopper behind you and taunt the enemies and yeah well mfcti usable sounds like out money or stuff like that Well maybe i can remove a sound or 2 but i don't want to remove my bruce willis face because it really is the best face
  16. Commando84

    OFP2 - Rainbow Six

    I like the idea of being able to choose weapons as a special forces guy and something like that I don't think it can be that hard to change it so that you can have players not being leader can change their own gear in ofp 2, maybe you can have some gear unchangable and some weapons you can choose freely There is a big difference in ofp and rainbow six but i think that you can recreate some of rainbow six atmosphere in ofp easy if you take the time to make the best addons and the best mission with the best music and so on. I love ofp for a few reasons and they are mission editing, almost endless freedom, playing custom missions downloading and using custom addons, browsing on some news / download addon sites is like candy for me soemtimes
  17. Okay i want to say something about the flying in ofp. I love it but the original stuff that is going to be made in ofp 2 i hope can be improved Flares and audio warning when being locked on by AA rockets and another audio warning sound when the rockets are flying your way. another thing would be that you use 1 key on the keyboard to drop flares so that you don't have to change weapons to drop flares or have automatic flare droping as in some addons, automatic can be annoying because then it gets very hard to shoot something down sometimes And one important thing! Don't change the flying controls!!! They are superb as they are, i want to kill my keyboard when i fly aircraft in other games like battlefield or something else.. only thing i would like to see is that you should be able to make loops with the keyboard n mouse.. hate it when you play online and you are the only one that doesn't have a uber cool flight sim 2004 flyght stick that owns my crappy keyboard style flying landing gear that can be lowered and raised and the ability to have awacs planes with easy ingame trigger script or initline scripts so that you can set how much it can detect and if the enemy should attack it and flyinheight and stuff like that. Oh and my biggest wish would be that me as a mission designer and a multiplayer loving person that iam would be able to have both players and a.i being able to use carriers and different airbases at the sametime to land and repair, refuel and stuff like that. In other words to increase the 1 airfield useable by the a.i limit in ofp That would just make me jump up n down in joy. better a.i transport aircraft flying and landing and stuff like that. Being able to make special dogfighting A.i for coop! So that a.i doesn't only fly around in circles trying to take you down but it would also be able to make loops and a few other dogfighting maneuvers the higher the skill you put in the a.i pilots the more advanced maneuvers they would pull on you and other a.i's aircraft carriers and other ships that would be able to drive and sitt in multiple gunner positions and being able to land on, and when you try to land on the carrier you would get a action in the action menu to ILS land automatically like the landing auto stuff in regular ofp but it would help you land on aricraft carriers too hmm and yeah if you could move around inside cargo planes and choppers and transport vehicles inside aircrafts without scripts , just drive in the tanks and jeeps inside the transport aircraft and drive them to another island or airdrop the stuff from the aircraft in parachutes okay and maybe make so that you can't survive a nuke blast when sitting inside a parachute well that was all that i wanted to see for ofp2
  18. Commando84

    OFrP New Releases!!!

    really great stuff in this mod! i never tried frenchpoint mod before so this was a pleasant suprise I loved the airstuff very much, the gazelle and the small chopper that had a winch was very cool to fly but i only had one problem and that was the firing sounds of the Famas rifles was to silent i think i have played rainbow six 3 and counter-strike 1.6 and there the famas rifles where more or less louder in sound but except for that that little thingy this stuff will probably make their way into some of my future coop missions for lan use
  19. Commando84

    OFP videography

    Yeah about constructive critisism i would like to go down on my knee's and ask smer4 if he or she can plz don't use ramstein music in every movie i think the music sounds good until he starts to sing Try to add some variety like using some other music to other than that i would say that the chechnya movie seems promising.
  20. Commando84

    RZN Fighter Pilot Addon

    looks great! They look more different than the BIS pilots These will make me and my buddy go crazy
  21. Commando84


    what about sending it to Avon or someone else by instant messenging program such as msn , icq , aol? It very good way i think, much better tha crappy mail accounts and homepages that doesn't accept filesizes and shit like that it can take a while to send bigger files depending on connection and stuff like that but it usually works very nice. I know a addon maker who i beta test addons for and he always sends stuff on msn its like the best thing made, i send him missions and he send me addons then we beta test eachothers stuff
  22. Commando84

    Unified zombie pack release imminent

    axeman666 the zombie mod doesn't work with old versions of ofp cwc, you need the expansion pack named flashpoint:resistance or the whole chebang Operation flashpoint game of the year edition a.k.a ofp G.O.T.Y. patched to 1.91 was it but its best to use the latest 1.96 patch You need to buy the expansion pack or the g.o.t.y version and patch it to 1.91 or 1.96 i believe.
  23. Commando84

    What about a mac version ?

    it works under wine or similar windows emulator on linux but the mod folders that you want to use in the desktop shortcuts is kind of impossible my friend told me But i wonder if it can be a way to overcome that issue..
  24. Commando84

    HQ Operations Centre

    wow love the building and the example mission with the doors opening and stuff have played it through as a black op and i had actually 5 retries untill i was able to "break in" im in the progress of making a coop misson where you and 2 other guys is going to sneaky, satchel and shoot your way thrugh the monkey islands between different bases and cities obtaining some intel about the where abouts of a hidden command Hq and a ICbm silo. I belive it is you who have made those addons to. If my friends who are my special rewiev group like the mission i might put it in the official competition.
  25. Commando84

    HQ Operations Centre

    Yeah this one will definitely make it for my next big coop project, got plans on making a mission where you have to sneak or shoot your way in a bit like splinter cell, rainbow six ect. but with a couple of objectives and some suprises Got lots of good objects and buildings addons, just need to find the right island to start building on..there is a small haystack out there and i need to find the needle.